Mystery / Thriller


Try Not to Die  by Ham-Burr-ger
Try Not to Die by Ham-Burr-ger
6 girls. 7 boys. 1 awesome vacation. Or that's what they thought. What happens when the power goes out and people are getting killed by the minute? A murderer in the...
  • teenfiction
  • love
  • completed
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The Eye Thief by Savanna90135
The Eye Thief by Savanna90135
Cecilia Drake is obsessed with eyes. She loves the colors of them. She loves the sight of them. She loves the feel of them. What started out as revenge has turned...
  • scary
  • new
  • surprise
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Thanatos: The White Dawn by Devita33
Thanatos: The White Dawn by Danelle
(Book 3 in the #dawnseries) The time for the ascension is near... After months of tireless training, a handful of harrowing experiences and quite a number of unexpected...
  • twistedfairytale
  • devil
  • ares
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The Alpha Sirens by Larrents_xx
The Alpha Sirens by B
The Tomlinson twins are omegas a part of an underground movement meant to liberate all omegas under the Styles Pack. When the Styles triplets set their focus on the twin...
  • harrystyles
  • stylestriplets
  • larrystylinson
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After Midnight by jenalee28
After Midnight by Jenna Cole
A con-artist witch must join forces with a royal detective to solve a series of murders plaguing their kingdom. When the clock strikes twelve, you die. Tessa Daniels has...
  • adventure
  • revenge
  • teen
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The Werewolf by WhispersConfusions
The Werewolf by WhispersConfusions
{BOOK TWELVE OF THE BO AUSTEN SERIES} The city of Los Angles averages three hundred homicides every year. On an early morning in April, a man is slaughtered, a single ta...
  • jamalpitman
  • killer
  • bloodspatter
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RED: Welcome To Fayetteville by WesleyBryant6
RED: Welcome To Fayetteville by Wesley Bryant
[Highest rank: #8 in Mystery / Thriller] ***FEATURED STORY*** Kathrine Woods was headed to Fayetteville, a small town in Tennessee where everybody knows everybody. This...
  • stalker
  • thriller
  • smalltown
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Jason Mccann Imagines by McCann1994J
Jason Mccann Imagines by Bieber
I decided to make this because there aren't many Jason McCann imagine books out there Hope you enjoy!
  • obsession
  • girls
  • serialkiller
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Delusions | A psychological thriller by xXAmy_CXx
Delusions | A psychological thrill... by Amy Crandall
[A PAST FEATURED STORY!] Delusions | A psychological thriller "I knew from the first moment I saw you that you were mine, dearest Abigale. We will see each other so...
  • multiplepersonality
  • serialkiller
  • stalker
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All The Lies (Converted) by kcecabello97
All The Lies (Converted) by G
Book 4 of the Mindfuck series Camren (Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui) Camila G!P Converted from a book by S.T. Abby Trigger warning. This book features scenes that i...
  • fifthharmony
  • serialkiller
  • lauren
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Nightfall by cluelessdaddy
Nightfall by ✴a s h✴
His eyes, akin to the clearest skies she'd ever gazed upon, stared into Tahlia. As if, trying to make out her breathing pattern. "Observe me, huh?" He smile...
  • asylum
  • psychotic
  • insane
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Red Eyed Killers by AnastasiaThomas089
Red Eyed Killers by Anastasia Thomas
(Highest ranking in mystery / thriller #15) For 50 years this country has been at war with the world. Prompted by terrorism the country de-globalized. All borders were s...
  • murder
  • government
  • assassin
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murderer • j.j.k by bbynochu
murderer • j.j.k by jisoo;)
Words cannot explain how petrified I was. Although my heart felt like it was going to fall out of my chest, I tried to remain as still as I could, so he wouldn't find me...
  • horror
  • nochu
  • bangtan
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SERIAL KILLER - CAMREN by -aftermathdinah
❝ Te asesinaré dentro de dos semanas, no eres ninguna excepción para mí ❞ ©-aftermathdinah Copyright 2016. Todos los Derechos Reservados. Prohibida la copia o a...
  • camrenisreal
  • camren
  • wattys2015
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The Terror Next Door (Based on a True Story) by Alycat1901
The Terror Next Door (Based on a T... by Alex Gedgaudas
"Society wants to believe it can identify evil people, bad people, or harmful people. But, it's not practical. Sometimes, there are no stereotypes, there's just ev...
  • serialkiller
  • mystery
  • murder
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The Bonekeeper [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
The Bonekeeper [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
[COMPLETED] {BOOK NINE OF THE BO AUSTEN SERIES} Busy planning a wedding, raising their girls, and taking care of the youngest set of the Mason twins, forensic analyst Bo...
  • killer
  • serialkiller
  • analysis
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When your Friends Cry: A Broken Promise by Manwithoutpurpose
When your Friends Cry: A Broken Pr... by Manwithoutpurpose
(In this story, The readers are the Detectives. Can you solve the mystery of the "Broken Promise?" This story is also best to read while the story itself is st...
  • fanfiction
  • drama
  • friendship
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In The Dark  by Smile_Kookie
In The Dark by Jae
Sugakookie - serial killer au (so expect that it will get graphic, Gorey and there will be death) - in which Jungkook is a serial killer and Yoongi has a history of all...
  • serialkiller
  • minyoongi
  • jeonjungkook
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white lighters [joshler smut] by utterflop
white lighters [joshler smut] by 가득한
It was supposed to be just a one night stand for Josh...
  • joshdun
  • joshler
  • blood
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Consumed by SheHopes
Consumed by Sandra Grayson
Confessions from a murderer. This is what Lucy Hanson uncovers after reading a journal she finds in a secondhand desk. She soon develops a dangerous desire to discover t...
  • thriller
  • serialkiller
  • police
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