Blazing Urge: Revenge Versus Regret Book 2 by megladiolus
Blazing Urge: Revenge Versus Regre... by megladiolus ChickLit
"Let me tell you something about spark. Sparks cause fire and fire burns your house down. So if you keep searching for something sparky I'm pretty sure you'll get b...
I Love My Teacher (Test My Feelings) (#Wattys2016) by UchihaTifa
I Love My Teacher (Test My Feeling... by UchihaTifa Romance
Sometimes, what you're looking for comes when you're not looking at all. I never thought I would fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time...
That sexy love (roc & yn) by Teen_Dreamers
Sexy love#jay park#fanfic by -flufffyheart-
Sexy love#jay park#fanfic by Fluffyheart Fanfiction
Kim hyunim move to seoul but the probleme that she doesn't find a job.So figured it out what job that she will find and make her fall in love.
MORE THAN YOU KNOW (a HunHan novella) by ShimMikee
MORE THAN YOU KNOW (a HunHan novel... by ShimMikee Fanfiction
For Sehun, Luhan is just another student of Exeoul University, a boy with soft pink hair and pale skin who has never spoken a word to him. Until fate draws them together...
THE BI-SEX LOVE by AimanParween
THE BI-SEX LOVE by Aiman Parween Romance
A story with a glance in the life of bisexual people and there mind. What they feel when they are into both the gender. And what the society feels about them. Is it real...
Pppffftt Wutt now?? by MikeeUlot
Pppffftt Wutt now?? by Crayyyy-On Teen Fiction
A closer look into the life of a Lesbian teenager. A life way too messed up and seems to have no way of fixing lol well thats how she sees it in her end. Meet Zyril San...
lolita ♡ hs  by lusciousjarry
lolita ♡ hs by ✨ Fanfiction
lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. my sin, my soul.
Culpa Mía  © by HugoPalma6
Culpa Mía © by Edwin Palma Romance
¿Cómo iba a saber que cuando mi madre se fue en aquel crucero de vacaciones iba a terminar volviendo con un anillo de diamantes en el dedo y con un marido millonario col...
The Love we Have Together  by maca_katt
The Love we Have Together by 🍔🌭🍕🍖🍗🥞🥓🍳🥐🍞 Romance
Meg was a wild one. She sat to be the new alpha but her father jack says she must be married to someone in their pack. Being the daughter of the alpha panther. Things ge...
Always and forever. by Carlitata07
Always and forever. by Carla Marcelino Teen Fiction
Verania y Daniel empiezan una nueva vida dejando atrás a su gran familia de "Bright". Descubre el pasado el presente y el futuro de estos grandes amigos.