The Guardian Of Remnant(TransformersxRWBY) by Ice-Twolf
The Guardian Of Remnant( Ice-Twolf
When the legendary ship known as the Ark attempts to leave Cybertron's atmosphere, but is violently shot down, a young autobot escapes the carnage, but falls into stasis...
  • rwby
  • transformersxrwby
  • aventure
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Black Labyrinth by OnwardMonster
Black Labyrinthby David Souza
At the peak of technological advancement, life on earth begins to fall apart. The world is dying. Three-quarters of the population have died. The rest of the world is j...
  • apocalyptic
  • near-future
  • sc-fi
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Kai by iamnae_199
Kaiby iamnae_199
Book 2 of the Karhé series My thoughts comfort me more than an actual soul.... This is a preview into Karhé's new life (SECOND LIFE) as a completely different person. S...
  • blacklove
  • spirit
  • boyfriend
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Cascade » fourtris by unreliableturnip
Cascade » fourtrisby Not a polar bear
A FourTris Story [Divergent fanfic] (Caution: Proceed at your own risk. I was 12 when I wrote it, so the writing is immature and the dialogues cringe worthy. I've improv...
  • forbidden
  • romance
  • boyfriend
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One World (Survival of the fittest #1) by BLFisher94
One World (Survival of the Brandon Fisher
Earth has become a battleground. Humans and Dragons have been at war for so long no one remembers why it started in the first place... For Sol, a young Dragon Mage. He...
  • magic
  • scifi-romance
  • science
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Blazing up in my UFO by SarahZorEl
Blazing up in my UFOby SarahZorEl
Kara Zor-El knew that she was different, knew that she was an 'alien' and because of that she would have a certain set of unique challenges. What she didn't expect howev...
  • super
  • xfiles
  • superhero
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Handmaiden (Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader) by _Scoundrel104_
Handmaiden (Obi-Wan Kenobi x The Beautiful Ones
You are a young, beautiful, and intelligent woman from Naboo who was once a handmaiden for Queen Amidala. Now, you are a general who protects the queen and the planet. W...
  • scfi
  • fanfiction
  • starwarsfanfiction
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Story Ideas by Hua_Sangzi
Story Ideasby
If there are any stories on here that you are interested on reading, let me know.
  • gay
  • bl
  • yaoi
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The New Order by HeyLookImTrash212
The New Orderby HeyLookImTrash212
It's the year 2045, the New Order has taken control of the Earth. The rules are simple: -Anyone who defies the New Order shall be put to death. -Anyone who challenges t...
  • betrayal
  • neworder
  • death
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Twilight saga by TwilightFanactic
Twilight sagaby TwilightFanactic
about a girl name Bella who moves to forks and falls in love with a vampire name edward
  • action
  • fanfiction
  • scfi
Unwanted [ON HOLD]  by laeme300
Unwanted [ON HOLD] by laeme300
Trust is like an eraser, after every mistake, it gets smaller and smaller -Emely [Intro is inside the book] Some chapters are private so you have to follow me in...
  • giants
  • mature
  • devil
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Freelancer: An Elite Dangerous Story by Hamavery64
Freelancer: An Elite Dangerous AspiringAuthor
Taking place in the Video game Sci-fi universe created by Frontier Developments, Freelancer: An Elite Dangerous Story is based on a man named Tsaro who is part of a com...
  • elitedangerous
  • frontierdevelopments
  • adventure
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Xcom: When the whole world came to an end by Legohood1478
Xcom: When the whole world came Jarred Nemorin The Great
I'm pretty positive there are other wattpaders who made their own character stories for the upcoming game "Xcom 2". Now this is my story of what happened durin...
  • scfi
  • stuff
  • storytelling
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The Girl From The Past [Sequel To The Boy From The Future] by fanfics-and-stories
The Girl From The Past [Sequel Ames
Usually, stories like these aren't narrated from the main character's point of view, as the interesting characters react better. Unfortunately, my story is an exception...
  • johntracy
  • tracyisland
  • jefftracy
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It Comes With The Job by mxalexander
It Comes With The Jobby I Love Fanfic Okay?
The names Taylor Stone. I'm a Timelord, but I'm also just a kid. My life's crazy and wonderful all in one. I'm a Star Fleet officer. I'm computer operations and second...
  • fanfiction
  • scfi
  • completed
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Initiating code R@ven👁‍🗨 and Cr0wsNest by Oceanstryder
Initiating code R@ven👁‍🗨 and Oceanstryder
This is a role play that I am making into a sci-fi story about super intelligent corvids.
  • sciencefiction
  • science
  • technology
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Fated Worlds by tinaswrites
Fated Worldsby tina
Park Shin-Hye had accidentally entered another world. With more to discover she befriends Lee Jong-Suk the main character of her father's manhwa, they both uncover many...
  • scifi-romance
  • koreanfanfic
  • fantasy
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The lives of Villains by 22shawm
The lives of Villainsby A demon courting insanity
Am I truly evil? Or is that what you are programmed to think? Then again, I know I'm evil, but what do you think?
  • 22shawm
  • scfi
  • fantasy
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project zero by Animecutie16
project zeroby K.C.
about two charters who have to run to stay alive
  • suspense
  • scfi
  • romance
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Kamen Rider: Alien Knight  by iamnerdandgeek
Kamen Rider: Alien Knight by Imaplainnerd
A new kamen rider is introduce, he is pure Alien, he cant turn into a human just is a alien, he is a outlaw from his own kind and from the earth, he has the powers of a...
  • kamenrider
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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