To Save A Slave (Neymar Jr) by JaneBoueri
To Save A Slave (Neymar Jr) by Jayn
Emily , 19 years old slave in an auction where men come and choose their personal slaves . There was something different about her that made no man buy her. Until one s...
  • fiction
  • book
  • auction
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La seleccion Mexicana prefrences  by karenru1z
La seleccion Mexicana prefrences by Kun-kun
Ft. Chicharito, Diego Reyes, raul Jimenez, Giovani dos santos and Hector moreno
  • diegoreyes
  • dos
  • mexico
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Dream by Ameliarocky
Dream by Ameliarocky
My name is Sarah Zor-el and I am here to save the Middleworld from the Santos. I am a seeker, and the last one alive. My spirit creature is a cougar which helps me in di...
  • santos
  • bloodshed
  • warrior
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Girl with a broken smile by CARIALP
Girl with a broken smile by Riaa
A girl with a broken smile, she thought she could be happy, but destiny is so selfish for her.
  • alyloony
  • jonaxx
  • knightinblack
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Complicated. (Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior FanFiction) by mystoriesxxx
Complicated. (Oscar dos Santos Emb... by mystoriesxxx
Complicated. Yes that word matches perfectly the situation I am in. But first, let me introduce myself to you guys. My name is Taléia de Lima. I'm 21 years old, curren...
  • james
  • brazil
  • oscardossantosemboaba
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Nothing is imposible by mina_NY
Nothing is imposible by mina_NY
U ovoj prici se radi o mom zivotu,drustvu momcima...Govori ustvari o tome kako nam je svima srce.nekad bilo slomljeno i u nama probudilo neku losu stranu.koja je do tad...
  • milana
  • anakola123
  • ana
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stars of gods by elSEBsword
stars of gods by elSEBsword
hola, este es mi primer libro y la primera parte de mi saga "stars of gods"... soy nuevo y pues espero que sea de su agrado. la historia de por si trata de Ray...
  • anime
  • romance
  • armageddon
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Chasing Him by jjoycies
Chasing Him by jjoycies
  • chasinghim
  • villamonte
  • elena
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Aqui encontraran informacion sobre los Santos de Oro algunos datos, fanfics, curiocidades, caracteristicas, etc. Espero que sea de su agrado PD: todos lo fics que a...
  • saintseiya
  • caballeros
  • dorados
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One Shots. x (Football&Music) by mystoriesxxx
One Shots. x (Football&Music) by mystoriesxxx
Dear Readers. <3 I decided to write some one shots x Because sometimes I have problems with writing further on my stories - and I get random ideas to write something...
  • morata
  • alvaromorata
  • alvaro
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Alvorada (Overwatch Fanfiction) by Infinite_Galaxies817
Alvorada (Overwatch Fanfiction) by ~ Skye ~ Inactive ~
Alvorada: Dawn Dawn dɔːn/ noun noun: dawn; plural noun: dawns 1. the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. "he set off at dawn" synonyms: dayb...
  • overwatch
  • lucio
  • lucio-centric
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Be With You (On-Going) by beurlayt
Be With You (On-Going) by biáncs🌸
Who are we? December 1, 2017. :---)
  • romance
  • santos
  • cervantes
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Sparks Fly (Neymar Jr. Fanfic) by neymar2010
Sparks Fly (Neymar Jr. Fanfic) by ✨Maryam✨
My name is Ariel Messi. Yes I am Leo Messi's sister. My life is like any other 21 year old girl. I have a job, apartment, and a car. I am telling you a story about a lit...
  • love
  • junior
  • santos
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Cause and Effect by TBNRCharizard
Cause and Effect by Jordyn | XIX [SDMN]
"One thing you should know about me is that I play games to win them." Alexis Sanchez/Neymar Jr.
  • footballers
  • granit
  • henry
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Ponad chmurami! /Zakończona by Martynka0808
Ponad chmurami! /Zakończona by Wronka_08
Część 1: Życie Kamili komplikuje się z dnia na dzień. Wyjazd na studia. Poznanie Andrzeja. Ucieczka. Wypadek.Porwanie.Kamil który znów wraca do jej życia. Zagmatwania mi...
  • santos
  • siatkówka
  • wolność
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My Boss Is My Ex-Boyfriend by sweetwritter00
My Boss Is My Ex-Boyfriend by mykhll kht
Kung alam mong hindi mo na kaya ihinto mo na, wag kang magpapakatanga sa taong hindi deserving sayo. Si Laine Garcia ay isa sa mga naloko at nasaktan ngunit hindi niya i...
  • caine
  • garcía
  • santos
Secret Psycho||Neymar Junior by themisinnemesis
Secret Psycho||Neymar Junior by Debby Jacqueline
•02.09.2016• -Kitap, "Phone Psycho" isimli kitabın uyarlamasıdır. ••• ❝Sen olmazsan eğer...
  • neymarjr
  • neymar
  • barcelona
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Un loco halloween by lasdami
Un loco halloween by lasdami :3
freddy organiza una fiesta de disfraces por halloween y invitaron a todos los estudiantes y resulta y pasa que fred quiere un poco de diversión y de vez en cuando decid...
  • fnafhs
  • locuras
  • todos
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Nikada nije kasno. by Cupava21
Nikada nije kasno. by Cupava21
Pogledao sam u daljinu i video nju kako odlazi, vučeći kofer sa sobom, onako sva slomljena i puna bola. Tada sam shvatio. Otišla je. Jel stvarno kasno za neke stvari? J...
  • junior
  • silva
  • santos
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Undercover by PrSpikes
Undercover by princess
Ava Rameriez, who's real name is Angel Johnson is going to infiltrate herself into Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro life, but why? Read to find out.
  • cr7
  • santos
  • realmadrid
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