• c a c o p h o n y • by Zoovi_TRV
• c a c o p h o n y • by Zoovi
Highest Rank - #2 in Poetry • ° Cacophony ; a meaningless mixture of sounds ° Here I present, yet another, a messy cluster of my thoughts. Just like what the title mean...
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Psychological Facts 101 by RicciaIsMyName
Psychological Facts 101 by ★Rishi★
"You know too much Psychology when you can't get mad because you understand everyone's reasons for doing everything." ★ RicciaIsMyName ★
  • nonfiction
  • depression
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Quotes For A Reason by aniketium
Quotes For A Reason by Anikket
There are various quotes which can change the way you think,the way you live and make you an extraordinary person.So every time you remember a quote you must remember on...
  • grief
  • shortstory
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How To Write Stories People Will Love by Zoe_Blessing
How To Write Stories People Will L... by Zoe Blessing
If you're a writer struggling to improve your craft, this book can help. It breaks down the basics of a good story and good writing. It'll also provide a few tips on how...
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Blissful; Self Help Book by i_is_Karina
Blissful; Self Help Book by | (• ◡•)| 人 (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
Quotes, Tips, Music, Books and Advice on how to deal with troubling times from depression, OCD, self esteem panic, self harm, sleep issues, stress, ADHD, eating disorde...
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etheral | self care & positivity by angelicfuck
etheral | self care & positivity by jessie !
you look beautiful today, love. please take care of yourself.
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Before She Jumped by I_Am_Nik
Before She Jumped by N i k k i
Just as she was about to jump, she called him. He saved her life. But, there's a problem: He's suicidal too. •••• All rights reserved © I_Am_Nik 2017 ••• HIGHEST RANK:...
  • fiction
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Tips For Writing On Wattpad (just the basics) by CrystalScherer
Tips For Writing On Wattpad (just... by Crystal Scherer
Let's take a deep breath as we dive into the wonderful world of writing on Wattpad. No need to hold your breath, I am going to ease you into it, and we aren't going that...
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Inspiration Daily by officiallykat
Inspiration Daily by Kat
Daily inspiration delivered straight to your Wattpad library. [Highest Ranking: #89 in Non-Fiction] You may repost with credit given to @officiallykat.
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Love Hate: Friendship Stage (Book 1) by RedZetroc18
Love Hate: Friendship Stage (Book... by Isabella Pangilinan
***Not a typical rich guy novel*** "She is my poison. She is my cure." Joaquin Velasquez, a hotel owner and a renowned lawyer who has a high standard when it c...
  • hotel
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  • romance
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My Life & My Struggle: Could Be Your Motivation? by ArtisticButRealistic
My Life & My Struggle: Could Be Yo... by Artist & Publisher: "Lil'Trip"
This publication is a Self-Help/Autobiography. It's a glimpse into my life and the impact mental illness & drug addiction played in my life. To put it lightly I'm a walk...
  • addiction
  • iwanttohelppeople
  • broken
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True Life Quotes by himannshuarrora
True Life Quotes by Himanshu Arora
Quotations to boost your confidence, help in understanding life from a broad preservative
  • selfdiscovery
  • happy
  • soulsearching
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WRITING MISSION by Yoonri Mehiel
It is a mission I made for myself in order to improve my inner writer voice and style. This challenge is not only for me but also to all who wish to improve their skil...
  • improve
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the work of an eighth grade poet. by peppermintsolace
the work of an eighth grade poet. by peppermintsolace
i'm trying to get this over with. and i might as well say, it's probably not going to be as easy as i'd hoped. ~ my journey through my last year of middle school, writte...
  • literature
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How To: Wattpad by howto_
How To: Wattpad by e l l a
Wattpad. That is the site that we're on right now. The one you're reading this description on. This book is filled with things that couldn't be made into whole books. L...
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Rosy Cheeks by arabellamonroe
Rosy Cheeks by Arabella N. Monroe
one was shy, the other was sad, together they were the two who loved art, both with rosy cheeks and caring hearts. [highest ranking]: #4 in short story 6.24.15 book one...
  • painting
  • selfhelp
  • love
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Words of Wisdom by ivettsy
Words of Wisdom by ivettsy
This is a collection of sayings that helped me through troubling times. Some I came up with in the midst of chaos and internal turmoil, others are from people all around...
  • selfhelp
  • sayings
  • random
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Where Crossroads End  by EmIsInTheHouse
Where Crossroads End by WiseSoulKindHeart
A story where Laila doesn't want to understand love and Justin was willing to drown within it. Where their love wasn't able to burn, but she still wondered if it would e...
  • selfharmawareness
  • angst
  • highschool
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The Millenium by Dany103
The Millenium by Daniel Davs
Ben Hollins has come out of a four year war unscathed. Physically that is. With his city in chaos along with all his interpersonal relationships, Ben will have to mature...
  • boy
  • searchforhappiness
  • selfdiscovery
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A Little Alone; How To Be A Little Without A Daddy by 3LittlePrincesses
A Little Alone; How To Be A Little... by Maria Taylor
So, maybe you're single, maybe your S.O. doesn't know about your kink, or maybe they think it's just not their style. Whatever the reason, you don't have a daddy (or mom...
  • daddies
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