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Time Time seals the words on our lips, all our promises kept or broken; time, tames the pride of our mind, rusts all wheels that we set in motion; it freezes the famous actors in mid-line, the audience in mid-applause; a rocking-horse sea of flame peels the gilding from our floating memories - just empty picture frames, blowing back from future deserts, bearing grit which once was a mountain, fingering the leaves of our days, combing our hair with its silver. Where now the horse? Where now the bright rider? Dust in a shaft of sun, dancing to the blackbird's notes in the springtime. Time, just a rune on a stone, cut by an unknown soldier, time, a fading diary left to mould when the auction's over. Costumes and accents change, but deep within as the centuries slowly unfold, the rooms of our hearts are yet brimming with all the songs we ever were, our hopes and fears unchanged, calling out from time unceasing: 'Peace within, a place of reflection, distilling the juice of our days, to sip from the spirit of a silence. Where now the horse? Where now the bright rider? Dust in a shaft of sun, dancing to the blackbird's notes in the springtime... (Written circa 1983, as a song for an interlude in a school presentation of the history of this town.) Gifts and Shards 1, Gifts and Shards 2, Under the Wings, Crunchy Fluff and Presents in parallel - also Voyagers, Winter Trails, February and Beyond, (Beyond begun then), Bare Shouldered, Walls Fall, Free, Keep the Home Fires Burning, Foible Fables, Gong's Anatomy of Waves (for what it is worth), Hurry Slowly, Greenclad, Compass, Wintering, Clarion, Abacus, Winterglint.
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Brian K. Henry is the author of the fantasy novel HOUSE OF PRENSION and sci-fi novel SPACE COMMAND AND THE PLANET OF THE BEJEWELLED CONCUBINES, as well as the story collection SPACE COMMAND AND THE PLANETS OF DOOM. Primarily a writer of comedy and satire, Brian has also completed seven comedy screenplays, (including ZAK BEDFORD, PUNK DETECTIVE option to Feldco Development), several collaborations with punk-cabaret duo The Tyrants in Therapy and numerous short stories, sketches and, of course, tweets. A California native and longtime Pasadena resident, Henry holds a PhD. in English from UC Riverside and a MA from CSU Fullerton. Henry�s dissertation focused on the works of Henry James, Nabokov, and Poe. Other literary favorites include Don DeLillo, Mark Twain, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Follow his contributions to the twitter world at and become a friend on Facebook at To purchase e-books, check out the Amazon author page at Get Space Command and the Planet of the Bejewelled Concubines at Amazon or at Smashwords: House of Prension is also available at Smashwords: Visit my smashwords author page at
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I hope you enjoy my stories. Don't feel shy to let me know of mistakes I've made in my writing... from edits to facts and anywhere in between. I will take all of the free advice that I'm given ;)
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OTHER: ● graphics examples: ● nanowrimo: ● camp nanowrimo: ● thread: AWESOME PEOPLE: ● kat ● avriale ● karo ● sanjeet ● taylor ● jude ● lena
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Suka menulis satire saja, entah kenapa. Merasa cocok aja sih
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Hello and welcome to you, whoever and wherever you are. My name is Stephen, I'm 43 years old and I live in Cambridge, UK, with my wife and two teenage children. What is such a tired, ancient relic doing on Wattpad I hear you ask? Well, truth be told, I came on here to see if I could get some feedback on 'School Spirit 1989', a book that I'd written and, as the reviews received so far has been mind-blowingly positive, I'm very glad I signed up. School Spirit 1989 This is an "incredibly funny" romantic comedy- a will they/won't they epic set across the entirety of the year. Don't listen to me though, read the feedback from people who've finished it: @JustCurious13 commented, "I loved School Spirit 1989. It was incredibly funny, dark and real." @leannew94 commented, "I can't believe it's over. This story was so incredible that I can't even begin to describe how much I fell in love with it. It had everything I've ever wanted in a book all rolled into one and I've been enthralled every moment." @notafairyprincess commented, "I think this is one of the stories I will read and re-read again and again." @GolgappaKnowsItAll commented, "I thought it was a wonderful story. The best part was that it was all believable...In all, it was the best bitter-sweet experience I ever had :-)." @happygirl1 commented, "I enjoyed the whole book. It's light-hearted, with lots of humor and just a touch of absurdity :-)....though I did have tears in my eyes occasionally. . ." @SoullessDaydream commented, "A wonderful story." Marvin Travolta: The Urban Legend The sequel to School Spirit 1989. I'm writing this on the hoof, and, for clarity, that means I'm publishing as I go, not that I'm taking a fountain pen to a deer's foot ;-). It will be subject to revision and, if I don't do a good enough job, derision. There's some other stuff on here- mainly random humorous writing. #nomorehashtags
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× Wer ich bin × Im Herzen ein Kind, ein wenig verrückt, mit verdammt viel Spaß am Leben und einer ewigen Liebe zu melancholischen Texten. Versuche, das zu sagen, was alle denken und bleibe doch auf ewig eine Rebellin, so anders als all die andern. × Warum ich schreibe × Die Worte sind mein Pfad in längst vergessene Welten. Sie erzählen Geschichten, die wie Schall verhallten, nichts als die Erinnerung bleibt. Nachts streicheln die Träume sanft meine Seele, verschwinden ohne weitere Worte. Ich jage ihnen hinterher, doch finde nichts als ewige Finsternis. Die Phantasie ist mein größtes Geschenk, sie macht mich zum Schöpfer meiner bunten Welt in tiefster Nacht. Wir alle sind Licht und Dunkelheit zugleich, denn gar die nichtigsten Worte verleihen uns die Fähigkeit, alles und nichts zu sein - zur selben Zeit. Ich renn' mit Stift und Papier den einzig richtigen Worten hinterher, nur um sie wieder zu verlieren und bis in alle Ewigkeit nach ihnen zu suchen. × Meine Welt × Ein Leben voller Widersprüche. Eine Jagd ohne Jäger, ein Gefängnis ohne Wächter, ein Herrscher ohne Untertanen. Eine verlorene Seele auf einem vergessenen Planeten. Willkommen in meiner Welt, in der nichts ist, wie es scheint. × Wo ihr mich finden könnt × Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: xleexm × Interviews mit mir ×
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»Bevor diese Nacht vorüber ist, werde ich euch beweisen, einem nach dem anderen, dass ihr alle Monster seid, genau wie ich.« Gabriel ist... - ein messerscharfer Kritiker - nicht zimperlich - ein Zyniker - ein Kontrollfreak - ein "Bad Style"-Killer ~ ~ ~ ~ Mails bitte an meinen Haupt-Account: @PhobosEscanor Sonst gehen die unter, ich bin nicht oft hier ^^
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Greetings, to the people who are reading this. How goes it? I'm a semi-aspiring author, who is usually busy exploring new genres. If you're looking for a parody that mocks most things, check out: 'The mis-adventures of (a) Main Character.' Let's see, hobbies... I can whistle really well? Hence my username. I aspire to be on par with Geert Chatrou, but have resigned to my fate as an above par whistler. More hobbies? Reading, obviously; finding new music on Pandora; recently, I made the grave mistake of keeping my Netflix account past its 30-day free trial, so my writing productivity has dropped to a virtual zero. I have more pictures of Link than myself in my room, so this might indicate a slight Zelda obsession. In my free time (read: when I'm not on Netflix or asleep) I'm either writing or working out how to play the ukulele. Bragging rights: -Winner of Total Write Out -Good luck charm of unsubstantiated origins Reading Log: (read: the last three books that I've finished) The City - Stella Gemmell The Wishsong of Shannara - Terry Brooks We were Liars - E. Lockhart "A writer is a world trapped in a person." Victor Hugo
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Don't be scared. I'm just a sadistic sociopath with homicidal tendencies. Follow me if you want to live! :D Anyway, my writings mostly fall under transgressive fiction, satire, and black comedy. In case you don't know what transgressive fiction is: Transgressive fiction is a genre of literature that focuses on characters who feel confined by the norms and expectations of society and who break free of those confines in unusual or illicit ways. Because they are rebelling against the basic norms of society, protagonists of transgressive fiction may seem mentally ill, anti-social, or nihilistic.