Salem Academy of Sorcery (Harry Potter) by Slytherinwitch13
Salem Academy of Sorcery (Harry Po... by Mrs. Malfoy ♛ Fanfiction
"Few people can say they have managed to escape death once, but not many can say they have escaped death twice. After a potions mishap and muggle car accident, I so...
The Survivors by AmandaHavard
The Survivors by Amanda Havard Paranormal
"It's unlike any paranormal book I've read--very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still in my mind." –And Anything Bookish In 1692, when witch t...
Grimm Reader x Yang Xiao Long by Neoxpolxitan
Grimm Reader x Yang Xiao Long by Nio Kaza Fanfiction
This is a story that you all voted on that describes a creature that was born from darkness and tries to obey the person that gave him life, Salem, but human feelings ge...
Ruby Rose/Pyhrra Nikos x salem's son reader (Book 1) by Neoxpolxitan
Ruby Rose/Pyhrra Nikos x salem's s... by Nio Kaza Fanfiction
The world of remnant, a place of peace, minus the grimm, terrorists and well it is actually not that peaceful, but it still has a rather chill vibe around it. With the k...
Trust: The True Enemy by Alexmercer156
Trust: The True Enemy by I'M #1 Fanfiction
Time for a new story. After the events of what happened back at the club, we have something else. Ever heard of Salem? You haven't? Oh, well she's probably not happy wit...
The Devil Hunter (RWBY/Devil May Cry Crossover) by Shadow_Ice_King
The Devil Hunter (RWBY/Devil May C... by Johnathan Mathers Adventure
With no memory of his childhood and has become a Devil and Grimm hunter. Join Nero Rose-Mathers better known by his alias Shadow, a Demon and Angel hybrid on a quest to...
Damon's Daughter by hannahxjayne
Damon's Daughter by hannahxjayne Fanfiction
Salem Salvatore the daughter of Damon Salvatore and a woman who Damon loved but didn't know she was a witch. Salem is a Hybrid and everyone wants to meet her once the wo...
The Balance by IObsidianI
The Balance by Jacob Macias Fanfiction
A silent man with a mysterious secret meets a mute girl who team up to get revenge on the one who caused all the chaos and the one responsible for the death of Roman Tor...
I Am Your Queen (Forced male reader x Salem by The_Blade_Dancer
I Am Your Queen (Forced male reade... by The_Blade_Dancer Fanfiction
This is a forced male reader x Salem from Rwby. Disclaimer- I don't not own Rwby that belongs to RoosterTeeth
Of Frost & Cinder by ImogenaryThings
Of Frost & Cinder by Imogen Isles Werewolf
After a freak accident that Shelland Conall can't remember, a strange boy with a snarky attitude shows up on her front porch, shocking her with the confession that he's...
The Salem Games: A Trilogy by fiery-hallows
The Salem Games: A Trilogy by Clara Horror
The online game is ironic fun. The real version? It's the epitome of horror. Welcome to the Salem Games, where fifteen innocent people, chosen from a random roster...
RWBY Oneshots by hiddenheart51900
RWBY Oneshots by June Goodman Fanfiction
A collection of one shots I had intended to write separately, but I decided that would be to much of a hassle for both me and the reader, so I'm just going to put them a...
RWBY Salem x Reader by RaginSavage
RWBY Salem x Reader by RaginSavage Fanfiction
(F/N) (L/N) was your average, everyday kid of Remnant. He had great friends and a loving family. But one person always stood out above the rest and that person was Melis...
SCP Male reader x RWBY by huggablepanda341
SCP Male reader x RWBY by Shy Guy Fanfiction
Their job was to secure. contain. and protect. But what they hadn't accounted for was the fact they couldn't contain someone from loving another.
Salem's Descendants by sliverofmagic
Salem's Descendants by sliverofmagic Fantasy
"In a world where nothing is black and white. Where there are an infinite amount of shades of grey, a baby is born. A baby with blood so powerful, a name so dangero...
A story of love and tragedy (Neo x Roman) by Arianatron
A story of love and tragedy (Neo x... by Alisha Fanfiction
Neo was a mute for twelve years after watching her parents getting brutally murdered by a gang of mysterious individuals. She grows up on the streets of Vale committing...
Town of Salem: The New Role by xXSoulRipperXx
Town of Salem: The New Role by January Alastair Fanfiction
New technology is being developed every single day and is advancing at a rapid pace. One day, a small group of scientists decided they want to try out their new gaming t...
As Noivas de Robert Griplen - Parte 1 - Maldição by talitavasconcelos
As Noivas de Robert Griplen - Part... by Talita Vasconcelos Romance
"A cada primavera, no aniversário de sua morte, ele precisa se casar...". As irmãs Susan e Anne Dawson mergulham num mistério sobrenatural... Literalmente! E d...
My travel log by Jasdyer
My travel log by Jasdyer Adventure
This isn't really a story. Just something about trips I go on so everyone can know what fun adventures are out there.