Bleeding Poetry by _dark_poetess_
Bleeding Poetryby Anusmita
It's okay to feel. It's okay to shut the bathroom door and bawl in front of your mirror about the little things that other people have no idea that you're upset about. I...
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Sadness by wydSam
Sadnessby Sammi
Filled with sad sayings and quotes. Warning: you'll probably feel sad. Read at your own risk **None of these quotes/sayings are written by me unless stated otherwise** ☻...
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trapped thoughts ; poetry. by forgotteneasily
trapped thoughts ; ♔
broken kids trapped in a broken generation. hr; 73. - r.a
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praestans by joselynanna
praestansby j.anna
"consistency is the goal to perfection" "the number one have been taken by me with a fight" a collection of poetry and poems about life and love the...
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Depression Quotes  by X0XNerdX0X
Depression Quotes by Leehyun
⚠Please don't read if you are triggered easily⚠ This book is just an outlet for my feelings. Message me if you need to talk.
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sad quotes. by ellabrooks_22
sad ella • WHY DONT WE
just quotes
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"I just want to die" by JazzIsHuman
"I just want to die"by Jazz
Sad quotes there actually fit on me.
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BTS Sad Quotes by yoongiscub
BTS Sad Quotesby ⊂(ο・㉨・ο)⊃
This will be a book about various Sad quotes found in BTS songs :D
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3 am ' thoughts by muhhriyuhh
3 am ' thoughtsby ;; mariah ♥
Just a book filled with things I fail to say . Highest rank #17 (poetry) Highest rank #12 (poetry) Aug/15/17 Highest rank #9 (poetry) Aug/16/17
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This world is a mess.... Depression stays but you don't.... I was not happy when I wrote this.... 《completed》
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#Hugot Lines by HeavenHugotera
#Hugot Linesby Ate Heaven
Mga hugot na gawa-gawa ko lang XD Sa mga gustong mag-alis ng sama ng loob, please free to comment your own hugot. At kung gusto nyo ng advice, hindi ako masyadong magali...
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The Tears I Can't Stop Crying | poetry by bourbonvanilla
The Tears I Can't Stop Crying | Patricia K.
The words my heart cries.
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Sad Quotes by Distant_reality18
Sad Quotesby Distant_reality18
<Just a bunch of quotes that may relate to you>
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Sad Quotes and lyrics by ShyyAlien
Sad Quotes and lyricsby Twenty Øne Memes
Just some sad quotes for a sad day .
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Sad Quotes  by Septiplier_emo_trash
Sad Quotes by 💜💀Madi💀💜
The title is pretty self explanatory 💔
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just read this by whatsofuckingever
just read thisby youll-never-know
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Journal entries  by moonlightfires
Journal entries by Jillian
Basically my journal. It's not really a traditional story just short paragraphs of my life, scenarios that i make up and random feelings. Just a deeply heartbroken girl...
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My Quotes  by TsumikiHikari
My Quotes by нιкαяι
Some of the quotes got inspired by moments and some is just an anime character's quotes.These quote is for entertainment purposes so please don't take everything serious...
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100 Depression / self-harm - quotes  by JustSomeGirl04
100 Depression / self-harm - JustSomeGirl04
Quotes about depression Some are made by me <3
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Sad Anime Quotes by Ismasura
Sad Anime Quotesby Ismasura
I do not own any of these quotes. Unless i say that I made it. Also I do not give a shit if you find them in other books. Also if I use a quote that you made and you wan...
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