My Twin hates me...(Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by Shay_Sakamaki_
My Twin hates me...(Diabolik Lover... by 💜Shay Sakamaki💜 Fanfiction
(Y/n) Komori, Yui's 'Twin' they look and act differently. (Y/n) doesn't care about your feelings or your opinion. You look at her the wrong way you'll be in trouble. (Y...
Another Sacrificial Bride (A Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by Otaku_LifeForEver
Another Sacrificial Bride (A Diabo... by Stephanzo Fanfiction
What if another girl came to live with the Sakamakis? A girl who lived in the exact same church as Yui, but has an attitude the exact opposite of her? Someone with a dar...
Diabolik lovers one shots (REQUESTS ARE ALLOWED!!) by EmperorOfZodiacMusic
Diabolik lovers one shots (REQUEST... by EmperorOfZodiacMusic Random
One shots Feel free to request! Hopefully I could notice your requests this is my second book so hopefully you'll enjoy this!
Diabolik Lovers: Yui's Sister by GracePark16
Diabolik Lovers: Yui's Sister by GracePark16 Fanfiction
What if Yui Komori had a older sister. And what if she went with her to the Sakamaki's. Yuriko Komori is the older sister of Yui Komori. She's the complete opposite of...
Haven't got me [(Diabolik lovers) UNDER EDIT] by lost_potato
Haven't got me [(Diabolik lovers)... by Randomness Fanfiction
Aisu Komori yes she is Yui's adopted sister she's 16 year old girl who isn't like all the girls In this stage for most girls their probably trying to find their 'true...
Blood type S by Lind_S
Blood type S by Lind Fanfiction
When Karlheinz finds a child who possesses a very unique type of blood, he decides to keep him. After some years the Sakamaki brothers find him. What will they do when t...
Yui's Children by Neko020105
Yui's Children by Neko020105 Fanfiction
First of all you might not get this if you haven't watched the anime. It's basically a next generation AU. The brothers get sent o a mansion by their father Karlheinz an...
Diabolik Lovers x reader lemons  by Evethebunny
Diabolik Lovers x reader lemons by PIE ISH GOOD Fanfiction
Diabolik Lovers x reader lemon For some reason my first lemon sucked so sorry about that. People really liked my Namjoon x reader smut/lemon so I decided to make another...
Diabolik Lovers x Sister Reader by JessicaMononoke
Diabolik Lovers x Sister Reader by JessicaMononoke Fanfiction
Shuu- " Shhh could you try to be quiet" Reiji- " Please do try to use your manners" Ayato- " Cherry-chan stop being nice to Chichinashi" Ka...
Kanato's twin sister  by Ciel_Phantomhive_T-T
Kanato's twin sister by Ciel_Phantomhive_T-T Fanfiction
(Y/N) is a part of the triplets making it quadruplets. She was born 5 minutes after Kanato. (Y/n) is just like Kanato in every way but gender. Her and kanato were given...
Diabolik Lovers - Daddy Scenarios (Sakamaki Edition) || Requests Open  by CoffeeLoffee
Diabolik Lovers - Daddy Scenarios... by ❀ death metal ❀ Fanfiction
|| REQUESTS OPEN || ♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡ Introducing Daddy Scenarios from Diabolik Lovers! These be including Shu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito and Subaru, possibly the More B...
2413 (Kanato x Reader) by sakamaki_triplets
2413 (Kanato x Reader) by ➵ KT ; 민혁 Fanfiction
"Hey," You looked up from your phone and to your dad. "I'm getting us food okay? Watch him, don't let 2413 go." ---------- (AN: 100k! //O M F G// T...
Different - Diabolik Lovers X Reader by xHUZSx
Different - Diabolik Lovers X Read... by rawr Fanfiction
You, (y/n) (l/n), have always been family to the Sakamaki brothers when you were all kids together. Then, after all tears are shed and all the screams have died out, you...
Diabolik lovers---yui's sister?!  by lost_mochi
Diabolik lovers---yui's sister?! by lost_mochi Fanfiction
Yui and her sister had to go to the sakamaki mansion. Something that shocked the brothers was that they were twins! (Y/n) didn't even look like her so called "twin...
Diabolik lovers lemons and one shots {Request Close} by Candy_sakamaki1999
Diabolik lovers lemons and one sho... by Candy Sakamaki Fanfiction
Hey wolf chan this is my first book ever and lemon book so sorry if it sucks!
The Secret Sister (Diabolik Lovers X Reader Fanfic) #Wattys2017 by AnimeAddictAmbs
The Secret Sister (Diabolik Lovers... by AnimeAddictAmbs Fanfiction
It has been months since Yui first entered the Sakamaki Mansion but now something was gonna change...
Diabolik lovers kittens x OC by kedaboo03
Diabolik lovers kittens x OC by kedaboo3384 Fanfiction
The Sakamakis and Mukamis are fighting again and gets transported to a different dimension. This is where they meet Erika Hideki. Will this girl melt their stone cold he...
Forgotten Sakamaki (DL Fanfic) by Animegirl18_Lia-chan
Forgotten Sakamaki (DL Fanfic) by Lia-chan Fanfiction
Rejected, Left alone, Lonely and Forgotten An inhabited island, a luxurious mansion and a girl alone with dull eyes and an emotionless face Forgotten by 6 vampire brothe...
Shu's Twin (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic. Requested) by animationsyes
Shu's Twin (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic... by Animations at your service Fanfiction
So. This story was a request by one of my followers. She requested for me to create this story and here it is. This story is about Shu's twin as it says in the title. Sh...
Diabolik Boyfriend  by Faded_Sadness
Diabolik Boyfriend by 1-800-KoKoBop Fanfiction
🌺 Scenarios for your sexy diaboys!