In Disguise♡➶✏︎[j.j.k] ff by tokkii-
In Disguise♡➶✏︎[j.j.k] ff by —♡chikin♡— Fanfiction
Y/n is a nerdy and rich girl but behind those glasses is a beautiful woman only her true friends saw her without her glasses. Everyone would bully her since she was a ne...
The Descendant's Tamer by ThatsMyDerp
The Descendant's Tamer by .bea. Fanfiction
Lynx Reinhardt is a normal human being... Or so she tried to convince herself.
EXO's Star | new member | #WATTYS2017 by kanyounghee
EXO's Star | new member | #WATTYS2... by 킨 영 희 Fanfiction
After the departure of Kris, Luhan, and Tao SM has decided to add a new member to the missing void, but what if that missing piece was a girl? Come and visit Kim Eunji'...
Remade (BTS × Reader × GOT7 × EXO) by MissJennica
Remade (BTS × Reader × GOT7 × EXO) by ~||⊙👄⊙||~ Fanfiction
(NEW STORY): There's girl named Lee (Y/N). Everytime she go to school...The most popular boys & girls seemed to bully her alot..Bangtan & Kyla's group. Depression alway...
The gambling man  : Exo mafia fanfiction by toxicnovocaine_
The gambling man : Exo mafia fanf... by anonymous Fanfiction
There is a underworld of sinful activities beneath the mundane world, no matter where you are. The dark parts of humanity always seem to find you, threatening to pull yo...
Fifty Shades Darker | chanbaek by cumbaekhome
Fifty Shades Darker | chanbaek by aira Fanfiction
[Fifty Shades Of Park Book 2] Daunted by the singular tastes and dark secrets of the handsome, tormented young entrepreneur Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun has broken off t...
[ONGOING] The Geek and The Girl ➸ Baekhyun x Reader by sangsterswag
[ONGOING] The Geek and The Girl ➸... by Hailey (ꈍᴗꈍ) Fanfiction
"I'm the geek, and you're the girl. It could never work." Byun Baekhyun; the schools geek. Y/L/N Y/N; the schools most popular girl. Years after an accident t...
The Princess (The Chosen One) by laurenk0409
The Princess (The Chosen One) by Lauren ♡ K-Pop Fanfiction
Ara was the princess of the EXOTIC Land, and her brother Prince Mark was moved to Earth so they could be safe. She has a best friend, and her cousin is Chen from EXO! Ex...
TWO FACED [COMPLETED] by .bea. Fanfiction
Paige Dee was forced to move into a different house wherein she met twelve mysterious boys who were siblings. She wasn't welcomed warmly and to top it all off she was fo...
I F**ked Your Boyfriend [Chanbaek/Baekyeol] by chanyeoboo
I F**ked Your Boyfriend [Chanbaek... by chanyeoboo Fanfiction
The school's cute heartthrob Byun Baekhyun is in a healthy relationship with Oh Sehun, the popular boy who's also the star of their school's football team. Sehun and Ba...
Wanted | Kpop mafia!au by nxla_v
Wanted | Kpop mafia!au by Bts.Is.My.Addiction Fanfiction
Two very powerfull gangs claim you as their property for different reasons. How will you escape this situation? Do you even want to? English isn't my first language...
A Vampire's Desire, A Wolf's passion (EXO fanfic)  by NiahPhantomhive
A Vampire's Desire, A Wolf's passi... by 악경해새요! Fanfiction
The EXO clan had a group of skilled fighters that was comprised of twelve members: Kai, Kris, Luhan, Xiumin, Tao, Lay, Chen, Chanyeol, Suho, D.O., Baekhyun, and Sehun. B...
『instagram friends;chanbaek』 by chanbaeksos
『instagram friends;chanbaek』 by ⌒(╹ x ╹)⌒ Fanfiction
Yeol: @baekhyunee_exo started following you. Baek: @real__pcy started following you. Translations:Spanish translation already out on my second account @zoemellow Traducc...
You Are Mine (SeBaek ff) by SeBaekhet42
You Are Mine (SeBaek ff) by Oh BaekHun Random
Byun Baekhyun accidentally met a guy named Oh Sehun.For Baekhyun, Sehun is a idiot rich guy. Baekhyun have a lot of debt that he have to settle. And Sehun know about Bae...
Onism || Oh Sehun by chanbaeol
Onism || Oh Sehun by d a y b r e a k Fanfiction
"All I need is myself and my sister, there's no room for someone like you, Oh Sehun." | AU ; shorter chapters |
Exo Imagines by YueSaeng
Exo Imagines by Yue Fanfiction
Here are some Exo scenarios. Request by messaging me ^^ [request box closed] Credits to @DeanJMora for the amazing cover~! :)
DREAM . WRITE . FUTURE (CHANYEOL I... by sk. Fanfiction
⚠The 1'st REALTIME EMAGINE of CHANYEOL & SEHUN⚠ Emagine ga jelas yang buat kamu tahu apa yang dilakukan Chanyeol saat berkencan dengan kekasih rahasianya. ⚠[Sebagian C...
ROSE QUARTZ by renitanozaria
ROSE QUARTZ by Renita Nozaria Romance
[Completed] You're so down to earth, you said. While I'm up around the constellation. And for it, you think you don't deserve me. ...
MONSTER / EXO / COMPLETED  by certainly-not-jongin
MONSTER / EXO / COMPLETED by 🃏Maddie🃏 Fanfiction
Sun hadn't even wanted to go out that night, especially not out clubbing. Only if she had told her friend no. Only if she had just stayed home. Only if she had never ste...
EXO Chatroom by l00-05-18l
EXO Chatroom by Just me Random
Ever since I started all these chatrooms all of you have been begging me for an EXO chatroom. Now you have it, an EXO chatroom! I'll try my best to make this one good to...