Haikyuu x Reader (COMPLETED STORY) by ItsMaddeline11
Haikyuu x Reader (COMPLETED STORY) by VernonsWifeu😄 Fanfiction
Let Me Sign (Delena) by givemelovatos
Let Me Sign (Delena) by givemelovatos Fanfiction
When her mom get's a new job, Selena Gomez is forced to move from the fast paced New York city to Dallas, Texas. Finding love is the last thing she expected to happen, u...
Fix my heart by demisflaws
Fix my heart by Safae Fanfiction
Nick leaves Serena broken hearted. Can Demi fix her heart?
Shitty Shiratorizawa headcanons  by GoshikiTsutomu
Shitty Shiratorizawa headcanons by »Goshiki« Fanfiction
Some shitty headcanons for my boys
Beating Heart (Delena Fantasy/Fanfiction) by Delena_x_Semi
Beating Heart (Delena Fantasy/Fanf... by DELENA_x_SEMI Fanfiction
-All rights reserved- Selena happens to have moved for the 3rd time this year. This time, to a cold place in Maine, called Caribou. She encouters Demi. A strictly raised...
Gift Of A Friend [Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez - Delena/Semi fanfic] by Lauremetria
Gift Of A Friend [Demi Lovato and... by Haley Fanfiction
Demi met a friend at the additions to Barney & Friends. Her name is Selena and they grew a great friendship. They both followed their dreams to fame. Demi had a lot of s...
Save The Girl by VanessaBabyS
Save The Girl by Kari Fanfiction
She wanted to save everyone. Every person. Every man, woman and child that ever needed her. But when it was time for her to retire, she was pulled back in. She had one l...
Drill Sergeant Lovato by orbajomadness
Drill Sergeant Lovato by Neil Fanfiction
19 year old Selena Russo forms an interesting relationship with her drill sergeant.
[I.O.I]/ Series all about I.O.I/ Only for I.O.I by BinhHa4
[I.O.I]/ Series all about I.O.I/ O... by Binh Ha Fanfiction
For Semi from fanboy For Chaeqiong from fanboy For Nachung from fanboy For Dodaeng from fanboy For Nahye from fanboy For Yeunjung Fa from fanboy :)) ...
[Series/Drabbles] About our girls  by cuudouble
[Series/Drabbles] About our girls by cừu Fanfiction
Không thuộc về một couple nhất định nào cả, có thể sẽ thiên vị một vài couple :3 Chào mừng đã đến với sản phẩm hợp tác của chúng tôi =))))))) Disclaimers: họ không thuộc...
Forever by naturalbadassnba
Make Damn Sure by AViolentEmotion
Make Damn Sure by AViolentEmotion Fanfiction
Another Delena fic. Read it if you want.
Haikyuu!!-Shiratorizawa's Manager (Semi Eita Love Story) by puffygirl
Haikyuu!!-Shiratorizawa's Manager... by puffygirl Fanfiction
Who would have thought you would transfer in 2nd year to Shiratorizawa Academy after what happen to you in Aoba Jousai. I, Yuchi Ritcha have made it but it I change as...
Moon & Ocean (Delena Fantasy/Fanfiction) by Delena_x_Semi
Moon & Ocean (Delena Fantasy/Fanfi... by DELENA_x_SEMI Fantasy
Demi knew something odd was happening, when deep in the night of her 19th birthday, she heard a faint voice calling her name in her dream. She knew the voice needed some...
bullied by harry styles (Hemi love story) by OhSnapItzHaz
bullied by harry styles (Hemi love... by OhSnapItzHaz Fanfiction
Casey Jonas has been bullied by 1/5 of one direction ever since he has been to her school .harry told his mates to bully her too, Louis and Zayn never ment the real bul...
Tsun-Tsun • Semi Eita by semipai
Tsun-Tsun • Semi Eita by san, i love ♡ Fanfiction
In which you learn to fall deeper in love with the stoic boy who is, in reality; a tsundere. 💕 {warning; this drabbles set will contain high doses of sappy fluff ♥} [pa...
[ I.O.I ] ( I.O.I Couples ) Life by KMSDKS
[ I.O.I ] ( I.O.I Couples ) Life by Quỳnh Như Fanfiction
안녕하세요 Fic này mình viết về couple SeMi là chủ yếu :))) còn các couple khác thì mình vẫn viết nhưng sẽ ít :))
McHanzo Oneshots by McHanzoTrash
McHanzo Oneshots by McHanzoTrash Fanfiction
Can also be found on other sites, if you see them elsewhere and wonder who wrote them just send a DM.
Sweet Thing by SellyBud
garden cracks • shiratorizawa by semipai
garden cracks • shiratorizawa by san, i love ♡ Humor
When Tendou accidentally adds Ushijima into his messenger chat with Semi, things take an entirely different turn woops. • A Shiratorizawa chatfic • • ongoing + unedited...