Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 2) Wings by weallarethesame
Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 2) :,)
[[[COMPLETED]]] (Sequel to "Mika X Reader: Blood") "Everything you know is wrong, (Name)." He takes hold of your shoulders and shakes you, eyes wide...
  • seraphoftheend
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Owari no Seraph x reader by xXYuukineXx
Owari no Seraph x readerby Trash can
Hiii~! This is a simple Owari no Seraph x Reader! I am doing One-shots and stuff like that so If you're interested then have a little look here~! ‼️UNDER EDITING‼️ a lot...
  • noritogoshi
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Ferid Bathory X Reader - Lonely Little Lamb by Purplenovalight
Ferid Bathory X Reader - Lonely Rori
Your first time out of the city certainly wasn't what you hoped it would be; a solo mission to kill a spider that goes horribly wrong. Sorry about poor quality. It is my...
  • xreader
  • lacuswelt
  • feridbathory
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The Devil CLAIMED Me! [Mika♡Yuu] by RedfoxAkame
The Devil CLAIMED Me! [Mika♡Yuu]by Katsu Don ♡
This book has a revised version. I suggest you read that version instead of this one. If you decide to read this version, you may find many errors which cannot be easily...
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Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 1) Blood by weallarethesame
Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 1) :,)
[[[[COMPLETED]]]] You're Ferid's personal blood slave when you first meet Mikaela Hyakuya, and you two instantly become friends. He offers for you to come with him to es...
  • blood
  • shinoa
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Stay With Me (  Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader ) ~Owari no Seraph~ by LadyTenshi
Stay With Me ( Mikaela Hyakuya LadyTenshi
This story will have lemons and will be based on the anime "Owari no Seraph", This fanfic is a Mikaela X Reader, or an Owari no Seraph X Reader. Warning- ( it...
  • otaku
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Seraph Of The End X Reader One Shots! by Mexehanort
Seraph Of The End X Reader One Mexehanort Dragneel
Seraph of the end X reader One shots. Requests closed, just for a little while so I can catch up! Highest rankings: Number 1 in Seraph of the end X reader one shots Num...
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The Key to His Empty Heart [Owari no Seraph!Various x Male!Reader] by Dilvei
The Key to His Empty Heart [ Dilvei
[L/n] [M/n] was a noble hidden in the shadows, only few knows of his existence. He does not hold hatred to any humans like other vampires and nobles. He simply did not p...
  • hiiragikureto
  • ichinoseguren
  • hyakuyamikaela
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Runaways [MikaYuu] by hanlovespasta
Runaways [MikaYuu]by han!! ☆
Yuichiro Ichinose thinks life isn't that significant. As the soon-to-be prince of Drelacia, his days consist of making the best possible grades in school, obeying his pa...
  • royalty
  • prince
  • boyxboy
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MikaYu Love Story by ErikaGleave
MikaYu Love Storyby Erika Gleave
Yu lives in a tiny wolf hunting village close to the forbidden forest. Yu wasn't a hunter though because he loved wolves. Yu meets a wolf in the forest when he ventures...
  • yuumika
  • seraphoftheend
  • owarinoseraph
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Abuse ((Mikayuu)) by kelcie_johnson
Abuse ((Mikayuu))by ~Kelly~
Yuu's father abuses him everyday and Yuu is fed up with it. When he runs away from home and hides on the streets he meets a young man about his age. Yuu confesses everyt...
  • yaoi
  • shipping
  • mikayuu
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The Demon Inside by sproutourwings
The Demon Insideby Julia Hyakuya
After losing his childhood memories, Yuichiro Ichinose is now adopted by Guren and Shinya, who decided to leave his childhood memories behind. Due to the new existence...
  • ghoul
  • tokyoghoul
  • school
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Royal Blood: Mikayuu by flxrxsxj
Royal Blood: Mikayuuby hyakuya♡
The queen and king of the vampire kingdom have arranged a marriage for Mikaela Hyakuya, the vampire prince, to marry Yuichiro Ichinose, the prince of the humans. They ho...
  • manga
  • seraphoftheend
  • owarinoseraph
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Control by Ourbrokenfantasy
Controlby Leah
"You've been shut out by the world. Never once had it gone easy on you, never once did it make you feel like you had a place in it! Now....don't you think it's only...
  • gurenichinose
  • gurenxoc
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Krul Tepes X Male Reader by Webster754
Krul Tepes X Male Readerby Webster754
My first story so please don't give me crap
  • guren
  • krul
  • owarinoseraph
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YOURS  [Owari no Seraph x Reader] by RedLikeRosesII
YOURS [Owari no Seraph x Reader]by ☆Summer Incindia☆
As a livestock you live in the Vampire's territory with your little sister. But what happens when you meet Mika and Yu? Will your life ever be peacefull?
  • krul
  • pole
  • owarinoseraphxreader
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Only light (Mika X Reader) by kuramika
Only light (Mika X Reader)by Em
You are a noble vampire who was turned by no other than Lest Karr. You were only 15 at the time but you lived off of his blood until you turned 18. After becoming a str...
  • gurenichinose
  • mikahyakuya
  • seraphoftheend
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Owari No Seraph Boyfriend Scenarios by SassyDumpling
Owari No Seraph Boyfriend Scenariosby Nhiko
★ Reader Insert ★ Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End ❝I'll most certainly save you.❞ Introducing Yuichiro Hyakuya, Mikaela Hyakuya, Yoichi Saotome, Guren Inchinos...
  • wattys2016
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His Sister?(Seraph of the End Fan Fic) by BloodyKatanaOfAnime
His Sister?(Seraph of the End Author-Chan/Writer-Senpai
Yuu had a sister. She was sent to an Insane Asylum when they were young though. He thought he would never see her again. Boy he sure was wrong.
  • mika
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Seraph Of The End/Owari No Seraph Facts by EvartsArielLynn14
Seraph Of The End/Owari No 🌸Ariel Lynn🌸
Have you ever wanted to know more about Seraph Of The End/Owari No Seraph without doing all of that research??? Well now you can!! Daily facts (hopefully) for this show...
  • kimizumi
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