The One-Hundred {2015 Watty Award Winner} • REWRITING • by renesmeewolfe
The One-Hundred {2015 Watty K. Weikel
Every human baby is killed beneath the waves-with one exception. The one hundred thousandth is spared. Among them, there are those chosen by the moon or sea, an ancient...
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Sea Salt  by SimplyAndyx
Sea Salt by Chocolate x
It's an ocean of words and I'm in the deep end.
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Lessons that Life taught Me by PrasadKVV
Lessons that Life taught Meby Prasad KVV
Series of thoughts from my life and people I met during the journey of my life are penned here. Some of the poems here are from my imaginations. please note, these are n...
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My favourite Books (Book Reviews & Good Reads) - Part 2 by Catherine_Edward
My favourite Books (Book Catherine Edward
#86 in Random Hello All, I do Book reviews only upon requests. Fill the form in "Book Review Requests" section if you need a review. This contains reviews...
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My Writing YouTube Channel by CarterNeilson
My Writing YouTube Channelby Carter Chase
Hey Guys This book is to follow my YouTube Channel and it's current point and future goals. I am making a channel for teen writers and would like all of you to watch at...
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The AerithSage Magazine! by AerithSage
The AerithSage Magazine!by Alyssa Urbano
WATTPAD FROM A-Z Contents: What's Hot on Wattpad, Books I Recommend, Wattpad Interviews, Ambassador Stuff, Special Articles, Filipino/Tagalog Articles, My Rants and Musi...
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Sold: The Vampire's Slave (Published) by GoldenInk
Sold: The Vampire's Slave ( M Inks
Rosella has been told not to go out past midnight, but when she is on her way home from a party things go terribly wrong. Rosella finds herself captured by vampires who...
  • fiction
  • blood
  • struggle
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Iced Vinegar by spoiledpeaches
Iced Vinegarby K-Poetry;
【You said to pour you a drink so I poured you a cocktail of iced vinegar so you could taste what is was like to have you in my mouth】 。。。。。。。 A collection of m...
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The Changers - Ethereal by Koaluch
The Changers - Etherealby Koaluch 9S
First book of The Changers saga. Life is directing towards a mysterious and disturbing way for Lucrezia since she met Darrell, the guy that she fell in love with, that s...
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Self-Publishing (Ein Blog) by 100Memoriae
Self-Publishing (Ein Blog)by Janne Silva
Ich werde demnächst meinen Debütroman im Self-Publishing-Verfahren veröffentlichen. In diesem Blog halte ich euch auf dem Laufenden darüber.
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Vita Et Morte (Now Published as a Paperback) by wuthie16
Vita Et Morte (Now Published as wuthie16
"You silly, silly girl," a voice whispered close to my ear. And as I tried to open my eyes to look at my rescuer, I felt a soft kiss on my forehead. "W-w...
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Cara Pengiriman Naskah by SuketPublishing
Cara Pengiriman Naskahby Suket Publishing
Mau naskah kamu publish di Google Play? Langsung aja deh di baca syarat-syaratnya.
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Tips, advice, and resources to help you get your book finished.
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Drabbles 100 Words by ABEhrhardt
Drabbles 100 Wordsby Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt
Since drabbles are a popular form, I'm making a place to store mine. I'm changing this to op ed pieces in 100 words. Occasionally (like the first part), some fiction wil...
  • opinion
  • observation
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An Indie Musician's Diary by ElisabethKitzing
An Indie Musician's Diaryby Elisabeth Kitzing
This is how I go forward with my music - the real story from November 2017 and to the album release. For all you who want to know how it goes down. My fans wonder why th...
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