Blinded By love  by lesbourgeoiskings
Blinded By love by Mrs. Bourgeois Fanfiction
Love can make you do the craziest things
Saddening Poetry by ElizabethTorres14423
Saddening Poetry by ElizabethTorres14423 Poetry
Quotes About Suicide , Depression , Heartbreak , Etc
Depressing Quotes by vresxh
Depressing Quotes by vresxh Random
Quotes are found on the internet unless otherwise stated :') You can find all the quotes on my instagram account: @veljtg (check it out!!) - side note: Never feel worth...
Harry Potter Stuff by GrumpyCatForLife
Harry Potter Stuff by GrumpyCatHatesYou Random
This is a book full of random Harry Potter stuff I find online. Mostly facts will be in here but I may throw in a few extra things I like.
The Shifters Mate by mindgamcs
The Shifters Mate by Reagan Werewolf
"MINE!" A booming voice rings in my ears as the four men gasped in fear. They loosened their grip on me and layed me down on the damp grass. I closed my eyes a...
one twenty-six by hawksandowls
one twenty-six by link Short Story
somehow the best things starts and ends right after midnight.
The Unlucky One by amorphous101
The Unlucky One by amorphous101 Romance
I was just trying to procure a reason to hold on, to believe that it was going to be me. But it was total bullshit. I can never be the one for him. I was only a page of...
heartache // poetry by horridhalsey
heartache // poetry by meme trash Poetry
sometimes my mind races and i guess this is the result
bullets by kxaylaaa
bullets by kayla Romance
"But why?" I looked at him with a dirty grin plastered onto my face. He smiled and leaned in towards me. "Oh Blair, it's only love."
Hood poems by lilaminaloe
Hood poems by Lolamina Poetry
Poems on my struggle and the place I grew up in. inspired by kendrick lamar the lyrical genius All rights reserve not to be copied by anybody or used by anyone Copyright
fixing a broken heart by hoerizons
fixing a broken heart by aarushi Short Story
where he loves a girl vehemently; and she does not love him back and he is left in solitude to face the heartbreak. a story about how a boy gets his broken heart fixed.
Please See Her by Arlene2755
Please See Her by Arlene ChickLit
Violet Emerald Hamilton is a 17 year old high school student. Her father died from a car accident when she was only 10. Ever since his death, Violets whole personality c...
The Story Behind The White Curtain | ✔ by FrostBite284
The Story Behind The White Curtain... by FrostBite284 Short Story
Two Kindred spirits. One white curtain. Emilia and Sean are both in the hospital for unknown reasons. Put in a room together they begin to learn that they are not alone...