Seducing My Enemy | ✔ by jadeaudrey_
Seducing My Enemy | ✔by Jade A.R
HIGHEST RANK: #81 - 4/8/2018 Aiden Gerhard, the campus bad boy and Catharina, the most popular girl. One word to describe their relationship: enemies. What happen when C...
  • seduce
  • shortstory
  • seducingmyenemy
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Desperate Souls (18+) by Me_Riana
Desperate Souls (18+)by Rianaaa
Period of Eternal Love Stories have ended... Dirtier thoughts in people's mind have increased... Day by day people are getting dirtier... And that dirtiness exist in thi...
  • threesome
  • love
  • hardcore
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Seducing The Chef (18+) by queenofcheesefries
Seducing The Chef (18+)by Velma
"Eleanor...", he breathed out. I got down on my knees, my hands trailing down his six packs to his perfect V, until I reached the hem of his jeans. "What...
  • erotica
  • seduce
  • princess
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  • k-pop
  • school
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Changing Her Heart |Book II by -Nitasha
Changing Her Heart |Book IIby ?-Nitasha ?
Genre: Romance, Mystery, Humour and Spritiual Meet Aryan : He is a nineteen year old young, hand working, and honest man. He knew what he wants from his life. He have...
  • hate
  • cold
  • doctor
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Needing is One Thing by ErlenmeyerKat
Needing is One Thingby Erlenmeyer Kat
A Seduce Me Fan fiction: Mika was beautiful, fascinating, and warm; yet so very dangerous. She had the potential to burn him, if he wasn't careful. Andrew had cha...
  • fanfiction
  • angst
  • seducemetheotome
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~Seduce me~|| ~FanFiction~ || ~Seven Demons all around you~|| Incubi x reader|| by Jeaellasar
~Seduce me~|| ~FanFiction~ || Jeaellasar
In the Abyssal Plains, the incubi befriended one of their father's slaves. They however failed in taking her with them when escaping with the help of Mika's grandfather...
  • aomaris
  • mika
  • erik
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Seduce Me ~ The Path To Forgiveness by LabellaDynasty
Seduce Me ~ The Path To Forgivenessby Labella
This story is about you, a young woman saved by a kind man from a haunting fate. He gives you a home and he makes you family, things you never thought you could have aga...
  • damien
  • seduce
  • raestrao
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Pregnant By My Boss by jawkei
Pregnant By My Bossby JAYY ♕
She was poor but smart. She got a scholarship to a school in New York so she had to live with her uncle. Her parents have died. Her uncle abused her causing her to run a...
  • love
  • vanessahudgens
  • featured
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seduce me x reader oneshots by aomarryme-
seduce me x reader oneshotsby malix is my father
its mostly lemons
  • xreader
  • fluffandsmut
  • smto
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Seduce Me The Otome: A Tale Of Two Sisters by Sandereatheskeleton
Seduce Me The Otome: A Tale Of Sandereatheskeleton
( I do not own seduce me the Otome, the credit goes to micheala laws and her crew. Check her out on YouTube. I also do not own any pictures or videos in this story.) Wha...
  • company
  • demons
  • sister
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PRETENTIOUS SERIES 1:John Verome Madrigal by Nekoletters
John Verome Madrigal x Livia Beatrix Cruz
  • cruel
  • kiss
  • holdon
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Academy of the Good by ElisiaWrites
Academy of the Goodby Elisia
"We're bad guys, its what we do." -Harley Quinn . Karma Heaven is a pretty bad girl. No, not in the kinky sense. When she gets arrested for the fifth time, thi...
  • good
  • cure
  • care
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Nerd Turn Into Sex Goddess by KylaSelosa
Nerd Turn Into Sex Goddessby KylaSelosa
Nerd- ito ay may makapal na salamin,manang manamit,buhaghag ang buhok na animoy Hindi nag suklay nang kalahating taon.... Minsan Hindi na nila naaasikaso ang sarili nila...
  • nerd
  • revenge
  • goddess
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Sonamy: "My Perverted Husband And I, His Seduceful Slave (+15 or older?) by ameliarosespeed
Sonamy: "My Perverted Husband Amelia Rose Speed
Sonic proposed to Amy one beautiful afternoon. Amy accepted his proposal due to his work he paid to get Amy the most beautiful ring in the world. But, what Amy doesn't k...
  • sonicthehedgehog
  • seduce
  • boomdeminsion
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Grown-Up Time Irina Jelavić x Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom Lemon) by goddegoddegodde
Grown-Up Time Irina Jelavić x goddegoddegodde
Irina needs all the intel on Koro Sensei she can get. Irina plans on compensating for all the information in Nagisa's notepad, it all goes as planned until Irina gets ca...
  • seduce
  • intercourse
  • assassinationclassroom
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Winning Back The Heiress (Heir And Heiress #2) by YvonneGrace1
Winning Back The Heiress (Heir Queen Yvvi 👸💟
Losing the memory of who you were growing up sucks. Trying to find a job after graduating college in a bad economy sucks even more. For Esmeralda Griffin, being offered...
  • lost
  • heir
  • ceo
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Seduced By My Student [BxB] by kamalditahan_
Seduced By My Student [BxB]by Engr. Maldita
Guys&Gays Series #4 Second Season of Seducing the Professor
  • kamalditahan
  • bxb
  • student
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LUSTY DESIRE by sweetishiii21
LUSTY DESIREby ishiana jain
Randhir Singh shekhawat.... billionaire and one if the top business tycoons had kidnapped his wife sanyukta randhir Singh tht he can have honeymoon with h...
  • seduce
  • sanyukta
  • honeymoon
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One Side Love by TabatabaJon
One Side Loveby Juan Words
A story about a woman named Samantha Rose DelaCruz, who passionately love his Boyfriend named Xander Josh Mendoza. And after 3 years since there Breakup. She's inlove a...
  • desire
  • seduce
  • abuse
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