Blinded By love  by lesbourgeoiskings
Blinded By love by Mrs. Bourgeois
Love can make you do the craziest things
  • depression
  • saddening
  • lovestory
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Gravity (Complete) by jiahaokoh
Gravity (Complete) by jhkoh
Mission Aries 11. The first manned spacecraft to Mars. A disaster tears the commander into internal conflict. A swarm of space debris is hurtling towards the craft at 9k...
  • shortstory
  • featured
  • science-fantasy
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Saddening Poetry by ElizabethTorres14423
Saddening Poetry by ElizabethTorres14423
Quotes About Suicide , Depression , Heartbreak , Etc
  • short
  • story
  • saddening
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fixing a broken heart by hoerizons
fixing a broken heart by aarushi
where he loves a girl vehemently; and she does not love him back and he is left in solitude to face the heartbreak. a story about how a boy gets his broken heart fixed.
  • lonely
  • thepeopleofsociety
  • indianauthors
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Random Lines by Hardcore_Otaku0000
Random Lines by Zero《Kaito Yajin》
So here are some random lines. Hope you enjoy! \(^_^)/ Time of updates : Possibly everyday. Or every Tuesday and Thursday. (2 chapters a day.) *Note that sometimes I m...
  • truths
  • quotes
  • songlines
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A Poetic Epic by CelticPhoenix
A Poetic Epic by Teddy James
An epic collection of poetry which can be funny, ridiculous, and laughable, or heart-breaking, tear-wrenching, and just saddening.
  • laughable
  • funny
  • poetry
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The Shifters Mate by mindgamcs
The Shifters Mate by Reagan
"MINE!" A booming voice rings in my ears as the four men gasped in fear. They loosened their grip on me and layed me down on the damp grass. I closed my eyes a...
  • mates
  • shifter
  • alpha
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Dangan Ronpa Minecraft  by Kitten2244Lover
Dangan Ronpa Minecraft by KittenLover
Kill or be killed... It's that simple right? Nope... 17 minecraft youtubers are invited to HeroBrines mansion of despair....Things go down hill fast. When friends turn...
  • death
  • skydoesminecraft
  • iballisticsquid
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Dying Slowly  by AskeJr
Dying Slowly by Elle Elsson
-"my words are dead before they're said"- *Highest Rank: #587 in Poetry*
  • sad
  • poem
  • words
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Poem Book by PschopathicGirl
Poem Book by PschopathicGirl
these are NOT love poems. I hope you enjoy.
  • poem
  • happiness
  • death
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Things I'm feeling/Diary by JHopes_Halo
Things I'm feeling/Diary by Bts_875
  • life
  • sadness
  • saddening
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The Souls by Galactic_Mysteries
The Souls by Dråmãtīç Šhïftér
Each chapter are the stories of my friends' lives... The souls, are obviously, them... And now keep in mind that they're going into a brighter path, so do not worry.
  • dramtic
  • saddening
  • shortstory