Just Like That by BundokPuno
Just Like Thatby BundokPuno
A JuliElmo Fanfiction
  • burolbonsai
  • romance
  • moses
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They're Coming To Get You by TheWalkingDrunks
They're Coming To Get Youby Ruby and Nie-mo
Two girls decide to live their lifelong ambition to drive across the States and visit Comic Con the only problem is the dead start to come to life. A story of survival...
  • xombies
  • dixon
  • reeduse
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Tougou is Back by littleseapig
Tougou is Backby Writer & Illustrator
A man named Tougou stayed with the Matsunos for a brief period of time. They all enjoyed his company, he seemed too nice for his own good. That is, until 10-year-old Oso...
  • choromatsu
  • osomatsu
  • torture
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The Underground Battle by fade_away21
The Underground Battleby Crystal Villagrana
"It's just hip hop." Okasian says, blowing a puff of smoke from his lips. The Cohort is a group of rappers consisting of Okasian, Keith Ape, Kohh, Loota, and...
  • fanfiction
  • okasian
  • completed
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AAOOOSC! & Beyond! by AShruinger
AAOOOSC! & Beyond!by Katt
The same old same thing happens with the San Diego Gulls: Joseph Cramarossa and Brandon Montour bickering, Nick Ritchie sleeping, Matt Hackett pitying himself, and Ryan...
  • faragher
  • nwhl
  • montour
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Listen To My Song-Siren Karamatsu x Reader by KawaiiShou
Listen To My Song-Siren VeeVee
You have moved to Japan to study your classes abroad and your collage campus is located right next to the sea. When you were a child, you had a traumatic experience with...
  • karamatsu
  • choromatsu
  • san
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The One (Finn Harries) by TakeYourPantiesOff
The One (Finn Harries)by TakeYourPantiesOff
Ana travels to NYC and to her surprise she meets someone extremely talented that introduces her The One.
  • hollywood
  • emmawatson
  • jackharries
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You're Still The One (A SharDon Fanfiction) by imnotkorina
You're Still The One (A SharDon Koring Pangilinan
"You don't know how hard it love and hate you both at the same time."
  • sharlenesanpedro
  • teen
  • sharlene
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My Kidnapper Wears a Feather in His Hair by SarahBeara
My Kidnapper Wears a Feather in Marie
When her famous father gets word of her beauty, he decides its time for Ella Weldingston to take her proper place as heir to one of the largest entrepreneurs in the west...
  • wagons
  • love
  • gold
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Ichimatsu X Reader // How it feels to be loved // OneShot Book by milkysyringe
Ichimatsu X Reader // How it posting whenever i feel like...
Ichimatsu Matsuno (Osomatsu-san) X Female!Reader OneShots Rating: Fluff, Trigger Warnings in some chapters. stories by me characters by Fujio Akatsuka
  • matsuno
  • ichimatsumatsunoxreader
  • ichimatsumatsuno
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The Fanfic Girl (Thomas Sangster) by MidwestCollision1021
The Fanfic Girl (Thomas Sangster)by Marissa
"So what should I call you?" She types something in when it finally appears and says, "Fanfic Girl."
  • newt
  • london
  • wattys2014
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Osomatsu-san: Various x Reader (DISCONTINUED) by FeliciaCandySweets
Osomatsu-san: Various x Reader ( Felicia 🎶
Osomatsu-san a show that I just recently watched and already addicted to the show and the characters. I love it! I decided to make a Various x Reader for you about the M...
  • osomatsu
  • san
  • reader
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Our promise (Osomatsu San x reader fanfic!) by xXakaringoXx
Our promise (Osomatsu San x xXakaringoXx
You're a shy, introverted girl, who didnt have that much self confidence and socialization. And finally in your 20's (or19) you decided to move and began living alone! Y...
  • anime
  • ichimatsu
  • shittymatsu
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Spoof Series 2: Harry Potter by crazygirlwhostalksu
Spoof Series 2: Harry Potterby The Slayer
Just another Harry Potter spoof thing...
  • cup
  • lady
  • draco
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Songs I Like by bellahtz
Songs I Likeby Anime freak 2000
songs I like
  • idontknow
  • sngs
  • naruto
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Never Date The Lead Singer (Kellin Quinn) by epiconfire
Never Date The Lead Singer ( epiconfire
Never date a band member. Especially the lead singer. They get all the attention, all the girls, everything. And it's hard to just sit back and watch that. Well, it was...
  • marriage
  • future
  • san
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Ichimatsu X Chubby Neko!Reader (DISCONTINUED) by IchicatsuKaraGirl
Ichimatsu X Chubby Neko!Reader ( IchiMei
  • san
  • depression
  • neko
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Faulty Hearts (K.S.J Kenneth San Jose fanfic) by Anon-dude
Faulty Hearts (K.S.J Kenneth San Anon
Shannel Ramona Faye C. (Coley) Gritz, a 14-year-old girl with a deceased mom and an abusive father. Causing her to having to move in with her Aunt May in LA. New Life, n...
  • kpsj
  • anon-dude
  • faulty
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Inazuma Eleven Go VS Danball Senki W [ON HOLD] by JopayIgoy
Inazuma Eleven Go VS Danball イゴイ ジョペ
Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Inazuma Japan were having a match (name) (last name) Matsukaze Tenma spotted a girl hiding in the shadows but they decided to ignore her. When...
  • iego
  • fran
  • banyamano
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San Andreas Fault by dystinct
San Andreas Faultby dystinct
When Aria goes to California from Texas, she fights for her life in a massive earthquake with a boy she barely knows. They push through the pain until they can't anymore...
  • romance
  • sanandreasfault
  • fiction
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