The Bride Of Krampus (Yandere! Krampus x Shy & Mute OC) by rappgirl2014
The Bride Of Krampus (Yandere! rappgirl
Sophia North was always that of the broken sort. With her abusive father and the bullies in her school she is treated as the freak only because of her natural icy eyes a...
  • thriller
  • blood
  • obsession
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Little Snowflake ❄️  ~Jack Frost x Reader~ by HyperTFPFangirl
Little Snowflake ❄️ ~Jack Frost Neon Comet
What happens when you save your lil brother from some wolves?This happens.New found powers and being a mythical being. After 50 years of being alone you finally meet the...
  • easterbunny
  • jackfrostxreader
  • power
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My Princess | Jack Frost ✔ by -daisyflower
My Princess | Jack Frost ✔by strawberry🍓
The Grim Reaper, otherwise known as Daisy. She has a bigger hatred for The Guardians then Pitch Black. She beat me on the naughty list. She's evil, I'm good, she's the o...
  • toothfairy
  • grimreaper
  • pitchblack
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He's Real by Kishi1999
He's Realby Kishi1999
Charity is convinced that she isn't crazy, despite her continuous tales of meeting Santa and his son when she was younger. She insists she's right even after she writes...
  • native
  • ill
  • family
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The Clause by MeetMeAtLukes
The Clauseby Oy With The Poodles Already
Seraphina Calvin had stopped believing in Santa a long time ago. So when he falls off of her dad's roof on Christmas Eve, she's not really sure what to think. Join her...
  • romance
  • scottcalvin
  • elves
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The guardian with fur ( rise of the guardians 2) by VikingDeathMarch
The guardian with fur ( rise of OwO what's this?
Jade Leopard is an immortal spirit only seen by few. whe she becomes a guardian she feels something she never felt before. as the spirit of animals she is an animal love...
  • north
  • newguardian
  • pitch
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✔️ Appa Kissed Santa? ➳ vmin by winterlunium
✔️ Appa Kissed Santa? ➳ vminby TᴀɪYɪɴ 🌸
Moral of story: Always check before making out under the mistletoe with SanTae if not whatever you say to your son will backfire in your face splendidly. ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂...
  • tsawards
  • vminweek2017
  • domestic
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Frozen Heart -Rise of the Gaurdians- Mother Nature by CountryGurl28
Frozen Heart -Rise of the CountryGurl28
*A Rise of The Guardians Story Part Three* Love doesn't come easy. Especially when it comes to Mother Nature. Now transformed into her mortal form, she is thrown from ev...
  • mothernature
  • santaclaus
  • north
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Santa Meets The Cheshire Cat by RubyxAlucard
Santa Meets The Cheshire Catby Crystal
Santa meets The Cheshire Cat in wonderland. This is just a random book. I tot about writing this because my friends nickname is Santa and mine is the Cheshire Cat so Yea...
  • cheshire
  • thecheshirecat
  • queen
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Leyenda de un destino by ZiuRamiro
Leyenda de un destinoby ZiuRamiro
-¿Jack Frost? ¿Quién es Jack Frost?- -Pues es el más genial, valiente y divertido miembro de los guardianes- -¿Y es real? Enid ¿El existe? Jack estaba atónito al escucha...
  • meme
  • aventura
  • santaclaus
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A Twisted Christmas by spicy_sweets
A Twisted Christmasby N. T. Norman
Every Christmas Eve, King Santa Claus soars through the skies to deliver presents in a sleigh pulled by eight flying reindeer. But until midnight, if you listen closely...
  • retellingsunite
  • cannibalism
  • christmas
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A Krampus Carol by Equus21
A Krampus Carolby Aaron B.
After being abused, a frail young man named James meets the Christmas demon himself, Krampus in a night of gruesome revenge and Holiday cheer.
  • holdiay
  • krampus
  • christmashorror
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You need to believe ( Jack Frost x Reader ) by mommajin01
You need to believe ( Jack Frost Alexiax
''He needs me'' ''What do you mean he needs you?'' "But...But why?'' ''She's the only tenage believer...isn't she?'' - - - - - Hello dear reader :) So...this is th...
  • jackfrostxreader
  • jackfrost
  • jack
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Not far away (Hiccup x Jack Frost) by The_Shitty_Writer
Not far away (Hiccup x Jack Frost)by YoDadKyris/Kerra
Hiccup was just a little boy when him and jack had first met. Jacks care takers known as Santa Claus, Toothfairy, Easter bunny, and Sandman try to make Jack a guardian l...
  • sandman
  • hiccup
  • easterbunny
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••Moon Child•• Bunnymund X Reader•• by Lady_Caticorn
••Moon Child•• Bunnymund X Reader••by |•|•|•|A.M.H|•|•|•|
Twins... Guardians of the Sun and Moon. Banned to a small island with only there company, until the guardians need them again... to solve what seemed to be a small probl...
  • rotg
  • pastlives
  • magic
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Star Vs. Christmas (A Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Christmas Special) by DysgraphicBen
Star Vs. Christmas (A Star Vs. DysgraphicBen
It's Star's first holiday season on Earth, and Marco wants to make it the best one ever and teach her all about it. However, when things don't quite work out and Star l...
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
  • action
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Timeless Lover's - A Collection Of One Shots by mazimai
Timeless Lover's - A Collection MJ Thompson
A collection of my one shots. If you have any story ideas or requests, message or comment and I'll create you a short. Requests can be for sexual or non-sexual, gay/stra...
  • happyeverafters
  • romance
  • stalker
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