the kingdom by arroyosqueen
the kingdom by Queen Kari Humor
in which arroyosqueen rants to her subjects cover by @-baseball
Viață schimbată by denisadupont
Viață schimbată by denisadupont Vampire
Gabriela este o victimă a vieții,cu familia moartă în urma unui accident misterios ea intră sub protectia uni vampir și se gaseste în mijlocul unui razboi vechi de sute...
Saturated Sunrise [] Arroyo AU by arroyosqueen
Saturated Sunrise [] Arroyo AU by Queen Kari ChickLit
"You have three months to tell them, Becca." --- in which she has to move but she doesn't want to say. --- "I've got to... I've gotta go."
MINDSLIP by TonyHarmsworth
MINDSLIP by Tony Harmsworth Science Fiction
MINDSLIP is the catastrophe which hit the Earth at 8.15am GMT next Wednesday morning. It began six hundred and fifty years earlier when Betelgeuse fulfilled its long-he...
Mereu se întâmplă ceva Miraculous 2  by AndreeaMariut
GREEN DOOR by TonyHarmsworth
GREEN DOOR by Tony Harmsworth Science Fiction
GREEN DOOR is a science fiction mystery novel which has more twists and turns than a Celtic knot. Henry Mackay is walking his dog along the side of an ancient convent...
Contact by WJQuinn
Contact by WJQuinn Science Fiction
A science fiction tale showing how the truth can be stranger than legend.
San Francisco // cth by BritishBums
San Francisco // cth by mia s. Fanfiction
the song had to be about someone. but what really happened the summer in San Francisco?
Cold Blood by __C_O__
Cold Blood by 카라 Teen Fiction
[Noua Varianta a cartii Twins Criminals] (- . - Originalul va fi sters in viitor - . -) . . . [Warning] Yaoi Story ... Nu.ti place, nu citii! "- Vii la o scurta v...
The Elfve of Mars (TEoM 1) by PaperWorlds96
The Elfve of Mars (TEoM 1) by Tim Science Fiction
Tom is just looking forward to spending his holiday, together with his girlfriend Angelina, at OLSIC, a government facility where his mother and her father work. They're...
Rise of the Immortals (Realm of Order LitRPG series book #1) by MaxMHope
Rise of the Immortals (Realm of Or... by Max M. Hope Fantasy
Marty Rider was a boy who lived on the planet Elysium, the first colony of Earth. On Elysium, most of the people played this VRMMORPG called 'Realm of Order' which was d...
Helix by LaSanglanteHana
Helix by Hana Cotshi Science Fiction
*Note: Cette histoire est inspiré d'un Jeu De rôle (JDR ou RPJ) que je fais en ce moment avec un ami. Je ne sais donc pas moi-même se qui va se passer. Mystère! ^^* Je m...
society by MoonMul
society by ¨̮ Fanfiction
"Tu vois Hoseok, il ne faut absolument pas faire confiance à l'état. Ils sont capables de choses bien plus monstrueuses que tu ne l'imagines." Où Hoseok et Jim...
Quand tout bascule by Wolfmanga7
Quand tout bascule by Séléna Mirrors Fanfiction
Environ 100 ans après les événements de Star Wars VII, rien n'a vraiment changé : l'Empire et la république continuent leur guerre perpétuelle, le nombre de Jedi ne cess...
El Olimpo by LauGita
El Olimpo by LauGita Random
una aventura magica entre mejores amigos para llegar a la cima de sus metas y una aventura sin fin!
Clueless // Steven Fernandez by bigbootygabby
Clueless // Steven Fernandez by gabby. Fanfiction
"How could you be so clueless?"..
The Vandal's Shadow by andernesser
The Vandal's Shadow by Ander Nesser Science Fiction
When an unknown substance on a public sundial is thought to be evidence of foul play, Detective Wyatt Kask is called in by the police to help determine the nature of the...
Writing for TK by jinnis
Writing for TK by Jinn Tiole Science Fiction
My collected science fiction short stories written for Tevun Krus, Wattpad's longest running SciFi-ezine
Świat Oczami Heterochromika by EliseAmaranthe
Świat Oczami Heterochromika by AliceAnnaJ Fanfiction
Dorośli twierdzą, że dzieciaki, które nie osiągnęły jeszcze prawnie pełnoletności mają życie lekkie i przyjemne. Nic z tych rzeczy. Bycie nastolatkiem to walka ze wszyst...
Undertale AU lemons! (Madame Monsters) by mister_monsters