[✔]SEVENTEEN MEMES by 17shuaesthetic
[✔]SEVENTEEN MEMES by egeutarateu
BOOK 2 IS OUT!!! [COMPLETED] [EDITING COMPLETED] started:[01/04/2017] ended:[26/08/2017] editing completed:[18/11/2017] #353 In Humor #61 In Random[20170914]
  • dino
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seventeen imagines by seungcheolsdimples
seventeen imagines by make it shine
just an escape from reality. scenarios and imagines of seventeen, sometimes based off of songs. inconsistent updates 7/17/17 -
  • scoups
  • jun
  • the8
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The Observer [Seventeen Hoshi Fanfiction]  by Jamless_Ramyuuun
The Observer [Seventeen Hoshi Fanf... by Kwon Soonyoung’s
An 18 year old girl who was adopted and trained by the Rose Quartz and Serenity Organization (RQSO) named Choi Elanne but she goes by the name L. After 4 years of living...
  • seventeen
  • wolves
  • soonyoung
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CELLBLOCK SEVENTEEN • Seungcheol X Jeonghan • by abnegative
CELLBLOCK SEVENTEEN • Seungcheol X... by abnegative
[complete] 'Coups stared at the back of his neck. It was begging to be kissed. He felt hot all over. This wasn't supposed to be happening. He was supposed to come in her...
  • romance
  • yoonjeonghan
  • kpopships
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unplanned by SANHAJA
unplanned by ♡
yoongi has a daughter at seventeen but jimin loves him anyways - yoonmin ft. taekook
  • yoonmin
  • seventeen
  • bts
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Our Little Sister ; SEVENTEEN by Dark_Angel_070
Our Little Sister ; SEVENTEEN by ʝσу❦
Yoon Hyo Ri. She is mostly called "Miss Rapper" in her school because whenever there is some programs, she'll be rapping on stage. Her friends even told her to...
  • joshua
  • vernon
  • seokmin
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The Guy In Suit [Bts JK ff]  by ShanaMara
The Guy In Suit [Bts JK ff] by Shana Mara
Parents... Some are lovely but some... Are. Freaking. Idiots. You're just an regular woman, going to work. It was just a normal day. Nothing special happened till your...
  • dance
  • hoseok
  • wattys2017
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Talentless [JungkookxReader] by Kooksjagiya
Talentless [JungkookxReader] by QUEENIE
[Book 1] It all started when Jungkook started hating a trainee at their company.
  • teenfictions
  • jungkook
  • got7
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REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! ♡compilation of scenarios, imagines, if's, wwyds, reactions, texts and memes of our one and only favorite boy group, SEVENTEEN.♡ *Sorry for grammatic...
  • seungcheol
  • jun
  • mingyu
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Adopted By Seventeen by seventeen_ff
Adopted By Seventeen by seventeen_ff
You've been abused by your past adopters. Now... being adopted is like a phobia. You have eating disorder,self harm. Everything changes after you met 17 boys who adopted...
  • abused
  • adopted
  • seventeen
Exposed ❥ Dino by c-raps
Exposed ❥ Dino by RAPPERHAO
Bad boy from 8:15am to 3:12pm Mascot from 5:30pm to 8:45pm Who knew the mascot who brought joy to kids is also one of the schools' notorious "bad boy"?
  • performanceunit
  • fanfiction
  • kpop
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private talk ➣ junhao by AlyCh2810
private talk ➣ junhao by ⇢ Aly ⇠
"Hello?" "Hi Minghao" *.•.*.•.* "Jun why are you even talking to me, I'm pretty busy to be talking to a greasy boy" "I'm sure it can...
  • seventeen
  • jun
  • junhao
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seventeen - social media by swegyoongi
seventeen - social media by ara ♡
This is a book full of social media one shots from Seventeen, and you as their friend, partner, sister... depends on the scenario.
  • dino
  • jun
  • wonwoo
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Vernon the Fanboy; Vernon x Reader by Wannabe_Momo
Vernon the Fanboy; Vernon x Reader by California Fangirl
Y/n is part of a popular girl group. Vernon is a huge fan of Y/n's group and Y/n is his bias. What happens when Vernon gets the chance to collab with his idol crush?
  • kpop
  • vernon
  • crush
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Pretty U ☼ SoonHoon by svtmeme
Pretty U ☼ SoonHoon by ✩Jas
An au where small Jihoon runs into a popular group called seventeen at a private event and hits it off with the leader of the performance unit Warnings: angst, smut, a l...
  • leeseokmin
  • xuminghao
  • joshuahong
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apartment block 17 » svt by hosaki
apartment block 17 » svt by もち
in which the members of seventeen live in the same apartment block. ((currently a bit messy bc i'm still somewhat editing))
  • verkwan
  • pledis
  • comedy
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just a dare // meanie [CURRENTLY EDITING] by WONUNDERFUL
just a dare // meanie [CURRENTLY E... by 🌹♥️
"Wonwoo, I dare you to kiss the most attractive person in the room." ** currently EDITING ! so if you see parts that are weird and don't make sense or somethin...
  • minwon
  • kwonsoonyoung
  • gay
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Maid + Eunkook by -mastyle
Maid + Eunkook by cerulean
Jung Eunbi struggled to live up to her mom's expectations but still was pushed by her sister. So she decided to enroll at Sungkyungkwan Maid School. Which is a school th...
  • eunha
  • eungyu
  • seventeen
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Promises;Soonhoon Fanfic[Completed] by pinkeusoonhoon
Promises;Soonhoon Fanfic[Completed] by Winterchild❄️
Promises are just lies wrapped in pretty wrapping paper. Trigger warnings ⚠️ : - Self-harm - Anorexic Jihoon - Depression - Angst angst so much angst Start: 23/06/17 Com...
  • minghao
  • vernon
  • seungcheol
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