A KingPins BabyMama { Urban Novel } by diamondlovesbooks123
A KingPins BabyMama { Urban Novel }by diamondlovesbooks123
This is Tanya an 16 year old who has all the right curves in all the right places. Tanya's Moms is a junkie who owes a huge debt to a kingpins who could give no fucks if...
  • kingpin
  • miraclewatts
  • druggiemom
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Together Forever. by iwontletyoufall
Together Kacie
"Together Forever," he breathed out slowly as he intertwined our fingers. "Don't make any promises you can't keep, babe." I reply. He grabs me by my...
  • lovestoryintro
  • read
  • depressed
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Say Something 【boyxboy】√Completed by shilohcass
Say Something 【boyxboy】√Completedby Shiloh Cass
Jude doesn't talk. He can't, even when he wants to. They don't want to hear what he has to say, and they only use their words to hurt him. So why even try anymore? Start...
  • gay
  • emo
  • heart
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That One Mute Girl (#Wattys2014) by TheyCallMeSmile
That One Mute Girl (#Wattys2014)by CheshireSmile
Marisol Marie Nelson is in her Junior year of high school. She has been bullied from the age 8 till now by the bad boy Jacob Chase Matthews. She has been mute ever since...
  • funny
  • sad
  • school
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More To Love, More To Play (MxFxM) by Naughty_Temptations
More To Love, More To Play (MxFxM)by Naughty_Temptations
Luna who has been isolated her whole life is finally out to fend for herself. It isnt long before Ryker Deville finds her and saves her. She goes to live with Ryker and...
  • threesome
  • love
  • sexualfantasy
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EMO boyfriend Scenarios by thebasketcasevalues
EMO boyfriend Scenariosby AugustFrogge
the guys are just being their goofy selves
  • scenarios
  • prefrences
  • scene
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Absurd (BTS X CROSSDRESSER) by shaWarmy90
You've always dreamt of becoming an idol but...not like this.
  • kpop
  • bts
  • rm
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Stories on wattpad, that will make you salivate =) by countrypumpkin
Stories on wattpad, that will denise
Not recommended for very young age. These are suggested stories. I am not the one who made the stories, I just love them and I want you to love them too. Share the...
  • scene
  • romance
  • kiss
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I Hate You (Andy Biersack Fanfic) by aestheticbloodstream
I Hate You (Andy Biersack Fanfic)by Crybaby
  • music
  • fanfic
  • jakepitts
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Stupid. (emo love story) by LitaIsHuman
Stupid. (emo love story)by 💜Lita Gabrielle💜
Kayla is not your typical 14 year old girl. When tragedy strikes her life, she is sent to live with her father. New town, old hatred, cheerleader stepsister. When she ma...
  • scenelove
  • scene
  • emoteen
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Say Hello to the Past (CSI fanfiction) by itsbrandirose
Say Hello to the Past (CSI Brandi
Nick Stokes works for the CSI in Las Vegas, Nevada. His team is his family, and he loves his family back home in Texas. Everyone says that Nick is a ladies' man, but wha...
  • csi
  • fanfiction
  • brass
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Saving Kristian boyxboy by ashleyfagtastic
Saving Kristian boyxboyby ashleyfagtastic
Kristian is a 16 year old boy he gets bullied in school abused at home by his drug addict parents and the only person he can trust is Ella. He doesn't talk to anyone but...
  • emo
  • love
  • gay
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Emo BoyFriend Scenario's  by told-youso
Emo BoyFriend Scenario's by ❤️Nikki ❤️
R E W R I T I N G !!NO MORE HIATUS!! get ready to be sucked into the world of fake boyfriend scenarios wishing they actually happened to you, they won't be this shitty...
  • kawaii
  • scenarios
  • boyfriend
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Jimin Imagines by yoonminhopee
Jimin Imaginesby adri ☆
Feel free to DM me some requests. My DM's are always open. Have fun reading.
  • sonyeondan
  • kpop
  • cute
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Dangerous Love [Grethan] by lovethedolansge
Dangerous Love [Grethan]by lovethedolansge
Ethan and Grayson lose virginity to each other. - lovethedolansge© - completed 2017 - trigger warnings: -swearing -sexual encounters -homosexuality -incest
  • shipping
  • explicit
  • twins
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SCENE~ Zen x Reader by SaeyoungGodSeven
SCENE~ Zen x Readerby
You are a princess, but no one knows about it, even Zen. Only your parents, for sure, are the only ones who knows about your true identity. But when your identity is not...
  • 707
  • thestart
  • yoosung
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Your Heart Strings (Yoongi x Reader fanfic) by -An9e1-
Your Heart Strings (Yoongi x -An9e1-
I'm gonna do my best to pull your heartstrings, but honestly if you're in love with Suga, your heartstrings have already been pulled from all the other fanfiction lol I'...
  • yoongi
  • fire
  • bangtansonyeondan
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rant book pt 2 by ThatGayyGoth
rant book pt 2by Ehren 💜😝💀
just like my other book.
  • lgbt
  • scene
  • poetry
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Emo Mate by higoodbyehi
Emo Mateby higoodbyehi
Sebastian is the son of the astound werewolf king, alpha of the eastern woodland pack. With all of the expectations from his father and his pack to take the throne he fl...
  • drugs
  • emo
  • werewolf
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Lemons!Hollywood Undead Memebers X Reader by Lucy-Scarlet
Lemons!Hollywood Undead Memebers Lucy-Scarlet
To all Lemons fans We have read Creppypasta and Anime Lemon but never before a Hollywood undead Lemon(I might be wrong but I might be right) me and my undead friend the...
  • anime
  • johnny
  • romance
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