Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios  by naked_dragon
♡Broken Pencils | Art Book 🔥 by TemmieDeAmor
♡Broken Pencils | Art Book 🔥 by teMAPI Random
You must have nothing to do with your life if you end up reading this. ( ゚д゚) Disclaimer!!! All of these images/drawings are mine unless I say otherwise.
Scroll 3: The Third Uchiha [Naruto] by Faith_Ellie
Scroll 3: The Third Uchiha [Naruto] by Faith Elizabeth Fanfiction
You have watched her grow from a baby; you have watched her struggles and witnessed her losses. You have cried for her defeats and felt the pain from her life but you ha...
Something to Fight For (Naruto) by nerd4eternity
Something to Fight For (Naruto) by nerd4eternity Fanfiction
Years ago, a nine-tailed fox demon attacked the land, killing hundreds of Ninjas defending their villages. By sealing the fox demon and giving his life, the fourth Hokag...
A Ninja Heart (Naruto Fanfic,Completed) by SecretAngelgirl
A Ninja Heart (Naruto Fanfic,Compl... by SecretAngelgirl Fanfiction
The greatest beauty of the village was also the monster of the village,with the Nine tails powers inside of her. With a twin brother of the same curse Narumi Uzumaki tri...
Document I: Mind Locked (A Naruto Story) by Most_Fandoms2000
Document I: Mind Locked (A Naruto... by Melissa Marie C. Fanfiction
Naomi Asami is a 12 year old shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. When Naomi was 6 she had lost her memories and woke up suddenly in front of the gates of the Hi...
No more hiding (Naruto fanfic) by faithebowe
No more hiding (Naruto fanfic) by Faith Emily Bowe Fanfiction
hello I'm Nozomi Uzumaki I'm a eleven year old orphan with two demon lords stuck inside of me. I'm shunned by the villagers and most the ninja I'm really strong no frien...
Naruto One Shots by AshleyBlackmoore
Naruto One Shots by Ashley Blackmoore Fanfiction
Collection of one shots based on Naruto. Filled with your favorites. Vote comment tell me what you think and who you want to see next :) I'll do my best. Hope you enjoy...
Only Time Can Tell by LeoIsMine
Only Time Can Tell by Akine Himekawa Fanfiction
"I didn't get to have my dad." Sarada said angrily. "My dad missed out on all of my childhood. Your dad is there, and every attempt he makes to be with yo...
14 Days To Love [SasuSaku Fanfiction] by PBPink
14 Days To Love [SasuSaku Fanficti... by Carly Fanfiction
After years of waiting for him, he was finally back; standing before their eyes. He was in Konoha. And he was home - with his wife and daughter. An Uchiha family based...
Sasuke x Reader •  PAIN  • by bakarima
Sasuke x Reader • PAIN • by 『さくら』 Fanfiction
Blunt, stern, and cold he was. Very different from other boys in your eyes. He was perfect, handsome, and any girl would be happy as hell to have him.. But what you didn...
Konoha's Loss by sarahta1324
Konoha's Loss by Sarah Ta Fanfiction
Sakura is the strongest Anbu Captain of all anbu history. Her life was perfect in her way of view. A life wanted by many anbus. She has broken the record of the stronges...
Matoi Family Risen by _OfficialKitty_
Matoi Family Risen by Kitty Cat Random
well! my books were deleted so I'm starting them here!!
Naruto The Silent Genius  by angrmz
Naruto The Silent Genius by Angela Ramirez Fanfiction
✔ Akatsuki KiDS! by MistyAnnE_04
Yes Lady Hinata •NaruHina• by potatoejung_
Yes Lady Hinata •NaruHina• by H E R Fanfiction
The forbidden love of a pre-engaged heiress and her butler unravels into a tale of love and betrayal. But can their love survive the challenges that lie ahead? *Contain...
Boruto: A Look Into The Past by lindseyred02
Boruto: A Look Into The Past by xXAnnieJaegerXx Fanfiction
Knowing your roots is important. Especially to the next generation of Naruto. Uzumaki Boruto, Uchiha Sarada, Mitsuki, Akimichi Chouchou, Yamanaka Inojin, Nara Shikadi: t...
A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various) by dovepal21
A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various) by leviisbae Fanfiction
(Y/N) Hanninzowa is the daughter of nobility, her father and mother are nobles of Konoha. But when (Y/N) was six years old, her parents are murdered in front her own eye...
A Shinobi's Story (Naruto various x OC) by Saya_Tsubomi
A Shinobi's Story (Naruto various... by Saya Tsubomi Fanfiction
Tatsu Hyuga from the main branch and Hinata's younger twin sister. Tatsu is the opposite of Hinata. Tatsu is not afraid and is very talented that she developed the Bya...
Document II: Mind Unlocked (A Sequal To Mind Locked) by Most_Fandoms2000
Document II: Mind Unlocked (A Sequ... by Melissa Marie C. Fanfiction
It's been two and a half years since Naomi left the village with Zetsumei to train. But she hasn't returned to the village just yet, in fact, she's on a mission to spy o...