My teachers sex slave by fxckme1989
FAIRY GIRL SEX CLUB ♡ (NALU, GRUVI... by TheCountyass Fanfiction
Lucy Heartfilia is new to the small, quaint beach town Fairy Tail Lagoon. She accidentally gets herself into the (in their eyes) best club to ever do it "Fairy Girl...
Please, stop! {18+} (English, 1D ff) by Little_Angel69
Chúng ta có thể không? by halley1507
( 12 chòm sao đam mĩ ) Nô lệ by VirGoXxXnA
( 12 chòm sao đam mĩ ) Nô lệ by Lưu Yên Yên Fanfiction
Hoàng Nhiên Xử Nữ là trẻ mồ côi, được cô chú nhận lại lúc 6 tuổi. Nhưng cách đây 5 năm, tức là lúc cậu 11 tuổi, công ty của chú phá sản, buộc phải nương tựa vào người bạ...
A short sex story by TheBethanyMatt122
A short sex story by TheBethanyMatt122 Romance
Hey so this is a short for horny girls
Bad Boy by hummpingbunnies
Bad Boy by hummpingbunnies Adventure
Nora was the 'new girl' at school or the 'play toy' for the bad boy. "who's that?" I asked looking over to see this god like boy smoking a cig. who was alrea...
One Night Stand by nighttlightt
One Night Stand by Jameriie Blow Shells Romance
Victoria was doing the walk of shame around five in the morning. It was blue and the sun was coming up. She needed to run, or someone might see her in last night clothe...
Sex Master by DustySwoosh
Sex Master by DustySwoosh Romance
Sarah is just one average girl until one day a sex god looking man brought her into his home... What shall innocent, not to mention still a virgin, Sarah find herself i...
My ABUSIVE Vampire boss  by Hailee_0429
My ABUSIVE Vampire boss by Hailee_0429 Vampire
Aloha Guysziee ! 😳😳😳 So I Will Make This DESCRIPTION Short Cuz I'm So So SLEEPY Omyghod So ? This Story Is About An ABUSIVE VAMPIRE King Who Buy A NERDY SLAVE And He...