I'll Kill Ya (Naruto Love) by Aki_Orochimaru
I'll Kill Ya (Naruto Love) by Nayla Fanfiction
After Tsuki Higa family was killed, she was taken away by Kakashi Hatake to the former third Hokage. He gave his word from his loyal friends; Misa and Sukai, to protect...
Et si tout etait possible..... by alexe85
Et si tout etait possible..... by alexe85 Teen Fiction
Parce qu'on avaient envie de croire, que notre histoire été peut etre comme toutes les autres... Mais la vie, nous reserve continuellement des suprises...
Sisters  by Squad_53
Sisters by Humanitys_survival Humor
This a just a story about me and my sisters daily lives
la chica flameante(springtrap vs Golden freddyxtu)<3 by cristal_rominic
la chica flameante(springtrap vs G... by cristal_rominic Fanfiction
te llamas ____shana crei pero te gusta que te llamen flame hacer porque tienes un secreto muy escondido y nadie sabe sobre ti porque no te gusta tener amigos para no pon...
The Crimson sin of Rage by Saki-chi
The Crimson sin of Rage by cosmic-chan Fanfiction
ALRIGHT SIT BACK AND LET'S MAKE HISTORY no seriously sit and read this book
Lucky Love Two by gabriellealston
Inuyasha 2 - A Light Novel by StellaPurple
Inuyasha 2 - A Light Novel by Stella Purple™ (Reverse Harem) Fanfiction
Get prepare for the thrilling second season of Inuyasha! This story line was exclusively handled by ‘Stella-sensei’, and ‘Rumiko Takahashi-sensei’ still handling the art...
Playful Destiny [ON-GOING] by edZilla08
Playful Destiny [ON-GOING] by NotSoPrettyGirl Teen Fiction
Love Destiny Love Destiny Love Destiny Yan.Yang words nayan ang pinakafamous sa lahat lalo na yang love. Sabi nila: Love is like a rosary full of mysteries Tapos meron...
Behind The World's Back - (Justin Bieber Love Story) by MissAuthor2B
Behind The World's Back - (Justin... by Just call me Dj =) Fanfiction
Justin in head over heels in love with Lava, too bad she hates him. But what happens when the thin line between Love and Hate is crossed? How long can she hide their rel...
Itadaki no Hecate Second by JohnPeacekeeper
Itadaki no Hecate Second by JohnPeacekeeper Fanfiction
The story continues as Hecate continues to grow from an empty Priestess to a tender-hearted girl. As she develops, a different kind of priestess comes into the fold, and...