Treat You Better - A Shawn Mendes Fanfic by GeekEvergirl
Treat You Better - A Shawn Mendes... by Sara 🎧 Fanfiction
Sadie Salvay, a girl who is never in trouble. A girl who was never been asked on a date, knew a guy who liked her, or even had her first kiss. A girl who never had music...
BSeries, #1: My Professor, My Fiancé! (COMPLETED) by stormaezings
BSeries, #1: My Professor, My Fian... by Storm Kim Romance
Burlington Series, #1 Inori Shou and Shawn Mendrez. Inori Shou. A 20 year old, 4th year college student that has a crush on her professor, Mr. Shawn Mendrez. Inori does...
feelings (sequel to fake [s.m]) by shawnsaftertaste
feelings (sequel to fake [s.m]) by s Fanfiction
who knew one event could change the feelings of a relationship entirely?
Instagram | S.M by writtenawayx
Instagram | S.M by KB Fanfiction
@shawnmendes has liked your photo. @shawnmendes has followed you. in which Shawn Mendes falls for a new and upcoming actress on instagram. -lower case intended
Wrong Number || Magcon by sahra7x
Wrong Number || Magcon by 🥀 Fanfiction
When Sara Smith gets added into a GroupChat full of Internet sensations... What will happen?
the photographer » s.m by notmendes
the photographer » s.m by 💛 Fanfiction
"shawn mendes, meet your personal photographer; savanah jones."
Shawn Mendes Imagines by FictionMendes
Shawn Mendes Imagines by Jennifer Fanfiction
Are you looking for the feels? Specifically from Shawn Mendes? This is the imagine book for you! You can expect to smile, laugh, experience butterflies, and possibly cry...
Home/Shawn Mendes by mendes_stories01
Home/Shawn Mendes by @mendes_stories01 Fanfiction
EDITING! When Maya did an application to become a tour manager at Island Records, she would've never thought that the tour she'll be managing would rather change her lif...
Things Only Mendes Army Understands 2 by Winter937
Things Only Mendes Army Understand... by Camila Random
Part 2 to Things Only Mendes Army Understands. A book of relatable things that only members of the Mendes Army will be able to understand. Includes memes, tags, rants...
Desire | Shawn Mendes by twinpeakshawn
Desire | Shawn Mendes by s. Fanfiction
"I'm here right now and I can look you in the eyes and say to you that I desire you, that I want you again, and that I won't rest until you're mine again. And that'...
Shawn Mendes Imagines by -bobmorleys
Shawn Mendes Imagines by ✧brooke✧ Fanfiction
imagines for my love shawn <3 vote, comment, and enjoy; request imagines, just message me! ►►► Copyright © 2015 -voidmendes cover idea inspired by: -voidallison Highe...
Shawn Mendes Imagines by -nymendes
Shawn Mendes Imagines by -ˏˋ ERIKA ˊˎ- Fanfiction
Here's some imagines all about one Canadian that we all love. (Under editing because 2014 Erika didn't know how to write, basically.) - Highest Ranking #700 something in...
Make or Break || A Mendes Fan-fiction © by TropicalAvery
Make or Break || A Mendes Fan-fict... by ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴊᴇᴄᴋ Fanfiction
17 year old aspiring singer reunited with her bully from high school as they perform the duet of a lifetime which could make or break her career. ©tropicalavery2017 💐
Shawn Mendes Imagines by pepperedwithkisses
Shawn Mendes Imagines by ✏︎ erinoco. Fanfiction
We all love this muffin-loving cutie. So beauties, let's enjoy him together! ♥︎♥︎♥︎
Abuse. S.M. by abimarie2
Abuse. S.M. by Abi🤘🏼 Fanfiction
"All you have to do is say it, does he hit you?" "No, he loves me."
Instagram//Shawn Mendes by SassyChickXx
Instagram//Shawn Mendes by Judith📸🦋 Fanfiction
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|| Mr. Mendes || Shawn Mendes || {ENG} by HotnessAtTheDisco
|| Mr. Mendes || Shawn Mendes || {... by Rebecca \(^ω^)/ Fanfiction
"Mr. Mendes. This is wrong" "Then why don't you stop me?" * About a girl who's name is Jo, or Johanna. She falls in love with her new music teacher n...
the fall • s.m. by justsimplymaggie
the fall • s.m. by mags💜 Fanfiction
"Falling for you is dangerous. I can't control my own emotions, my own movements when I'm with you. If I fall in love, you know what will happen next between us. Th...
Speak Now | Shawn Mendes by twinpeakshawn
Speak Now | Shawn Mendes by s. Fanfiction
A Maid of Honor is someone who has always been there for your up's and down's. They've been a friend for so long, that they're practically a sister. A Maid of Honor is s...
The New Teacher (Shawn Mendes) by itsonlylivi
The New Teacher (Shawn Mendes) by livi Fanfiction
"They say we always want things we can't have, and sometimes that thing is your teacher." Aurora expected her senior year at high school to be the same old rou...