Vineyard Academy: School Of Magic by ramsyBEAR
Vineyard Academy: School Of Magic by Raze AD ✌ Fantasy
Let's take AlyDen to FANTASY world. "You know you look too familiar to me" saad nito kaya seryoso akong napatingin sa kanya Ano ba ang pinagsasabi nito? ...
The Secret Behind The Linus Cup(Titan Academy) by InfiniteTyler
The Secret Behind The Linus Cup(Ti... by InfiniteTyler Fantasy
FANFICTION | Part II - Titan Academy @april_avery | Inspired | Must Read | "I thought you were dead but Lucas Tyler, you are ALIVE." | {on going}
Magic Quarters:Life And Death by ChiHannaKo
Magic Quarters:Life And Death by ➖Rihanna➖ Fantasy
Link Zillian Forester A Normal Girl. Or So She Thought. Isang Special Girl Si Link. She Was Very Rare. Nung Nakilala Niya Ang Complete Opposite Niyang Si Drisk Xake Rhes...
The Aetherlight by Demiphoenix1125
The Aetherlight by AndJeffersonInLoveWithKlance Fantasy
The ancients believed that there were five elements: air, water, earth, fire, and quintessence, better known as aether. Science scoffed at the idea. However, what if the...
Loving Lucas Tyler (Titan Academy of Special Abilities Fanfic) by AteBell
Loving Lucas Tyler (Titan Academy... by Momoxhien ❤ Fantasy
" For I had eyes and chose you Lucas." - Camryn Date Started: March 2, 2016 Date Completed: - - -
School of magic rp by Kyra-the-Ship-Queen
Zephyrhills Academia by Jaja_2003
Zephyrhills Academia by Janella Mae Arnocillo Fantasy
Prologue: Dalawang mundo. Ano nga ba ako? Tao?Fairy? But i prefer,fuser. Sa dinaramiraming tao sa mundo,paano kung isa ka sa pinagkalooban ng tinatawag nilang MAGICAL FU...