My Mafia Boss Husband by ThatsTalia
My Mafia Boss Husbandby Natalia
Violet Lucia is a feisty little brunette who's also a model. She then finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with the girl that she claims is her best friend...
  • rich
  • model
  • generalfiction
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Orange Is The Color Of Untamed Urges by Ophelia_is_Knightly
Orange Is The Color Of Untamed Ophelia D. Knight
Featured Story April 2018 Trinity Baudin was the spitting image of her mother or so she had been told. She was free spirited and wild. She took things in stride and cons...
  • dominance
  • passion
  • scottish
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Loving Mr. Harris by Imaan00
Loving Mr. Harrisby Imaan
Aaila has a terrible family. Her parents barely look at her. And her brother has been beating her ever since she was a child. Why? Maybe because they're very rich and sc...
  • happiness
  • allah
  • islam
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The Heart of a Kelpie [GirlxGirl] by InsurgentOutcast
The Heart of a Kelpie [GirlxGirl]by InsurgentOutcast
Logan is a hard worker - a young farm girl who helps her father train and breed horses. All she wants is a better life, one where she will be accepted for who she i...
  • scottish
  • romance
  • lesbianstory
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Scars Don't Lie, Alpha Mine by sabrina_rabideau
Scars Don't Lie, Alpha Mineby Sabrina
Every single day since she was sixteen, Midna Hawkins, who lives in a small town, has felt shooting pain cut through her skin. She was always in pain for hours on end. A...
  • lies
  • scottish
  • pain
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Highland Wolf Bride by whitepuppybooks
Highland Wolf Brideby Whitepuppy Books
Taken by the barbarian Highland Wolf... A full-length, standalone romance with an HEA ending and no cliffhangers. Lady Berthilda Brooke Howard is born to the Earl of Car...
  • historical
  • highlander
  • regency
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The Art Has A Secret (Pancorvo Series 1) by blushinginred
The Art Has A Secret (Pancorvo miss ziddy
PANCORVO SERIES 1: Bronx Pancorvo Magic ain't always coming from magicians. Sometimes, it comes from strangers of the past. ---- Started: Nov. 8, 2017 Republished at: Ma...
  • pancorvo
  • ph
  • romance
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The Scottish Language by BonnieScotty
The Scottish Languageby BonnieScotty
Seen as I've recently started writing my own stories/books on here, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce you all to pretty regular Scottish words. The chances...
  • scotland
  • words
  • slang
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The Master's Apprentice by EdgemoonPR
The Master's Apprenticeby EdgemoonPR
"Want a piece of advice, son? Choose your enemies and then tell your allies apart from them. I'm afraid I don't know what you mean, I said. Soon you will. And men w...
  • action
  • antihero
  • sciencefiction
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Mad for McAvoy by liziwrites
Mad for McAvoyby Elizabeth
Maybe it was the stress of her daily life, maybe it was a friend getting on her nerves, maybe it was the call of fate. For whatever reason, Cara decided to take a sponta...
  • actor
  • charlesxavier
  • mcavoy
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Again arising by Maikomikamii
Again arisingby Misa
Taking place during a time of war, Emma who is fifteen, and her brother, Alexander who is twenty-three are left without parents. It all seemed to look like a normal spri...
  • teenfiction
  • ya
  • fiction
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The Highlander by catswithglases
The Highlanderby catswithglases
A few knocks came upon Rosies door and the most melodic of voices followed. "Ti's most rude of ye' no tae open the door fer a wounded man lass" The man had s...
  • highlander
  • warrior
  • hot
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A Pirate's Sacrifice by Seahorsesandapples
A Pirate's Sacrificeby Teaseseff
"I'll tell you what," the pirate captain smiled. "Pick one member of your crew to take a flogging, and I'll spare another member for every lash they take...
  • sacrifice
  • captain
  • femalecaptain
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The Scottish Affair (Robert Carlyle Fanfic) by RDJIronManMJJ
The Scottish Affair (Robert Ashley Nicole
Romance between a make-up artist and a Scottish actor. One has a tragic past. Unable to trust, will she be able to make a new relationship?
  • robertcarlyle
  • scottish
  • live
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What happens when a strong independent woman who secretly wants change in her life gets more than what she plans on? What happens when a strong modern day highlander run...
  • americansupsense
  • multicultural
  • thriller
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Dublin Music Festival by hamilfan2006
Dublin Music Festivalby hamilfan2006
Aidenna was going to the annual Music Festival in Dublin, the one she had been waiting for for so long. What happens when she meets Colin, a less popular performer at th...
  • scottish
  • dublin
  • scottishmusic
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Translucent by CarissaAtrianty
Translucentby Carissa Atrianty
When Lisa Finch moves to a small town in Scotland after her parents' divorce, the least she expects is to see ghosts. Meanwhile, Cornelius Haywood has died for almost a...
  • love
  • historical
  • paranormal
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Grimoire Black by acxmacdonald
Grimoire Blackby A. C. X. MacDonald
The civil war has ended and the rebellion defeated, but as the Island Empire begins to rebuild, the hunt for a legendary manuscript threatens to tear it apart once more...
  • adventure
  • strongfemalelead
  • fantasy
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Undying love by AliaKates
Undying loveby I love Vanessa Hudgens & Zac...
Jasmine Summer is a girl from an abusive life. Her mom ran out on her when she was 3 , her dad got arrested for murder and drugs , and she ended up with a foster family...
  • vanessahugens
  • spanish
  • filipino
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Unique Words  by siu_mayy
Unique Words by siu_mayy
Unique words from different languages that can be used to describe an uncommon feeling or thing
  • italian
  • hawaiian
  • german
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