Mob Character Turned Cannon Fodder, Let's Beat The Main Character! by CatsAndLightNovels
Mob Character Turned Cannon Fodder... by Nekoitalia Fantasy
As a great genius, a true truly great genius, Ling Yun had been blessed with an astonishing and astoundingly high intelligence since birth. He had chosen to hide it for...
SHE SAVED ME ➼ S. HARRINGTON by AccioHufflepunk
SHE SAVED ME ➼ S. HARRINGTON by ˗ ˏˋ Maxim(off) ˎˊ ˗ Fanfiction
She consumed me in a heroic madness. I wanted to save her from everything. But in the end, She saved me. In which he wanted to save her, but she saved him. {Stranger T...
Terrestrial  (xxxtentacion) by tentacionprincess
Terrestrial (xxxtentacion) by tentacionprincess Science Fiction
"Do you believe that there are other lifeforms out there?" Jahseh asked me. "I believe. I always have." I told him.
Lunar Ascension by P-Oenothera
Lunar Ascension by Zelenia Pen Fantasy
The Moon and Sun, leaders of all elemental dragons, have fallen. Two warriors will rise in their place. -----🌙----- When an advanced alien race appeared and stormed th...
Astral (gxg) [Futanari] by FeraDuen
Astral (gxg) [Futanari] by Duen Science Fiction
Skai wasn't born, she was made. Her creators have a purpose for her kind: to repopulate a dying world, and to bring meaning back to their existence--a new beginning. F...
To Elysia - The 100 season 5 - A bellarke story  by kittyamnezia
To Elysia - The 100 season 5 - A b... by Ms Kitty Amnezia Fanfiction
Bellamy had fought back regret, grief and depression for 6 years over the death of Clarke. For 6 years he had battled, with little hope that she had survived Praimfaya...
Earth by Robert_Bennet
Earth by Robert Bennet Science Fiction
Wattpad 2017 First Contact Nomination, Three Weeks on the top 100 list, highest rank # 75. Mira belongs to a race of beings as old as the universe itself. For eons Mi...
Traveler by JinnNelson
Traveler by JinnNelson Fantasy
Trapped in a cafe that travels to seven dimensions on an infinite loop, Jaz Contra serves coffee while trying to locate the mysterious white-haired man who put her there...
Faceless by orchidals
Faceless by ♡ Fantasy
"I'm what's left of legends old, my name is one that always changes. And once I leave, I never come back." This is a world divided by the colour of eyes - t...
No Spilled Ink~ by Fangmiserly
No Spilled Ink~ by Cinderelly Poetry
Cover art by @fairrosamund (Instagram) ~Extraordinary poems that tell stories from an ordinary latina Girl.• "They're simply perfection."~RobTheir Some are sh...
RWBY: The Child of Grimm. Volume 1 (complete) by bentleygt500
RWBY: The Child of Grimm. Volume 1... by bentleygt500 Fanfiction
A child, a baby, given to the Grimm as an offering. to the surprise of many, returns years later with an altered aura, semblance and a confused mindset. Will the child o...
Don't Be Afraid, I feel it 2: The Sequel by BiancaWatson
Don't Be Afraid, I feel it 2: The... by Bianca Rowena Science Fiction
The long awaited sequel to "Don't Be Afraid, I Feel it Too" Three years after the defeat of Dukath and her marriage to Kylo Ren, Rey is now the mother of toddl...
Staccato by serenejay
Staccato by Serena Jay Fanfiction
Grethan. [COMPLETED STORY]. All's fair in love and war. But the efforts striven in the name of war translates into futility. Because the Universe states that only love t...
Book Ideas  by anush123
Book Ideas by Haters gonna hate Random
Hello! I am a writer and I have ideas for books running in my head non-stop. Though I have ideas, I can never take the time to write the books. So, why not offer them to...
Asleep by MikaelaBender
Asleep by Mikaela Bender Science Fiction
In a time when kidnapping is a common occurrence, Nora is about to become her father's science experiment. Taken away from her family, Nora is trapped inside of a dream...
The Unlikely of Mates by Anixancy
The Unlikely of Mates by Nani C. Teen Fiction
"Imagine though when you find your soul mate and the [this] happens." - Tumblr user: lost-moonlight 'No but imagine the school jock and the nerd he beats up e...
Return of the Fallen Angel: Book 1 by mountainlion2
Return of the Fallen Angel: Book 1 by mountainlion2 Science Fiction
Best rank in Science Fiction #51. The continuation of Kita's adventures. She meets new friends, explores new areas, and continues her fight against the Red Legion. The o...
RWBY: The Child of Grimm. Volume 2 (complete) by bentleygt500
RWBY: The Child of Grimm. Volume 2... by bentleygt500 Fanfiction
Volume 2 of Rwby: Child of Grimm. After Ryu's search for Blake ends in him being on the receiving end of his own blade, his mind is filled with nothing but thoughts of...
B.O.N.D.E.D. by Cassie_Wright
B.O.N.D.E.D. by Cassie Wright Fantasy
Vampires. Werewolves. Zombies. Mutants. Wizards. Witches. What do they have in common? One word: power. Trust Bonding was a newly discovered power that allowed mankind...
NOWHERE by LaraBlunte
NOWHERE by Lazy Traveler Science Fiction
The third book in the TIME SEER trilogy...Will post here as I write.