Falling For You -Eddie Kaspbrak- A Fanfiction Based in the IT world by sariahlebron
Falling For You -Eddie Kaspbrak- sariahlebron
When Laila Flores moves to the town of Derry her looks automatically bring her to the top of the social chain. But mysterious things keep happening in Derry. The losers...
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Sewers | Richie Tozier | by TheGloriousCaptain
Sewers | Richie Tozier |by Your mom
You may be rich, you may be poor, you might be in love, you might be a loner, but it'll find you. Once it finds you, it never stops. After all, we all float down here.
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by neon-eyes
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby •cheese•
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to date a teenage mutant ninja turtle? Well, you are not the only one. In this book, I will write scenarios on your life as the...
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Fuck you//Richie Tozier♡ by FinnTheMemeBoy
Fuck you//Richie Tozier♡by MAI DUDE R U OK?
•"Ya'know Richie, I thought you would have been a great boyfriend or maybe even a great friend but I guess I was wrong" "Jasmine, please. I'm so sorry&qu...
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The Mystic Trail by predatorex
The Mystic Trailby predatorex
When a small group of friends discover a secret about their world and accidentally release a threat from another world, capturing Jack's only living relative for unknown...
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I'm Human Too by 1The_Baddest_Angel1
I'm Human Tooby "S4d 4ng31"
PENNYWISE X OC~~RE EDITED Renney is part of the Losers Club. And she finds Pennywise before Georgie ever does, but it doesn't stop Georgie from being pulled down under a...
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Lily The Vampire Slayer by WritingAngel1
Lily The Vampire Slayerby Breakfast@Lita's
BASED ON THE LATE 90'S to early 2000's T.V SERIES BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER 16 year old Lilith Appleton is a descendant of Buffy Summers. She is actually Buffy's only da...
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PennyHolland (Tom holland x Pennywise) Tomwise by LocationLost
PennyHolland (Tom holland x L . L
I'm just doing this to spite my best friend who loves Tom Holland. I'm doing it for the memes °°°°°°°° Tommy boy has always had a frog in his mouth, but what happens whe...
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I Don't Know// Richie Tozier + Sierra H and Eddie Kaspbrak + Olivia H by JennyUshers
I Don't Know// Richie Tozier + jennyushers
Dawn (Sierra) and Leslie (Olivia) Haschack have been picked on all their life , well , Leslie has , even though they both look similar because they're twins they tend to...
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Casey's Sister (Before Tang Shen's Son And Daughter ) by h2robsar
Casey's Sister (Before Tang Shen' Chat Blanc
Hannah Jones meets Michelangelo and Eclipse they were 9 . She was 10 when she meet them. It all started after the fight her mother had with her father. Hannah went int...
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Foot clan April  by h2robsar
Foot clan April by Chat Blanc
April in the foot
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Valorous by MEHollinger
Valorousby Madilyn Hollinger
In the third book of the Winter Soldier series we find Lark on the mend, which Bucky by her side. As he promised. Regaining strength and finding out who she really is. B...
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