| SasuNaru Pics | by Luv4ever1121
| SasuNaru Pics | by Sasuke's Wife Random
Beware of smut and lemon pics. If you want to see more follow @the-tragic-lovers on tumblr she posts SasuNaruSasu pics daily. P.S. I don't like self promo but you can...
Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story by _izoy_
Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story by Isabelle Fanfiction
HIGHEST RANK: #671 in Fanfiction "You know, the thing about failure is that it only makes me want to try harder." . . Minato and Kush...
The Truth (Sasunaru) by infolol
The Truth (Sasunaru) by Brianna Fanfiction
Sooo.....I got this idea from a pice of a dojin I found...I'll put the that if you guys know who made it I'll give them credit. This takes pla...
Sincerely devoted ( sasunaru ) by RoseriaValeria
Sincerely devoted ( sasunaru ) by Valeria Roseria Fanfiction
After the celebrity, Sasuke Uchiha saw me once, he announced on national television that he was offering one million dollars for anyone would knew information about me...
Then There Was Nothing(SasuNaru) by Olive_Dreams
Then There Was Nothing(SasuNaru) by Anime boi Fanfiction
Naruto is found naked and beaten in the woods and nobody knows why. When depression starts to consume him, he grows too weak for fighting and gives up his dream to becom...
The Neglected Shinobi by Mystic_Nightmare
The Neglected Shinobi by Mystic_Nightmare Fanfiction
What if Naruto's parents were alive? What if he had a brother and sister? What if his parents neglected him for his siblings? What if Naruto wasn't the idiot, mistake, a...
young Anbu (sasunaru) by anna-fanfic-lover-02
young Anbu (sasunaru) by fanfic queen Fanfiction
Naruto became a anbu when he was 5 years old and was abandoned by his parents when he was 8 because of that he had lots of training time he also has the ninetailed beast...
Obstacles 🌸(Sasunaru) by Otaku529
Obstacles 🌸(Sasunaru) by Jam ( ̄∇ ̄) Fanfiction
You're gonna have to read to figure out. I don't own the cover photo, and I don't own the characters....just the plot. Thanks and Enjoy🌸 Oh, and P.S Warning: explicit...
SasuNaru (SasukexNaruto) Fanfic by a909190
SasuNaru (SasukexNaruto) Fanfic by a909190 Fanfiction
This story takes place after the 1st chunin exams. If you would, please check out the anime... It's great, and if you haven't seen it, there will contain some spoilers.
back to school by Akuma_no_josei
back to school by Akuma_no_josei Random
in middle school Sasuke was very popular. all of the girls fangirled over him and all the boy were jealous of him or also liked him. but sasuke was always distant and ne...
The Boy by kitsnake
The Boy by Siren Fanfiction
Uchiha Sasuke gets a rude awakening when a little boy arrives at his office with a note saying "It's time to be a father bastard..." Is this a joke? Nope, its...
Our Little Secrets by Royal-Rose
Our Little Secrets by Royal~Rose Fanfiction
Chunin Exams are coming, and Team 7 had been nominated to be in it. A 12 year old Uzumaki Naruto had a secret. She was actually a girl, that's not all. Naruto and Uchih...
Untold emotion by naruto_fan23
Untold emotion by naruto_fan23 Fanfiction
what if Sasuke finally understand Naruto's feelings about their relationship but is it too late to fix
From Sensei to Daddy☽Kakashi x Reader☾ by chibi_moon_doggo
From Sensei to Daddy☽Kakashi x Rea... by Mizuki🌙 Fanfiction
Ever since you'd been lately assigned to Squad 7, you'd had a small crush on Kakashi-Sensei, even though you'd only seen his left eye you knew he was a hot and worth the...
Mi pequeño problema •sasunaru• by dettebayo
Mi pequeño problema •sasunaru• by dettebayo Fanfiction
La cuarta guerra ninja termino y Sasuke se fue a su viaje de rendición pero ay un pequeño problema y ese pequeño problema resulta ser el ninja más hiperactivo y sorpren...
Alpha's Mate (Sasunaru) by crazyfreakdeath
Alpha's Mate (Sasunaru) by crazyfreakdeath Fanfiction
Naruto is an omega who lives in a very poor condition and who does not let anyone mate him but what happens when an injured alpha takes advantage of him
Sasunaru pics  by Naomikitsune
Sasunaru pics by NaomiKitsune Random
Some random and funny Sasunaru pics I encountered on the internet...
I'm Not Him by HotaruBlUee
I'm Not Him by Hotaru BlUe Fanfiction
Selesai. Sasunaru fanfiction Naruto©Masashi Kishimoto I'm not him©Hotarublue Sinopsis: Naruto dan Kyuubi adalah saudara kembar. Mereka bersahabat dengan Sasuke. ...
Sasunaru Pics! by Pshyco_Reader
Sasunaru Pics! by Psycho-Reader Fanfiction
Literally the title I don't own any of the picture
The King's Lost Bride (sasunaru) by misania_chan
The King's Lost Bride (sasunaru) by misa_chan Fanfiction
Naruto was in class learning about the legend of the king's lost bride when he and Sasuke looked up and saw pictures of each other in weird clothing's from the past(thei...