Ricochet | Mitch Rapp by mikkiandnackk
Ricochet | Mitch Rappby isaac lahey
Rebekah Sloane, daughter of an FBI Agent, has spent her entire life trying to prove herself. Trying to prove herself to the father that wanted a son. Trying to prove her...
  • stanhurley
  • vinceflynn
  • action
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Shelter [Harry Styles] by september199six
Shelter [Harry Styles]by Liv
Come se fossero fuoco e pioggia, faccia a faccia ma senza riuscire a guardarsi davvero, come Venere e Marte, come stelle diverse. Così diversi da scontrarsi, eppure così...
  • teenfiction
  • harrystyles
  • harrystylesfanfiction
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Divergent High by minniehaya
Divergent Highby Hiddendivergents
A fanfiction about the main characters from The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. All About Tris Prior and her adventures through Divergent High. Tris is a victim of bu...
  • high
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  • divergent
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My secret relationship | {TeacherxStudent} by Illyamber
My secret relationship | { illyAlexis
Teacher and student relationships are forbidden and cannot ever happen. It's Rowan's senior year in high school she is a good student and try's until she started to fall...
  • caught
  • actress
  • studentxteacher
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That One Night ↠ D. Sprayberry by thatonewriterrrr
That One Night ↠ D. Sprayberryby ✧ M E L ✧
❝I broke my rules for you.❞ In which one meaning less night, turns into something so much more. [SOCIAL MEDIA] [DYLAN SPRAYBERRY X OC]
  • teenwolf
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Shattered Masterpiece (girlxgirl) Book 2 of Puzzle Pieces by damselintuxedo
Shattered Masterpiece (girlxgirl) damselintuxedo
Coming from a total heart break, Lana unbelievably survives her attempt on suicide. She thought she created a new world, fresh from her dreams and imagination. Never did...
  • kristenstewart
  • shannonbeveridge
  • natalienegovanlis
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Remind Me Again by BelleBurns
Remind Me Againby Tobi
What happens when she's your Juliet but you're not her Romeo? Ivan Patricks is that one boy who would always have TROUBLE written on his forehead. He is having the time...
  • franciscolachowski
  • romance
  • journal
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Once In A Lifetime [Z.M] by nazarithsofiah
Once In A Lifetime [Z.M]by x
"It's just a one-night stand, Jess. Don't be such a child" Zayn sneered at me and a bolt of pain stirred in my chest. My stomach churned and I let out a dry a...
  • sarcasm
  • louistomlinson
  • love
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Business Affairs  by yrosmile
Business Affairs by Argyro Shah
❝I never knew what true love was until I met you.❞ When Renne Toms meets her boss for the first time she doesn't notises the attraction she feels towards him. Now, two y...
  • child
  • shailenewoodley
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Sheo's Story by justsheothings
Sheo's Storyby JustSheoThings
We all know Shailene Woodley and Theo James have undeniable chemistry on set, but what if that chemistry moved to their private lives? Would they have a flawless relatio...
  • theodore
  • foureaton
  • shaiwoodley
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Mr. James by DauntlessWarrior4
Mr. Jamesby DauntlessWarrior4
Theo James starts his fourth year teaching Philosophy at a college in London. He thinks this year is going to be a normal year until he meets a freshman named Shailene W...
  • theojames
  • sheo
  • shailenewoodley
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Your World 2 [Four/Tobias Eaton] by TrikruBitch
Your World 2 [Four/Tobias Eaton]by ☁ Cece Jacobsen ☁
Jess will continue to struggle through this world, figuring out where she really belongs. With her pasts still there to haunt her, will she get out of the new mess she h...
  • action
  • goldenboy
  • theojames
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INNOCENCE (BG Fanfic with Harry Styles) by innocent_violet
INNOCENCE (BG Fanfic with Harry lucky one
,,Забавно е как си мислиш,че притежаваш невинност.Непокътнатост.А същевременно си готова на всичко,за да ти дам това,което те превръща в разкрепостена мръсница.Би дала в...
  • woodly
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  • hate
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Sheo Oneshots by LauraPriorLynch
Sheo Oneshotsby Laura The Fangirl
Mini-stories for all Sheo and Fourtris shippers. #436 in Fanfiction on the 20/09/2015
  • oneshots
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Healing // Fourtris by mendingfourtris
Healing // Fourtrisby ♛kaela♛
(After Allegiant) Tobias Eaton is a broken man. 4 years without the love of his life haven't done him any good. He's tried every kind of treatment out there, but nothing...
  • allegiant
  • amity
  • factionless
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Swift Flames (Taylor Swift AU) (Lesbian Story/GirlxGirl) by DaisyLeand
Swift Flames (Taylor Swift AU) ( DaisyLeand
Cassie Lee Turner is an intelligent and ordinary nineteen year old college student. She knows that she will do her internship in Swift Enterprises Holdings Inc. But afte...
  • girls
  • swift
  • fanfic
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The Bakit List by elijah_rivas
The Bakit Listby Elijah Taguinod
ang mga sawi sa pag-ibig hindi mawawalan ng 'BAKIT' bakit nya ako iniwan? bakit nya ako sinaktan? bakit nya ako niloko? bakit mahal ko parin sya kahit na sinasaktan nya...
  • ianeastwood
  • shailenewoodley
  • cecelib
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Everyday Love (book 3 of the Angel With a Shotgun Series) by nevaehc3703
Everyday Love (book 3 of the nevaehc3703
This is the the theird installment to my fanfic series of Angel With a Shotgun. Tobias and Tris have a daughter named Thana who is three years old. The day Tris came hom...
  • candor
  • four
  • divergentfanfic
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Mr. Theo James by kenzielord
Mr. Theo Jamesby Theo's~ Cheeto
Mr. James is the new Theatre teacher at Mackenzie's high school. He starts falling for her...
  • teacherandstudent
  • highschool
  • theojames
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Blossom  by DauntlessWarrior4
Blossom by DauntlessWarrior4
The Second Book of Mr. James. If you haven't read the first book I highly suggest you go read that one before this one! Shailene and Theo are starting to realize their...
  • sheo
  • fanfiction
  • romance
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