Marcelo's Quotes and Advice by AestheticTigre
Marcelo's Quotes and Adviceby DC-ling-a-ling
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Broken Girl Meets Broken Boy by directionerac0
Broken Girl Meets Broken Boyby yolo
On dit qu'un cœur brisé qui un jour aime à nouveau est quelque chose de magnifique et de fort, mais personne a dit que c'était simple ou indolore. Luia (Lou i a) Pare...
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Ang Wish Ko Ay Ikaw - Chapter 17 by RepublikaNgTM
Ang Wish Ko Ay Ikaw - Chapter 17by Republika ng TM
Written by Marcelo Santos III and TM Goal Getter Deo Israel.
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Game on, Twombly||Stuart Twombly by xthe-dreamerx
Game on, Twombly||Stuart Twomblyby Lauren
Holland Brown has been dreaming of working at Google ever since she laid eyes on the site. So, when she sees the add of the internship program that's happening over the...
  • yo-yo
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La seleccion Mexicana prefrences  by karenru1z
La seleccion Mexicana prefrences by Kun-kun
Ft. Chicharito, Diego Reyes, raul Jimenez, Giovani dos santos and Hector moreno
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Aqui encontraran informacion sobre los Santos de Oro algunos datos, fanfics, curiocidades, caracteristicas, etc. Espero que sea de su agrado PD: todos lo fics que a...
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My Boss Is My Ex-Boyfriend by sweetwritter00
My Boss Is My Ex-Boyfriendby mykhll kht
Kung alam mong hindi mo na kaya ihinto mo na, wag kang magpapakatanga sa taong hindi deserving sayo. Si Laine Garcia ay isa sa mga naloko at nasaktan ngunit hindi niya i...
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Teen Mom  by beyonce_harmony
Teen Mom by Sarai Kordei
Lauren Jauregui is a soon to be teen mom who just arrived to New York to start a new life. Camila Cabello her New York cousin is her only hope at a new school to hopeful...
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DÉPAYSEMENT ⛭ OCS by lalaland1102
❝ The world is a mystical place. Deep trenches of gold, caves of diamond, and glittering stars in the dome of the night sky.❞ ⛭⛭...
  • vampire
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Need You Now ( Neymar Jr) by Neyney1o1
Need You Now ( Neymar Jr)by Neyney1o1
Lea was an ordinary girl who loved to live in the world of books. She didn't make much friends as books were all that mattered. But one night when she met a pair of ha...
  • njr11
  • romance
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We Always Were by Mamanduhh
We Always Wereby Amandzy
Sachi Ayozawa, Gin and Gian Diteoseo are childhood friends and they live in Shishiko Street. Sachi's mom is half British half Filipino and her dad is Japanese. She loves...
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The Alpha King of the Forest  by Breezy199467
The Alpha King of the Forest by Brianne Armstrong
Prince and Brianna was best friends since childhood. But when time comes Prince had to make her as his mate also protect her from vampires and Tekkan Wolves Packs becau...
  • jacobperez
  • raquan
  • santos
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Mako Mermaids: After It All by gabby_dabbymagnifice
Mako Mermaids: After It Allby #gabby_dabby #magnificent
After the dragon was defeated, and Nerissa went back to her family, Mako Mermaids was left on a cliffhanger. Ondina went with Weilan back to Shanghai to reform the Easte...
  • zac
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stars of gods by elSEBsword
stars of godsby elSEBsword
hola, este es mi primer libro y la primera parte de mi saga "stars of gods"... soy nuevo y pues espero que sea de su agrado. la historia de por si trata de Ray...
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Nikada nije kasno. by Cupava21
Nikada nije Cupava21
Pogledao sam u daljinu i video nju kako odlazi, vučeći kofer sa sobom, onako sva slomljena i puna bola. Tada sam shvatio. Otišla je. Jel stvarno kasno za neke stvari? J...
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Kids ❮Neymar Jr.❯  by njrbabe
Kids ❮Neymar Jr.❯ by njrbabe
"No way. Is that him?" My sister asked me quietly looking to her left. I followed her gaze and my eyes landed on an unfamiliar person. He was tall, muscular, y...
  • usa
  • neymar
  • ney
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Ponad chmurami! /Zakończona by Martynka0808
Ponad chmurami! /Zakończonaby Wronka_08
Część 1: Życie Kamili komplikuje się z dnia na dzień. Wyjazd na studia. Poznanie Andrzeja. Ucieczka. Wypadek.Porwanie.Kamil który znów wraca do jej życia. Zagmatwania mi...
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Cause and Effect by TBNRCharizard
Cause and Effectby Jordyn | XIX [SDMN]
"One thing you should know about me is that I play games to win them." Alexis Sanchez/Neymar Jr.
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 Trevor Philips GTA 5/V X OC/reader by Ihtsorfime
Trevor Philips GTA 5/V X OC/readerby Mar 🌸
A Trevor Philips x Original OC fanfiction.
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