Inuyasha Fanfic: Mystery of Mitsuki by Lachiquis1195
Inuyasha Fanfic: Mystery of Mitsuki by Lachiquis1195 Fanfiction
Mitsuki Higurashi was adopted by the Higurashi family when she was young. Years have passed and she's been happy. But what happens when a centipede monster pulls her sis...
A Blend Of Kindness And Cruelty: Sesshoumaru Love Story by Angie_Taisho
A Blend Of Kindness And Cruelty: S... by Angie Taisho Fanfiction
"Listen here. I just had to say that... I will protect you." He said. She stared at him for a moment, then sighed and looked down, disappointed. He started wal...
Inuyasha: The Story Continues by SoldiersAngel1999
Inuyasha: The Story Continues by Liz Fanfiction
12 years after Kagome stayed in the past with Inuyasha, she and Inuyasha had a daughter named Izayoi. Now 12 years old, she's ready for adventure and excitement. However...
Fate's Desire [A Sesshomaru x Rin Love Story] by jjs797
Fate's Desire [A Sesshomaru x Rin... by jjs797 Fanfiction
Seven years since the ending of Inuyasha The Final Act, ten years since the death of Naraku, a new adventure begins, filled with excitement, love, and new dangers. A Se...
Dearly Beloved ( Inuyasha One-Shots ) by Anya0901
Dearly Beloved ( Inuyasha One-Shot... by SIT BOY! Fanfiction
One-shots from various characters from the manga/anime Inuyasha! Lemons, lemons, and MORE LEMONS ^^
Do What You Have To Do by overwasha
Do What You Have To Do by Gay 馃寛 Romance
Inu Yasha makes a difficult decision in leaving Kagome. His crippling depression and heat make him vulnerable to Sesshomaru's advances, Can he find love in his brothers...
Demon's Lake Orphanage by sesshomaru_itachi
Demon's Lake Orphanage by Rose Fanfiction
Mizuko lives in an orphan edge called Demon's Lake Orphanage. It get's its name from the lake behind it. Story goes, that a demon is sealed inside it. Mizuko doesn't bel...
Inuyasha x reader - I just wanna run by SideswipeSunshine
Inuyasha x reader - I just wanna r... by SideswipeSunshine Fanfiction
When inuyasha stops a young half demon from falling off a cliff what will happen
~In Love With A Puppy Half-Demon: InuYasha X Reader~ by QueenOfNekoWriters
~In Love With A Puppy Half-Demon:... by DaydreamingNeko Fanfiction
Yeah, I had the inspiration when watching InuYasha. I worked very hard on this, so I hope you enjoy. I'm not going to give you a description, you're just going to have t...
The wolf demon's mate by Lilystone3
The wolf demon's mate by Lilystone3 Fanfiction
May is an exchange student from America living with Kagome. One day she falls into the bone eater's well and the first person she sees is Koga. Koga was going to give up...
Soul Mate // Inuyasha by withlovehes
Soul Mate // Inuyasha by sinthia Fanfiction
We're best friends. We're like sister. We always joked that we were a soul in two different bodies never did we think it was true - I do not own the content(the show a...
Ever After by AnimeFanGoddess
Ever After by The AFG馃挄 Fanfiction
1st place winner in the 2015 IWA in the Kagome category, best title, and best author! With Naraku gone, the well closed, and everyone is back to normal from Naraku's cu...
Inuyasha High by inuyasha_is_my_life
Inuyasha High by Lauren Fanfiction
Kagome has moved to a new school and is hoping to fit in perfectly with everyone, but let's just say some people stick out... Especially a particular boy named Inuyasha...
Through The Well *COMPLETE* by EllenBianco
Through The Well *COMPLETE* by Ellen Bianco Teen Fiction
A/n: this story is being put down until Fighting the darkness is complete. Naraku the spider demon has been defeated, along with Kikyo the priestess. It's finally time t...
INUYASHA: AMAR O ODIAR by alessandraromero321
INUYASHA: AMAR O ODIAR by alessandra-cotita Teen Fiction
esta historia esta inspirada en una novela que me encanta la historia trata de una pareja ( inuyasha y kagome) que se aman pero inuyasha no se decide entre amar y odiar...
Inuyasha's Decision, Kagome's Heart by toriinyell16
Inuyasha's Decision, Kagome's Heart by Victoria Fanfiction
-Inuyasha loves both Kikyo and Kagome but, when he lost the one he truly loves, he has to get her back. Can he stand to hurt the woman who was his first love? -Kagome i...
Serenity - Inuyasha X Kagome by Anya0901
Serenity - Inuyasha X Kagome by SIT BOY! Fanfiction
Kagome Higurashi found an injured puppy under her family's tree but what happens when she takes him in and wakes up the very next day to see a naked man with dog ears in...
Kagome's demon sister by ToraKimiko
Kagome's demon sister by ToraKimiko Fanfiction
Misa was adopted by kagome's family when Kagome was 7 but misa hides a big secret. But what is it?
The half demon's love (Inuyasha fanfic) by Anime_fangirl2015
The half demon's love (Inuyasha fa... by Kamiko Fanfiction
A female half demon named Masaru joins Inuyasha and the others on their journey but after some time she realizes that she may or may not have fallen for a certain half...
Is that Kagome? by JamesBondJunior
Is that Kagome? by JBJ Fanfiction
When Inuyasha picks Kikyo, and calls Kagome awful names. Kagome got fed up and left to become stronger and maybe never come back. When she goes through the well she does...