I'll Kill Ya (Naruto Love) by Aki_Orochimaru
I'll Kill Ya (Naruto Love)by Nayla
After Tsuki Higa family was killed, she was taken away by Kakashi Hatake to the former third Hokage. He gave his word from his loyal friends; Misa and Sukai, to protect...
  • naruto
  • sakura
  • shana
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Murder She Wrote by Tbh_Idcc
Murder She Wroteby 🐻🐾❤️💍
read it don't care
  • bitch
  • shana
Playful Destiny [ON-GOING] by edZilla08
Playful Destiny [ON-GOING]by Brylle_edz
Love Destiny Love Destiny Love Destiny Yan.Yang words nayan ang pinakafamous sa lahat lalo na yang love. Sabi nila: Love is like a rosary full of mysteries Tapos meron...
  • teenfiction
  • destiny
  • playful
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divergent candor or dauntless by lainielovesdivergent
divergent candor or dauntlessby Alaina Marie White
no fourtris yet the other couples are together
  • dauntless
  • fourtris
  • dare
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Shattered Dimensions: Cross over by EnKii1
Shattered Dimensions: Cross overby EnKii1
The story leads from a boy named Near Roswell. He was given a task to reclaim the sacred relics that there families sealed from alternate dimensions to avoid the gates o...
  • kanata
  • crossover
  • crown
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Inuyasha 2 - A Light Novel by StellaPurple
Inuyasha 2 - A Light Novelby Stella Purple™ (Reverse Harem)
Get prepare for the thrilling second season of Inuyasha! This story line was exclusively handled by ‘Stella-sensei’, and ‘Rumiko Takahashi-sensei’ still handling the art...
  • anime
  • family
  • continue
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Crimson Butler: Shakugan No Shana/Kuroshitsuji Fanfic (Vol. 3) by IchigoYujiFantomhive
Crimson Butler: Shakugan No Ichigo Phantomhive
Peter and Drac, the young Romanian boy and his butler who sent Shana back in time, go to the time period she was sent to in search of her. But as Peter recalls a series...
  • shana
  • kuroshitsuji
  • shakugan
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Lucky Love Two by gabriellealston
Lucky Love Twoby gabriellealston
  • devin
  • gordon
  • kevin
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My Girlfriend Is A Gangster by kotoriItsuka999
My Girlfriend Is A Gangsterby Kotori Itsuka
This story WAS supposed to be a conflict but instead I made it a cruel,romantic,heartbreaking, and a caring novel............this is my first story so I'm making it the...
  • shana
  • michael
  • nicole
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Itadaki no Hecate Second by JohnPeacekeeper
Itadaki no Hecate Secondby JohnPeacekeeper
The story continues as Hecate continues to grow from an empty Priestess to a tender-hearted girl. As she develops, a different kind of priestess comes into the fold, and...
  • yukari
  • konoe
  • fumina
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Fairy Tail's Flame Haze [ON HOLD] by SugaNotSalt23
Fairy Tail's Flame Haze [ON HOLD]by Paige Wong
I do not own the amines or characters Shana one day finds herself in the world of Fairy Tail. She is taken in by Alastor the God of fire and flames and uses God slayer m...
  • magic
  • shana
  • erza
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