He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins... by Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
  • sealed
  • sloan
  • pure
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Together Forever. by iwontletyoufall
Together Forever. by Kacie
"Together Forever," he breathed out slowly as he intertwined our fingers. "Don't make any promises you can't keep, babe." I reply. He grabs me by my...
  • work
  • thriller
  • brokenheart
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" Even if i ruin you , will you forgive me ? cause i cant live without you " . . . WÁŘŃÎŃG . . . . CRINGE ATTACK TRIGGER ATTACK MATURE CONTENT O(≧▽≦)O ENJO...
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  • haterscandie
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Adopted by Hollywood undead part 2 by unstopable4567
Adopted by Hollywood undead part 2 by unstopable4567
This is the continued to the other book the same story line just in the other book I have reached the limit of parts so i will continue then on this one enjoy
  • charlie
  • hollywood
  • scene
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You Changed Me by dazed_deb
You Changed Me by Deborah
Justin, your typical outgoing scene guy. Loves to party, smoke, drink and hook up. Tiffany your typical sweet shy girl. Loves to stay home read and do homework. Has very...
  • problems
  • snuggling
  • humor
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A Fate Foretold (formerly: A World Gone Mad) by AemiJules
A Fate Foretold (formerly: A World... by Aemi
Ally is on the run. She can't trust anyone and it's more than just her life on the line. Taking a position as the mistress of the future alpha is just a way of biding he...
  • mad
  • ralph
  • spy
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Mein Komisches Leben - Gelabere eines Emo 's  xD by _wolf_heart
Mein Komisches Leben - Gelabere ei... by _wolf_heart
Naiv, Kindisch, Komisch - Das bin ich. Ihr könnt mich einfach Mex nennen ^^ Mein Leben ist nicht sonderlich interessant, aber vielleicht interessiert es ja jemanden xd ...
  • liebe
  • bipolar
  • depressionen
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Under A Dark Cloud by Else_Milch
Under A Dark Cloud by Else_Milch
After finally gaining her freedom, Keira is set off to live on her own out in the open world. Until one night happened to screw it all when she gets entangled with The M...
  • love
  • scene
  • mafia
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On the Verge ~ (Seth Clearwater Imprinting Story) by DimpledMe
On the Verge ~ (Seth Clearwater Im... by Angel
Seth Clearwater doubted his chances of imprinting, until Violet Brown,a selfless girl moves to La Push, bringing along her unpredictable father, a painful empty hole in...
  • baby
  • max
  • wolf
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It Began With A Punch To The Face by __ud__
It Began With A Punch To The Face by _U_
It all began with a punch to the face. Poor Chase gets a black eye by a sexy, hot girl aka Ms Sexy/ Kaycee, they met and trouble begins. Kaycee gets jealous when she s...
  • summer
  • wedding
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Thick Love: A thug love story by Ladyray1994
Thick Love: A thug love story by RavenSimone
  • car
  • thickness
  • thuglove
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Definitely (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction) by snugglinghazza
Definitely (A Niall Horan Fan Fict... by snugglinghazza
[COMPLETED] Brooke Hayes was a typical teenage girl who, like many others, was suffering from an adolescent heartbreak. If you told her that a single trip to Ireland to...
  • time
  • heavy
  • bestie
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Backstage (One Direction) by MeggieEggie
Backstage (One Direction) by MeggieEggie
I glanced up from my iPhone to see a girl with straight black hair throwing herself on Harry Styles. He stumbled back as a security guard grabbed her and pulled her away...
  • louis
  • fiction
  • direction
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The Awakening of the Vampire Princess by MaskedAuthor
The Awakening of the Vampire Princ... by Nina
This princess is about to find out her powers aren't as harmless as they seen. Amber Young was an outcast at school and got badly bullied. Darcy her sister also convince...
  • darcy
  • slut
  • prison
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My Life, My Secrets, My Story (THE LIFEST SERIES BOOK 1) by MysteryWriter96
My Life, My Secrets, My Story (THE... by (It's a) Mystery
There's no reason. No explanation. No scientific function, for what is about to happen. No one knows who, or when or where or why. But it's going to happen. A girl, th...
  • kisses
  • killed
  • intelligent
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That One Mute Girl (#Wattys2014) by TheyCallMeSmile
That One Mute Girl (#Wattys2014) by CheshireSmile
Marisol Marie Nelson is in her Junior year of high school. She has been bullied from the age 8 till now by the bad boy Jacob Chase Matthews. She has been mute ever since...
  • sad
  • wattys2014
  • emo
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Savior:: Frank Iero by Poisonpottorff
Savior:: Frank Iero by Neck Dip
She fell in love with a boy A boy with a few tattoos and a broken heart All copyrights to ©Fuentes101
  • piercetheveil
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  • blackveilbrides
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Stupid. (emo love story) by LitaIsHuman
Stupid. (emo love story) by 💜Lita Gabrielle💜
Kayla is not your typical 14 year old girl. When tragedy strikes her life, she is sent to live with her father. New town, old hatred, cheerleader stepsister. When she ma...
  • emolove
  • emoteen
  • scenelove
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Hope is Rising by elizabeth_megan
Hope is Rising by εℓïzαßê†h
Summer after college, Stephanie Canton's life in Southern California crumbles in front of her. She loses her dream job and her charming boyfriend from college all in the...
  • navy
  • surferboy
  • friends
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тємρтαтιση [GirlxGirl] by BreeBabiee_
тємρтαтιση [GirlxGirl] by • Monroee x
▸ Caution: Mature Scenes ◂ -*-* "It all started with a touch, and that seemed to lead on to so much more... Who would've thought, that somebody you use to call your...
  • mature
  • bisexual
  • content
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