His Abused Mate (Completed) by _I_Iz_Da_Bomb_
His Abused Mate (Completed) by _I_Iz_Da_Bomb_
"No one will ever love a worthless whore like you," my dad screamed at me. And I believed him, no one will ever love me. Im not pretty enough, and I'm too fat...
  • worthless
  • mate
  • derrik
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Stained. by Skyler-Liv
Stained. by Skyler Liv
Selena was quiet when she needed to be. Nice when she wanted. She smiled when she allowed. She was smart, pretty, and had a reasonable sense of style. No one really kno...
  • bullying
  • gossip
  • broken
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Addiction by ItsHiwa
Addiction by .
"I bought out the good in him but he bought out the bad in me." Have you ever fallen in love with the most hottest guy who is literally good at everything? Spo...
  • bieber
  • selenagomez
  • jelena
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// Instagram {h.s} // by BsNs1998
// Instagram {h.s} // by Jess Simpson
I didn't know Instagram would change my life but it did. ** @harrystyles started following @JuneSteels ** // UPDATE FREQUENTLY// #3 in fanfiction ?
  • gomez
  • direction
  • styles
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The Devils Angel  by lovelyness-
The Devils Angel by nafisah
#231 - Highest Ranking in Romance . Ajax Knight, a devil, a ruthless business man, handsome in all the departments but his eyes filled with darkness, coldness and anyth...
  • nickbateman
  • devil
  • nick
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Instagram | Joseph Morgan|  by denisem_97
Instagram | Joseph Morgan| by denisem_97
Lilian Grace is America's sweetheart. As an actress an singer she has become one of people most favourite celebrity. With her job on the vampire diaries playing Aria Gil...
  • nina
  • gilbert
  • rebekah
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The Untamed boy  by _Tiaraqueen_
The Untamed boy by Aastha Shinde
#12 in teen fiction ~8|11| 17 You will not touch to him, nor seat beside him, not talk to him. And if I see you together in cafeteria, classroom or in the corridor or...
  • ragdoll
  • possessive
  • controling
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the fall • s.m. by justsimplymaggie
the fall • s.m. by mags✨
"Falling for you is dangerous. I can't control my own emotions, my own movements when I'm with you. If I fall in love, you know what will happen next between us. Th...
  • margot
  • fanfiction
  • fanfic
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BABY. by bitchings
BABY. by chérie
o. BABY when justin's wife bestfriend, mija bolcita visa was expiring and she wanted an anchor baby in case her renewal di...
  • agegap
  • dirty
  • justinbieber
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HOW TO MAKE COVERS by secutegrxnde
Tired of asking a person to make a cover for you? Want to be able to make your own covers? Hate waiting for a cover? Well, I got the answers for you. Yes, answers. I'm...
  • selena
  • gomez
  • bella
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Instagram ● Jack Gilinsky ● by JackGilinskie
Instagram ● Jack Gilinsky ● by holy son
@jackgilinsky liked your photo.
  • selena
  • chanteljeffries
  • instagram
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Lies• (sequel to hired) •  by queen_of_muffins
Lies• (sequel to hired) • by Queen of muffins
Sequel to hired // S.M
  • gomez
  • heartbreak
  • fame
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Just My Puck // Harry Styles by slayshayx
Just My Puck // Harry Styles by shay
After famous figure skater Ronnie Novak suffers from a major injury that leaves her feeling miserable and defeated, her father makes the decision to live with his girlfr...
  • iceskating
  • girlpower
  • harlena
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Try Again (Try Series Book 1) by jelenaslegacy
Try Again (Try Series Book 1) by kate
Four years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant. I tried to pick up the pieces and glue them back together the best I knew how, but something was always missing. ...
  • selenagomez
  • gomez
  • drama
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Who's Kian Lawley? || Text Messages. by ZaynsBedroom
Who's Kian Lawley? || Text Message... by Poppin' Zayn-ax
@KianLawley liked your photo. 1h @KianLawley liked your photo. 20m @KianLawley liked your photo. 13m @KianLawley liked your photo. 55s @KianLawley started follow...
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdy by Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • puppy
  • rock
  • player
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I Want Her Back • Jelena by Bieberovato
I Want Her Back • Jelena by Leah
@justinbieber : it's always u @selenagomez -- Cover by @SexyJelena
  • fame
  • gomez
  • romance
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The Other Argent ➵ Stiles Stilinski [1] by SpanishCandy
The Other Argent ➵ Stiles Stilinsk... by Nayeli
"We all go a little mad sometimes." Cover by idkmstiles Itsselenastiles owns Stella Argent
  • supernatural
  • stella
  • cousins
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The Billionaire // H.S & S.G by harlenaislife
The Billionaire // H.S & S.G by ~m~
They always tell you not to mix business with pleasure. Cover by @CelticLove Highest Ranking #19 in Fanfiction (8/05/17)
  • love
  • selenagomez
  • harrystyles
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Please Remember // Harry Styles (A.U) by Pulpyselena
Please Remember // Harry Styles (A... by Elie
{warning: lots of feels + plot twists! Read at your own risks} They were old friends when she left, And now they're strangers, But will she be able to help him re...
  • love
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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