Million Reasons ▷ P. PARKER [2] by starfragment
Million Reasons ▷ P. PARKER [2] by ˗ˏˋOG Satanˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❝she's not the kind who needs saving. she became her own knight in shining armor. she forged her own sword and put on her own armor. she stepped into the flames with no...
Avengers Imagines & Preferences by -Marvelicious-
Avengers Imagines & Preferences by -Marvelicious- Fanfiction
Includes • Steve • Tony • Thor • Bruce • Natasha • Clint • Pietro • Wanda • Bucky • Peter • Loki Please vote, and comment it would mean a lot to me Thank you xox...
Crystal Stark Is Her Name by agent_stark
Crystal Stark Is Her Name by Heasell O'Brien Fanfiction
In 1996 May 29, Crystalline Jolene Stark was born. Tony Stark knew that his little girl will be the princess of everything and him being king with his lovely wife, Monic...
Includes Steve, Tony, Bruce, Clint, Thor, loki, bucky, natasha, wanda and pietro. Comment preferences and new characters. Writen by Dreamez Evelyn Instagram: @Clarafora...
Saving Her | one by hellastokingspunjahh
Saving Her | one by haiiirreeeyyy Fanfiction
Rose Nelson is living what she thinks is a normal life when her boyfriend cheats on her. Her apartment door reveals a life changing decision; taking a dangerous adventur...
Magic: Clint Barton✓ by WildFireHeartx
Magic: Clint Barton✓ by Bunny 🐰 Fanfiction
"She's mad but she's magic There's no lie in her fire." - Charles Bukowski Pre-The Avengers, Pre-Avengers Age of Ultron-Avengers: Age of Ultron. ...
Avengers Oneshots by slothyllama
Avengers Oneshots by slothyllama Fanfiction
Just oneshots and imagines, all having to do with the Avengers :)
PAIN ♕ TONY STARK by viiixens
PAIN ♕ TONY STARK by papi . Fanfiction
Avengers Preferences by -gummyyoongi
Avengers Preferences by Af Fanfiction
-Requests are closed-
Marvel Preferences | gifs by robinnstark
Marvel Preferences | gifs by Robin ♕ Random
Marvel preferences, gifs. x female reader - Bruce Banner - Bucky Barnes - Clint Barton - Loki Laufeyson - Natasha Romanoff - Peggy Carter - Peter Parker - Pietro Maximo...
The Avengers Parents Preferences by Andy_The_Narwhal
The Avengers Parents Preferences by Andy Carpenter Fanfiction
After the battle of New York and Sokovia the Avengers decided to settle down and start their own family's. These are stories about you being one of their kiddos.
Run Fast and Far by Foreversfangirl
Run Fast and Far by Bree Fanfiction
Daphne Larkspur is probably one of the strangest heroes you'll ever meet. She's a metamorphmagus shapeshifting nephilim who is a resident at the Avengers Tower in New Yo...
Painted in Crimson ⇨ P. Maximoff by -jamesbarnes
Painted in Crimson ⇨ P. Maximoff by jenna Fanfiction
Rosalind Romanoff has been given many names throughout her life. But the one that peaked the interest of many was the name 'Crimson'. Rumours had spread about how she ha...
Interrupted ~ Sebastian Stan  by blairallenqueen
Interrupted ~ Sebastian Stan by B L A I R Fanfiction
Part two to dark necessities
August →Sebastian Stan by wintersbucky
August →Sebastian Stan by AALIYAH Fanfiction
"I love you" "Lol, you wild" {Mostly Social Media} In which an actress named August falls for a guy named Sebastian.
Marvel Imagines And One-Shots || Part Two by Agent_Anna
Marvel Imagines And One-Shots || P... by Capsicle Fanfiction
The title says all! *Tony Stark* *Bucky Barnes* *Loki Laufeyson* *Thor Odinson* *Natasha Romanoff* *Pietro Maximoff* *Wanda Maximoff* *Steven Rogers* *Clint Barton* *Bru...
What Now Barnes ? • Bucky Barnes  by TheBouquetOfRosemary
What Now Barnes ? • Bucky Barnes by G x Fanfiction
[UNDER RECONSTRUCTION] Sargent James Buchanan Barnes, or previously known as the Winter Soldier, is a secretly an Avenger. But hiding in Iron Mans' top-secret facility g...
Marvel Imagines & Preferences *Complete* by Captain_Crybaby
Marvel Imagines & Preferences *Com... by S.H.I.E.L.D Fanfiction
Includes Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes Natasha Romanoff Wanda Maximoff Sam Wilson Tony Stark Bruce Banner Thor Loki Clint Barton Scott Lang
The Avengers x Reader by CaraSydney
The Avengers x Reader by ☁︎ Cara Rogers ☁︎ Fanfiction
Hey guys! This is just a collection of one-shots and imagines featuring an Avenger and you, the reader! This is my first story, so I apologize for any mistakes haha. I h...
Target Heart|| Civil War Fanfiction by thegirlwhoswriting
Target Heart|| Civil War Fanfiction by Bree Fanfiction
Olivia Stone aka Gem Stone is the one person you don't ever want to mess with. Smart, funny, sarcastic, you'd think she was normal. Except for the fact that she's 103, a...