Meant To Be Yours ~|||~ Levi x Eren by ErenPastel
Meant To Be Yours ~|||~ Levi x Eren by •Eren Jeager• Fanfiction
Levi x Eren Omegaverse and Soulmate AU crossover. --- 18 year old Eren Jeager, a transferred student who moved from Germany to France due to schooling issues and his fa...
Business; From Boardroom to Bedroom? by Suzanneq_
Business; From Boardroom to Bedroo... by Susan Johnson Romance
What Jade wants is to focus on her job, build a career, and live life as it comes. But her new boss is making even that hard for her. Is it a crime to be sexy? That'...
Rogues by bonitashaw
Rogues by nina shaw Werewolf
Rowan was disowned by her family as a baby for being a shifter, left to live on the streets. Seventeen years later she is back in Burton to confront her family, but ther...
The Alone Girl by CarbonMoon
The Alone Girl by Abbie Werewolf
Avery wants nothing more than to read in her tree away from people, away from the family that she ran away from but what happens when she meets the sweet and kind Alpha...
What Do You Mean Scent Marking? by Angel_Winchester_177
What Do You Mean Scent Marking? by Angel Dixon Fanfiction
Stiles doesn't notice it at first. Why would he, when he was busy trying to take down a psychotic geriatric with a God complex? Five times someone points out that Stiles...
Satellite Heart (Embry Call Fan Fiction) by haynich07
Satellite Heart (Embry Call Fan Fi... by Hayley Fanfiction
When Lamia Sinclair dreamed of what she wanted to be when she grew up, it never involved slavery. At the age of seven, Lamia was taken by the Volturi, royalty of the vam...
Redolence by lionheartedwolf998
Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward friendship story) by bumblebee_5n4p3
Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward friendshi... by Bianca Fanfiction
'Trust me' takes place at the end of New Moon, and is compatible with the world Stephenie Meyer created except that vampire venom does not kill a wolf. So when Jacob get...
Engulfed By My Possessive Alpha Mate by WhisperingDreams
Engulfed By My Possessive Alpha Ma... by WhisperingDreams Werewolf
Stacy Mist is just your average teenager werewolf only she doesn't like to shift. She just wants to work at her local small town botanical garden while work hard in scho...
What's Left of Me (Jacob Black Fan Fiction) by haynich07
What's Left of Me (Jacob Black Fan... by Hayley Fanfiction
Trying to escape a threat to her life and that of her parents, Danielle is forced to move in with her hot-headed cousin Paul. After a horrible relationship, a boyfriend...
Rejected by CountingCrowsLuver
Rejected by Carly Werewolf
"I'm kicking you out." Valentin's familiar voice broke through my reverie, and I found him glaring at me, with such hate. I didn't think it was possible. Kicki...
Werewolf Bite by Inspireme18
Werewolf Bite by KC Werewolf
Walking into the forest was a big mistake, now Nisela has to pay for the consequences. What will happen when Nislea starts transforming into something she doesn't know...
Philippine Literature in English Compilation of Stories, MIDTERMS. by paumarquina
Philippine Literature in English C... by paumarquina General Fiction
I don't own anything. Uploading this for academe purposes. Thank you and make use of this wisely. Goodluck!
Something In Between {Alec Volturi love story} by demongoddess14
Something In Between {Alec Volturi... by demongoddess14 Teen Fiction
"Alec..." His name was the only word that I could force across the barrier of my lips. The lips that he'd kissed in ways that should be illegal. I tore my soul...
Being a Vampire's Mate by Inspireme18
Being a Vampire's Mate by KC Werewolf
Halyn was dealt a hard life. Being a shapeshifter that belong to no one was real lonely sometimes. When a shifter meet their true mate, they would know instantly because...
The Baynes Legacy- Book 2 - Youth Of The Night by angelwing218
The Baynes Legacy- Book 2 - Youth... by Stacy Romance
Ali thought she was going to have a perfect senior year, and everything was going according to those plans until Rhys showed up. The attraction was instant, but once th...
The Mate Game by insanety
The Mate Game by Teyonna Marie Werewolf
She struggles. She fights. She will do whatever it takes to find and save the one she loves most. The one she was meant to be with. Will she find him? Or will it be to l...
Gashina 「Alastor Moody」| c. by somniatis_
Gashina 「Alastor Moody」| c. by - Ꝛᵴβ - Fanfiction
❝The future had a scent and she knew How to smell it.❞ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Alastor Moody had never been a person, who enjoyed the company of someone else or work with th...
Naughty Haiku /Senryus/Poems by lkrice
Naughty Haiku /Senryus/Poems by LouAnn Romance
Wanting him, he's wanting her....a couple's romantic, erotic thoughts and desires.....and a little teasing and playing thrown in.
The Roommate (Sterek fic) by niallersgirl890
The Roommate (Sterek fic) by horan_styles_097 Fanfiction
Stiles has finally persuaded his dad to let him move out of home and into an apartment. Thing is, he needs a roommate. Rating will go up later! Please give this a chance...