His Unwanted Wife by sweetstuff1111
His Unwanted Wifeby sweetstuff1111
Sabrina Reed is Nathan Alden's unwanted wife. Excerpt** "I found her like this sir." Sabrina's eyes slowly open. She rubs them trying getting out the blur. &q...
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  • drama
  • billionaire
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Always His by Chocolate013001
Always Hisby Chocolate013001
Book One in His Trilogy When Oliver West turned 18 he thought he would find a loving mate, what he really found was an ignorant Alpha mate that wanted nothing to do with...
  • gay
  • rejecection
  • series
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BLS #7 : Breaking The Last by beyondlocks
BLS #7 : Breaking The Lastby Janice Martana
BLS #7 Kenneth Domanco Number one Billionare in America. People said he's a definition of perfect. Handsome face , smart ass , build body and don't forget that he's damn...
  • lovestory
  • ken
  • last
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Pure Little Pup: Book One by Dream_Girls_X
Pure Little Pup: Book Oneby Natasha Morris
Book One Of: Pure Little Pup 'уσυ αяє мιиє ℓιттℓє σиє, тιℓℓ ∂єαтн ∂υє υѕ αραят' Shy, Innocent, Broken These and many more words describe 16 year old Darcia Howard. She...
  • alpha
  • bullied
  • innocent
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A Sicilian Marriage by sweetblunch
A Sicilian Marriageby sweetblunch
"Let's get married!" Rafe Moretti never thought that the woman drinking alone in a certain bar in London would say those words to him so casually. His instinct...
  • coco
  • series
  • sweetblunch
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(1) The Wolf Outside My Window by Alex-Sinclair
(1) The Wolf Outside My Windowby ✡Sinclair✡
EDITED VERSION (Completed) Book One of The Curse Series ♦It started with a curse and ended with something much, much worse.♦
  • series
  • hybrid
  • fighting
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The Return of Noor (Rejection Series #2✔) by RamenLady
The Return of Noor (Rejection Leila Vy
(Completed) "We follow these rules that should perfect things but what happens when it doesn't go the way you wanted? Aella, I expected many things in my life but w...
  • gamma
  • femalealpha
  • thehuntinggame
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Business No More by Sadaf3232
Business No Moreby Sadaf3232
BOOK 2 OF THE 'It's Just Business' SERIES Every marriage comes with complications and Sam Anderson is about to learn that. Can he and Violet overcome the hurricane? When...
  • love
  • hot
  • relationship
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To Bewitch a Beast (Everard Family #1) by greenwriter
To Bewitch a Beast (Everard Janelle Ruiz
[Now a Hachette Audiobook!] "Whatever happens, Blair, I want you to always be reminded that you are the ruby of one Everard." SHE IS THE GOVERNESS... Aga...
  • regency
  • townseries
  • historicalfiction
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His | jra [1] ✔️ by jeonjxngguk
His | jra [1] ✔️by Gina
@GinaPaul: I'm finally home from filming my upcoming movie, Adventures of a Princess, and I'm hyped that I get to keep the outfit. ** WARNING : This story contains harsh...
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  • socialmedia
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Live with & Be with The Bad Boy (COMPLETED) by SarahattheDisco168
Live with & Be with The Bad Boy ( sarah
Highest Rank- #1 in Teen Fiction (12/11/16) Book #1 The Good & The Bad Series [TO BE PUBLISHED] Margaret Louise Carter has always been the unpopular bookworm in Henders...
  • selenagomez
  • cliche
  • projectgiggle
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You Have Wings? by Sian-The-Writer
You Have Wings?by Sian
*COMPLETED* (BxB) A seventeen-year-old boy discovers the world's biggest secret by accident. Or was it? Have you ever believed in destiny, fate or coincidence? Young Co...
  • violence
  • fiction
  • mystery
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A Mouth Full of Blood. by Sian-The-Writer
A Mouth Full of Sian
(BOOK 2) Oliver is everything you would consider a normal eighteen-year-old boy to be. He is kind, helpful and works hard. Little did he know, his world was about to tak...
  • love
  • series
  • gay
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The Power Bond by therealKH
The Power Bondby Therealkh
Book three in 'The Bond Series' (Please read 'The Royal Bond' first) This is Ryker's book! ---------------------------- Alpha Ryker is the ultimate womanizer. He's the q...
  • fights
  • power
  • action
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Mr Park, CEO || Series 2 || PJM by chimchimicorn
Mr Park, CEO || Series 2 || PJMby Bee
"I messed up," I sobbed, "I messed up, and I've lost her again," Second series of Park Jimin, CEO. Jimin has promised to let Bee decide, but she is c...
  • parkjimin
  • jimin
  • bts
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Saving Grace (A/B/O - Steve Rogers) by insaneredhead
Saving Grace (A/B/O - Steve Rogers)by insaneredhead
Following the break up of her relationship, Tony's biological daughter and adoptive younger sister Grace moves into the tower with her young daughter, Autumn. Steve's al...
  • wandamaximoff
  • pietromaximoff
  • nsfw
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One more chance (Jungkook x reader) by SHUKGA_KOOKIEZ
One more chance (Jungkook x reader)by SugaKookie
Hybrid jungkookau x reader Your best friend Jeon Jungkook, is attractive, smart, witty, perverted, and very kind. You've been friends for longer than you both can rememb...
  • xreader
  • friendship
  • hybridau
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BLS #6 : Locking Her Heart by beyondlocks
BLS #6 : Locking Her Heartby Janice Martana
BLS #6 Sebastian Cesborn A billionare that has a really cold heart. He never cares about people's feelings except his friends and his family. He doesn't like to have a r...
  • model
  • love
  • story
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Labyrinth | Ongoing | Editing First Book. by Ms-lord-writes
Labyrinth | Ongoing | Editing Ms Lord Writes
?(Contains Book 1&2 both complete)? Each year 12 virgin maidens are chosen to enter the Labyrinth, although there has never been one to solve it, none have ever returned...
  • fate
  • werewolf
  • series
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