The Goblin's Crown by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Crownby Allie
The Goblin's Trilogy #1 After being raised by her three criminal brothers, Matilda is used to stealing what she wants. However, when she picks the wrong person's pocket...
  • fairytale
  • fantasy
  • elizabethan
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The Dark Prince. (Book 1) by LaDameBlanche
The Dark Prince. (Book 1)by Emma Leech
The man of your dreams is coming ... or is it your nightmares he visits? Laen is Prince of the Dark fae, with a temper and reputation to match his black eyes, and a hear...
  • faeries
  • prince
  • unseelie
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Faetality |✓| by letmelivetonight
Faetality |✓|by ⚔Jada⚔
❝You and me, darlin'--we're gonna have a whale of a time...❞ Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Tamsyn James has her first encounter with the Fae - a deadly group of...
  • seeliecourt
  • love
  • youngadult
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Dreams of Shadows | Book I of The Fae Chronicles by KissesofInk
Dreams of Shadows | Book I of It's a secret
(COMPLETED) Ellison Montgomery, dancer extraordinaire, never expected for her world to tear asunder into barely salvageable fragments the night she met Gavriel. ...
  • tuathadedanann
  • faeries
  • unseelie
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Target  by deadpanned
Target by Avrielle
For as long as she's known, Diana has always been the one hunting down the creatures of the night. Little did she expect for one to finally retaliate and hunt her down i...
  • violence
  • seelie
  • saving
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Across Acheron by Sepherene
Across Acheronby kirah
Nobody knew where Jack came from. Nobody knew when he’d ever leave. From the moment he arrived at Saint Dymphna Asylum, Jack hadn’t uttered a word. He stayed voi...
  • generalfiction
  • fantasy
  • weneeddiversebooks
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Beautiful Delusions by poltergeist_people
Beautiful Delusionsby poltergeist_people
Violett Blu always did her best to look on the bright side of things. It was something her mother had ingrained in her before being committed. She had vivid delusions, b...
  • marriage
  • fairy
  • badboy
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Song of Fury | Book III of The Fae Chronicles by KissesofInk
Song of Fury | Book III of The It's a secret
Having found out Gavriel's darkest secret, Elle finds herself tasked with a new mission, trudging without her Prince in a quest for the next talisman. A new enemy h...
  • merlin
  • seelie
  • mythology
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Wicked Winter Book. 1 by AshtonMarie
Wicked Winter Book. 1by Ashton Marie
{Completed} Highest Ranking: # 1 in Fantasy (01/28/17) Book. 1 My blood boiled at the thought of one of them in our streets, hidden in plain sight, perhaps even by one o...
  • magic
  • fighting
  • ice
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Blood of the Hunt by SebastardMorgenstern
Blood of the Huntby Sebastian Morgenstern
The final installment of The Morgenstern Legacy trilogy. Part 1: Prince of the Courts (Completed) Part 2: Exile of the Clave (Completed) Part 3: Blood of the Hunt (In pr...
  • darkartifices
  • unseelie
  • isabellelightwood
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Prince of the Courts by SebastardMorgenstern
Prince of the Courtsby Sebastian Morgenstern
NOW A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY! Lovingly based on a world (and some characters) created by Cassandra Clare. Prince of the Courts takes place 25 years after the Cold Pe...
  • morgenstern
  • aleclightwood
  • seelie
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We Are Threatened With Suffering • malec by Evanaissante
We Are Threatened With Suffering • john
After his fight with Magnus, Alec finds himself captured and tortured by the Shadowhunter killer, but when it all becomes too much, he starts to doubt that someone will...
  • claryfairchild
  • shadowhunters
  • isabellelightwood
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Inferno ~ Alec Lightwood by IDidNotSeeThatLlama
Inferno ~ Alec Lightwoodby Cat
The Decent Into Hell: Volume 1 An Alec Lightwood love story. Michael Fairhallow is not a Shadowhunter. He is a hybrid, a freak, an abomination. He is something un...
  • lightwood
  • half-breed
  • hate
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The Veil by Elfinrose525
The Veilby B. Clayton
Phoebe Moore is lost... waaay lost. Luckily Death finds her and takes her home (He's just got to run a few errands first.) A short story with fae and dragons and Death...
  • reaper
  • seelie
  • shifter
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seelie * namjin by mnsng_
seelie * namjinby rest in peace, angel
his bright hair just brushed the tips of his ears, which jin saw with a start, were pointed like an elf's, and in his earth coloured robes and bare feet, he could have v...
  • seelie
  • jin
  • fantasy
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Secrets.crt by jaeshanks
Secrets.crtby Jae
{🏰Book 3🏰} Now that the triplets from Artragon have completed their apprenticeship; all that is left is to travel back to Artragon, Zara's home court to deposit them...
  • alternatehistory
  • spells
  • youngadultfiction
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DARK THE MOON by florscents
DARK THE MOONby florscents
"SHE ROSE AS THE WORLD FELL, DEATH-BLACK AGAINST SILVER SMOKE." For only through fire, can the world be reborn whole. © s.v. dasy 2018 (hr266-011018)
  • unseelie
  • villain
  • war
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Once Upon a Price by AriannaJohnson5
Once Upon a Priceby Arianna Nychol Johnson
"Nothing comes without a price when it comes to their kingdom, my little Nightingale. Always remember that, no matter what happens. Never trust an Unseelie member...
  • difference
  • cruelty
  • war
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Always Look Twice | ✓ by rorarooni
Always Look Twice | ✓by rory
"I'm in retrograde." Marcie Babineoúx is a girl with a future that extends in any and all directions. She's a scholar, an athlete, and a poet. Yet, things alw...
  • unseelie
  • creatures
  • supernatural
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The Book of Aure by shaibee
The Book of Aureby Shy.B
No, this wasn't what Aure imagined her wedding to be like as a little girl playing before her Gran's hearth. Her maid of honor, an iridescently beautiful water nymph to...
  • deities
  • faeries
  • marriage
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