A Demon of a Woman /Sesshomaru Calls\ by MisheruDahlia
A Demon of a Woman /Sesshomaru Cal... by MisheruDahlia Fanfiction
Born in a world of hateful humans-unbeknownst to her-Corrine is a demon struggling to find herself as she constantly hides her true face from everyone around her. When s...
Caged Miko- Kagome X Sesshomaru by PhilosophyBlue
Caged Miko- Kagome X Sesshomaru by The Philosophy of Silence Fanfiction
Kagome is sold into slavery. Sesshomaru chances upon her and buys her, intending to barter for the Tetsusaiga, but the great demon lord is drawn to the wild beauty he ha...
Kindred Spirits by Ashe_Hime
Kindred Spirits by Ashe_Hime Fanfiction
What sort of romance could spawn between a hauntingly beautiful human? A remarkable being who's beauty rivals that of a Celestial Being. And a demon well known for his m...
My Feudal Era Fairytale by Junialan
My Feudal Era Fairytale by Nyctophile~a~wanderlust Random
She was the Protector. She was the Lost child from the Past in future. She was the Human Child of her Demon Father. Disclaimer: I do not own the Inuyasha franchise. All...
Are You Right For Me?~Sesshomaru Love Story~ by Yukizura
Are You Right For Me?~Sesshomaru L... by Yukizura Fanfiction
Yuki, the daughter of the yokai of the Eastern Land (dont know if there's such a place but oh well) is being married to the Demon Lord of the Western Land, Sesshomaru. W...
SesshomaruXkagome Fanfiction by Angelic_Wings
SesshomaruXkagome Fanfiction by Ultimate Fangurl Fanfiction
This is a Kagome and Sesshomaru Fanfiction! What would happen if Kagome wasn't a human? . . . But a demon? Btw, updates are kinda slow and progression is like super slow
Kagome's older sister (Sesshomaru OC x Cannon) by nickyvorpal
Kagome's older sister (Sesshomaru... by nickyvorpal Fanfiction
Saki is Kagome's older sister, she's 19 and Kagome is 15. Saki still lives in the old shrine with her family and helps them with everyday life.. that is.. after she lose...
I Love You, But.... (a Sesshomaru Love Story) by redeina
I Love You, But.... (a Sesshomaru... by Redeina Mahaia petrova Fanfiction
Kira is kagome's sister that also gets dragged into the fedural era. Everything is fine with inuyasha and the gang until she keeps running into sesshomaru. Kira begins t...
Rare in Beauty (Rewriting) by shadowfang159
Rare in Beauty (Rewriting) by Shadowfang Romance
Young Rin comes across a small dragon demon. She takes it in as a pet. Little does she that this dragon is a legend and also more than a small baby looking dragon demon...
Sesshomaru's Mate : The Snow Maiden (Yuki-Onna) by ElegantRose269
Sesshomaru's Mate : The Snow Maide... by ElegantRose269 Fanfiction
Many do not know of her, however, she is as fearsome as is her exquisite beauty. Being a Yuki Onna whom does not suck the souls out of young men, fallow her adventure as...
The Kitsune and the Inu by KuraiTenshi019
The Kitsune and the Inu by LadyRed Fanfiction
She was once the daughter of the Lord of the Northern Lands she is kind and beautiful, unfortunately her mother and father was killed by her one and only uncle because o...
World Crash ■ Sesshomaru x Reader ■ (Lemon WARNING) by mynameossie
World Crash ■ Sesshomaru x Reader... by My name ossie Fanfiction
Have you ever heard that Everything that Impossible is Possible? Come join the Journey if you want to know what would happen to you when you accidentally fall into a po...
Sesshomaru x Reader (lemon) Beneath the beast by Hipster_Kimster
Sesshomaru x Reader (lemon) Beneat... by kimberly Danielle Fanfiction
Will the senka maiden live another moment with the unpredictable Sesshomaru, will rins hatred towards her send him ibto a blind rage? only time can tell because either w...
Cold Eyes, Gold Heart by itsliyah_lovee
Cold Eyes, Gold Heart by Aaliyah Monique Romance
Sesshomaru slashed at the Guardian of the Underworld, the being becoming slain causing Rei to fall from its hand. "SISTER!" Rin cried. Kohaku held her close as...
Is it okay to love you? by CarlyMVelazquez
Is it okay to love you? by CarlyMVelazquez Fantasy
Annabelle is a vampire demon who is blind and found unconscious at an old blossom cherry tree. It was Rin, who found Annabelle. When Sesshomaru protected Annabelle from...
tu condena by camil396
tu condena by akila369 Fanfiction
naraku murio, kikyo, kohaku y los 7 guerreros regresaron a la vida, al igual que kagura hakudoshi, hanna y bayuka, inuyahsa nuevamente entra en duda, pero ella jamas se...
Creando un nuevo futuro (sesshome) by AkiraydToriyama
Creando un nuevo futuro (sesshome) by Akirayd Toriyama Fanfiction
Un interminable dolor de cabeza, un cambio radical, el amor mas puro , una batalla por pelear contra el pero enemigo que ha existido sus propios actos .
Aome La Diosa Fenix by inkfrisk1000
Impossible Love by kasey_zahhak
Impossible Love by DeadmasterTaisho Fanfiction
(SesshomaruXoc romance)Talia is chased by her abusive "father". She finds the well and is sent to feudal japan where she meets the group of shard collecters. S...
Inuyasha X Reader by OtakuInu_Star
Inuyasha X Reader by Silver Star Fanfiction
This is the story about you a white haired half wolf demon who just landed in another one's territory will you mate or will you kill C=