Mr And Mrs Accidental [Completed] by xTheStrawberryBratx
Mr And Mrs Accidental [Completed] by 📷Mads📷 Humor
~Highest Rank #6 in Humor~ Completed. Look this is going to sound horrible but there's no moral lesson in this story. Okay maybe the fact that don't drink at a party an...
Cinderella my Ass by Freaking-Weirdo
Cinderella my Ass by Weirdos Stand Up Humor
Highest rank #2 in humor "Aren't you scared that you might fall?" I asked him. I noticed in darkness his lips tugging up in a smile. "No." "Wh...
Silently Falling by EverlarkCatoniss
Silently Falling by Liz Teen Fiction
*Completed as of September 6, 2016* *Highest Ranking: #1 in Teen Fiction :)* "Sunshine, what guy do you know has a weird fetish with sign language?" She's th...
A Sass a Day Keeps the Bad Boy Away by sol_valente
A Sass a Day Keeps the Bad Boy Away by Sol Valente Teen Fiction
(Completed) Top Rank: #38 IN TEEN FICTION ★ Winner of the Book Nook Awards 2017: 1st Place★ ★ Winner of the Dreamcatcher Awards: 1st Place ★ ★ Winner of the Craze Awar...
200 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Mind IV by _internet_queen_
200 Amazing Facts To Blow Your Min... by ⓔⓜⓘⓛⓨ Random
Just a bunch of random facts. *may contain memes*
Control The Beat ((Book #1)) by CailinSpraoi
Control The Beat ((Book #1)) by Cailín™ Humor
May Riley was trouble. Her parents knew it, her friends knew it, hell even she knew it! They all said she cared about nothing. That she needed to learn some self c...
Sarcasm 101 by _live_to_laugh_
Sarcasm 101 by LLL Random
A book of sarcastic comebacks and phrases that I hope you can use in the future. Enjoy :) A taste of what's in this book: Random Person" What are you doing here!?&q...
I'll Be There by jennagrace__
I'll Be There by jenna Teen Fiction
"It's okay," he murmured softly. He pulled my body closer to his, kissing my forehead sweetly. "It's okay." Finley Blake. Daughter of Georgia...
Percy Jackson || Son Of Artemis by gleek_demigod
Percy Jackson || Son Of Artemis by Sassy Blue Fanfiction
"You lose." I gritted. She didn't answer but her eyes went large. Everybody has the same expression on their faces, especially Chiron. What the Hades i...
How Tiresome by ohfionn
How Tiresome by B.R.M Teen Fiction
[ WAS 'You Done Bad Boy' !!!!!] "how Tiresome." I whisper to him, "....What does that mean?" He asks, looking at me questioningly, "No wonder Mr...
Welcome To Hell Boys  by Nadineat2
Welcome To Hell Boys by Nadine AT Humor
Imagine this ~ you think that you are sleeping in your comfortable bed, next to your 3 years old brother who's so cozy and warm, but you open your eyes to see 3 hot, sex...
INDIAN THINGS by itzyourhighness
INDIAN THINGS by Damon Salvatore Random
i n d i a n t h i n g s Highest #3 in random Highest #24 in humor My book of stranger things that happens only in India.
Help Me Hotline | ✓ by droptops_
Help Me Hotline | ✓ by kristen Short Story
"Hello?" "Hello and welcome to help me hotline. How may I help you?" "I have a serious problem." "Uh huh, what is it?" "Um...
When You Walked In by tea_bag_
When You Walked In by ❤️❤️❤️ Humor
Sarcastic, clumsy 19 year old Ava Dawson moves to California to start afresh from her past only to be intertwined with cold yet warm hearted billionaire Kaison who also...
Smooth Sailing | ✓ by papersplanes
Smooth Sailing | ✓ by jamilah Humor
❝"Are you deaf?" "No," he shook his head, shrugging. "But I am blind."❞ *** MEET LILA: A perfectionist a...
Becoming Beautiful (Wattys2014) by istolethecookiez
Becoming Beautiful (Wattys2014) by Caitlin W. Romance
Kennedy (Kenna) isn't known for her beauty. She's never been complimented on her appearance unless being called beautiful by your family counts, and to Kenna- it doesn't...
His Hoodie by leewest_1124
His Hoodie by Lee West Werewolf
HE MADE HER HEART SMILE... ...AND SHE WAS THE REASON HE DID. After moving to a new town, Wynter Whitman wants to get her senior year of high school done and over with. S...
All Guns Are Loaded  by Freaking-Weirdo
All Guns Are Loaded by Weirdos Stand Up Action
Highest renk #37 in Action Sequel of "Protecting the Bad Boy" ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? ¿? "Hi! I'm Axel Hunt." Is it possible that...
Are We Different? (Boyxboy) [editing] by Astrocat789
Are We Different? (Boyxboy) [editi... by Call Me Tyler Adventure
Leo is an extraterrestrial who blew up Mars one to many times. Now he is sent to Earth on a little... break. On earth he meets a clumsy boy named Mark and his best frien...
The Female Bodyguard by Jing-Yi
The Female Bodyguard by Jing Yi Teen Fiction
"You have to stop doing that." "Stop doing what?" "Saying things that makes me want to kiss you when I can't."    Planning to prove all...