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heyy I'm Karla and these are my stories I love almost any genre, I'm a gamer duhhh, I'm hungry and sleepy almost everyday but whatever read my books please my lovelies!
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Em algum lugar sempre tem alguém zelando por ti. As coisas não acontecem em vão, ninguém tem uma cruz que não possa carregar. Seja forte, eu te amo e tudo sempre vai ficar bem. Nunca deixe de dizer o que sente, você pode salvar a vida de alguém.
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Ενα παραξενο πραγμα ΒΑΡΙΕΜΑΙ ΑΚΑΤΑΠΑΥΣΤΑ ΚΑΙ ΑΝΕΝΔΟΤΑ ΚΑΙ ΑΠΕΛΠΙΣΤΙΚΑ ΚΑΙ ΨΥΧΟΦΘΟΡΑ ΚΑΙ ΑΘΕΡΑΠΕΥΤΑ ΚΑΙ ΧΩΒΣΞΣΒΣΞΧΘΣΗΧΘΣ αυτα:) 😍 Stay Away From me [finished] 😃 Stay FAR Away From me [still going] 😂 How to be #sexy in 10 simple steps [still going] 😏BBB [on hold] 😨The taste of your skin [on hold] 😋 Bad boy VS Nerd [still going - I think] 😓Pain [coming not soon] 😉 Stay with me [we'll see] 😆But, Honey, I eat bad boys like you for breakfast [coming probably never] 😁How to Fuck Aston[xm]
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100% LARRY SHIPPER Maturant 2015 Absolvent 2015 1995 is BEST Lidský život se točí pouze kolem sexuality. Na tom se nic nezměnilo a nezmění. Přidávání :) ... Dokončené práce Ani se neptej ! - Harry Menší opatření - Liam One day - Niall WTF - Niall Lolita (Book 1) - Larry - #2 in Fan fikce Welcome - Larry - #13 in Fan fikce Rush and Games - Larry Stylinson Dear..! - Larry, m-preg - #18 in Fan fikce After All-Lolita(Book 2)-Larry - #3 in Fan fikce Battlefield - Larry - #11 in Fan fikce Rozepsané práce About Paju - #2 in Populárně náučné Love on Stage - #44 Fan fikce Dating - #26 Fan fikce My sexy rival Continent Kdy zveřejním další novou story? Po dokončení My sexy rival <3
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The name's Sophie.. I'm 5'6 with some attitude. I love reading. I love writing even more. Major crush: Luke Hemmings I love werewolf fanfics. Romance, Scary and Thrilling stories I respect all of your opinions, if you respect mine... Hahaha and I'm also in 8th grade Follow me in Instragram @sopheisy00 In snapchat: Sophiesy Thanks you very much.. I promise to follow back
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"CAN'T STOP,WONT STOP" -Admin time- Howdy! My names mickey! ;p I'm a 16 year old, ~~FEMALE~~ Though for a long time I've felt the need to hide who I truly was.. But not anymore! Things I enjoy~!: I really enjoy rock and roll/ metal! ( hmm system of a down!) Strawberries~~ Girls~ sometimes guys ;3 But mostly girls dRAG KINGS FACK YAS AND cartoon shirts and shit, Im also an artist! ;D My last account got deleted off here, so I'm making a new one! ( captain-foxy if anyone recognizes my art) ( -.-; I've already been accused of being an art thief) Relationship: Sombra is my crush as of now. I love her too Fucking much <3 Well anyways, that's it~! //Boops your nose// ;)
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Mon premier est un mec Mon second est une star Mon tout est un ange Qui il est ? PS : JE FOLLOW SEULEMENT LES GENS QUI LISE MES LIVRES JUSQU'AU BOUT
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This will be an anthology of short SPG fiction done by different SPG authors. There will be a specific theme each week which the authors will write about. The stories will be published every Saturday evening. The group is open to suggested themes. PM or email us at Enjoy!
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Hello there! My name is Roxanna and I write stories centering around Justin Bieber and strong female protagonists. I appreciate all those who have read, voted, commented on my stories! twitter: @roxannaking