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This is the story of a young girl born into a prestigious pureblood family, the kurans, along with her twin sister. Both girls looked exactly the same except for one dif...
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I'm hopeless without her she was my everything but i'm a fool to let her go.
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Yui considered herself lucky to escape the Sakamaki's tight grasp. After becoming a vampire (with the help of her biological mother, who is a high-ranking demon), she co...
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A girl named Kou Gasai attends Ryoutei High School and meets her old friends, Sakamakis and Mukamis. Along with a new girl named Yui Komori. She starts to meet a certai...
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Yui has a little sister named Kiyomi she is just a one month younger, she too was adopted by Seiji Komori. Kiyomi's parents were kille by aristrocrats so she was alone u...
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What if Yui Komori isn't the only one who moves to the Sakamaki mansion? Annabelle is a gothic emotionless loner who obsessed with death with a passionate love of gory h...
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Une fille environ de 18 ans est une grande fan de Mitsu Otome et Mino Nikko. Cette fille s'appelle Laura, où plutôt c'est son camouflage ! Un jour chez elle entrain de r...
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Si no has leido la primera temporada no entenderas nada de lo que ocurrira aqui,haci que si no la has leido debes leerla,espero que les guste ya que me esforce mucho en...
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I hunt in the shadows killing every vampire I see I have the ability to turn off my humanity for a kill but that's because I almost lost it a long time ago.My name is Se...
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***I DO NOT OWN DIABOLIK LOVERS*** Shizuki Ropesu is moved to the Sakamaki mansion by the church with Yui, which she is not happy about. We all know how Yui's story goes...
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Yui Komori received a letter from her father that her little sister will come and live with her. What will happen to Sakamakis and her sister?