Stubborn ✧ S.W. / N.M. by gnarlywilk
Stubborn ✧ S.W. / A&C
"Not until you admit it, sweet cheeks."
  • mendes
  • grier
  • nate
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GroupChats by b010302
GroupChatsby .
Group chats with anyone just let me know who you what in the chat.
  • sammywilk
  • jackjohnson
  • jackgilinsky
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Enjoy 😂✌🏽
  • natemaloley
  • itsriccotho
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cheater : sw (ON HOLD) by wilksbabyg
cheater : sw (ON HOLD)by ruby
little did she know that her fiancé was cheating on her with her own daughter highest ranking - #325 in fanfiction
  • omaha
  • daddy
  • sammywilkinson
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Little Sis {J.J.} by sam_mendes1712
Little Sis {J.J.}by Samm
"So how's it going?" "What do you think happens when you're in a house with 3 other hot guys and an overprotective brother? It's not pretty." "...
  • sammywilk
  • jackjohnson
  • fanfiction
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protective | s.w. by yagirlsk
protective | s.k.
protective- /prəˈtektiv/ having or showing a strong wish to keep someone or something safe from harm. • contains sexual content and other adult themes such as use of al...
  • freshlee
  • gilinsky
  • skate
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Bad × J.G. [ completed ] by blurredgilinsky
Bad × J.G. [ completed ]by g
→ In which a good girl falls in love with a bad boy. → 2015 © magconbruhh ( blurredgilinsky )
  • natemaloley
  • jackgilinsky
  • bad
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My brothers Bestfriend *jg* by kingkylie1267
My brothers Bestfriend *jg*by Madz
Where a girl is In love with her brothers best friend ✨ Completed book !!!!! Second part : we ain't kids no more
  • jaibrooks
  • love
  • sammywilk
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underage + s.w (hiatus - being rewritten completely) by finessedgilinsky
underage + s.w (hiatus - being a ♡
in which a famous boy goes to starbucks everyday just to see a barista that he likes, only to find out she's underage + lowercase intended started ; june 7th 2016 compl...
  • jackandjack
  • fanfiction
  • drama
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hickey; s.w (#wattys2016) {complete} by thrasherhayes
hickey; s.w (#wattys2016) { thrasherhayes
"what are those hickeys on your neck?" - +lowercase intended story idea: tictacwilk
  • nashgrier
  • wattys2016
  • jackjohnson
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daddy LUH by MsSacha
daddy LUHby MsSacha
"I fucking love you so much" Derek luh
  • drugs
  • girl
  • boy
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sugar daddy » jack gilinsky by natemaloley
sugar daddy » jack gilinskyby (rih)anna
"Give me sex and your time and I'll buy you anything you want, baby." In which a girl takes up an offer, but then realizes that it isn't as easy and simple as...
  • wilkinson
  • daddy
  • gilinsky
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Seducing My Teacher •• S.W by fadedlikebieber
Seducing My Teacher •• S.Wby fadedlikebieber
"She's that hot ass student who has a picture of her in lingerie on her phone." --- Kayla's best friend dares her to seduce her English teacher Mr. Wilkinson b...
  • freshlee
  • maloley
  • ogoc
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assistant » jack gilinsky by natemaloley
assistant » jack gilinskyby (rih)anna
"i'm your boss, not your friend." + lowercase intended highest rank: fanfiction #4
  • wilkinson
  • jackg
  • assistant
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naughty squad by writesnate
naughty squadby ✰
what happens in this group-chat, stays in this group-chat.
  • hayesgrier
  • groupchat
  • tez
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The babysitter / wilkinson by jackiemaloley
The babysitter / wilkinsonby j a c k i e
"Mom, I don't need a babysitter, I'm seventeen." -- In which a seventeen-year-old gets a twenty-year-old babysitter.
  • jackgilinsky
  • dillonrupp
  • derekluh
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Instagram - J.G by DreamingAndLivingBig
Instagram - J.Gby Cub Beer-Gilinsky
What happens when a small youtuber somehow gets noticed by the infamous duo Jack & Jack? Well a whole lot of drama, heartbreak and love of course... ** HIGHEST RANK - #5...
  • youtuber
  • jackjohnson
  • drama
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sugar daddy III » jack gilinsky by natemaloley
sugar daddy III » jack gilinskyby (rih)anna
Third book to 'sugar daddy » jack gilinsky' Highest rank: fanfiction #24
  • calibraska
  • samwilkinson
  • sam
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Church Girl || s.w by acidmaloley
Church Girl || s.wby mother mia
In which she falls for his sinful ways. // ©acidmaloley
  • fanfic
  • sammywilk
  • camerondallas
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interracial Imagines, Preferences, Smut, And Groupchats  omaha/freshlee by Ahoeforderek
interracial Imagines, Ahoeforderek
just a group chat with these silly niggas maybe some preferences here and there and a bit of smut
  • freshlee
  • jackjohnson
  • natemaloley
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