A Girl Who Likes Ketchup (Michaeng) by Pengu_Cub
A Girl Who Likes Ketchup (Michaeng) by Pengu_Cub Fanfiction
#392 IN FANFICTION (as of 14/09/17) 🌹It's not just one pair of friends that falls in love but most of the characters. Each one has a story to tell, and most of the time...
The Kim's || & k.dh [ON GOING] [SLOW UPDATES] by bangteuwaiseu
The Kim's || & k.dh [ON GOING... by your fave author Fanfiction
Kim Dahyun's life is already messy even before she moves to her three older brothers' house. And so, her life became messier than she thought. Living with her three over...
The Feeling (SaTzu & TWICE) by forsapphire
The Feeling (SaTzu & TWICE) by Tzu tzu Fanfiction
Am I in love with you? or am I inlove with the feeling? (SaTzu fanfiction)
twice rant ➵ book 3 by puppyjeong
twice rant ➵ book 3 by puppyjeong Random
i introduce you to more of the weird shit of twice! 🌏 __ this book is a rant book. don't be surprised to see if it's a mess 😂 __ KNOCK KNOCK & SIGNAL ERA FEBRUARY 12...
It's my first time by myouison
It's my first time by Myoui Son Fanfiction
Chou Tzuyu is an introvert. She only have one friend, her bestfriend Son Chaeyoung. Things go pretty well in her life. Despite being a normal college student and being a...
Collide - SKAM Fan Fiction by forevayoungxox
Collide - SKAM Fan Fiction by forevayoungxox Fanfiction
Nothing could be anymore different than the personalities of Grete and Christoffer. Yet somehow the tend to be running into each other more than she hoped. When she joi...
SaTzu Text Messages  by VkookSHN
SaTzu Text Messages by SatzuShipper2004 Fanfiction
Just some text messages and convos between Sana and Tzuyu. Warning: Some chapters are Rated [M]
TWICE Snapchat by ParkJihyo_Tw
TWICE Snapchat by ParkJihyo_Tw Random
Press read for more
《 Twice Ships 2 》 by itsjokbal
《 Twice Ships 2 》 by ❝ panda ❞ Random
Donde las tuais se revelan mejor que en el primer libro.✿ ©itsjokbal.- 2017 #396 en Humor // 04.06.2017 #243 en Humor // 06.06.2017
Chance Encounter (SaTzu fanfic) by Haruna_06
Chance Encounter (SaTzu fanfic) by Haruna06DC Fanfiction
Tzuyu is just an ordinary 18 year old girl, who lives alone in a stunning apartment, but what happens when a new person moves in? Will they become friends? Enemies? O...
Text Messages|| Tzukook Fanfic by Author_Cindy
Text Messages|| Tzukook Fanfic by Cindy Fanfiction
TWICE and BTS are very popular in their school along with their friends GOT7 who treat like sisters and brother. Tzuyu from TWICE got a unknown message. Which from BTS...
TWICE x Reader ~ One Shots by TsfSeulgi
TWICE x Reader ~ One Shots by Tsf Fanfiction
TWICE x Reader ~ One Shots. Go ahead and leave some requests in the comments (I don't write smut btw #sorrynotsorry 💁🏻🙉) , you could also describe to me what you want...
Fallen by SignalBonaeBitch
Fallen by PABO Fanfiction
I'm different, I'm better. But clearly a freak called by everyone. When my everything disappeared, I changed. Me, my life, my friends. I'm never doing that mistake agai...
Room 336 [michaeng] by remyo2010
Room 336 [michaeng] by remyo2010 Fanfiction
Son Chaeyoung just moved to her new 'house', JYP Nation Dorm building to start her new college life. She got Room 336, with a perfect-girl call Myoui Mina as her roommat...
TWICE Oneshots // jihyometry by jihyometry
TWICE Oneshots // jihyometry by . semi-hiatus . Fanfiction
Just oneshots of what I think TWICE does every once in a while © jihyometry 2016
Twice: One Shots by quotingkpopandmore
Twice: One Shots by ❤️ Fanfiction
One shots from like every twice pair possible! Not excluding anyone!
Bad at Love | MiChaeng by infiresmesquirrel
Bad at Love | MiChaeng by LOOΠΔVERSE Fanfiction
║What if true love never existed?║ She wanted a perfect relationship. She endured every heartbreak. She always got jealous. She was horrible at loving someone. She was b...
terrible chat room ➵ twice by puppyjeong
terrible chat room ➵ twice by puppyjeong Random
warning: this group chat is a mess
Skam preferences   by Botanophile
Skam preferences by —ana Fanfiction
skam prefrences, scenarios, & imagines for all the main characters ❁ Comment/message me if you have a request! - ©All Rights Reserved2017 Began writing: 7.12.17
Strange Magic | SaTzu by infiresmesquirrel
Strange Magic | SaTzu by LOOΠΔVERSE Fanfiction
A world where war prevails and peace is just a mere imagination. This is what the Gods want, and they shall get it, at least that's what people think. Two caucus, two gr...