About Time | Daniel Seavey by 1hopeless_romantic
About Time | Daniel Seavey by Skycatcher Seavey Fanfiction
Life in LA with my brothers is definitely going to be different from life in Ohio without them. But like life always is, it's gonna be a hell of a ride. {AAAAAAAH! IT'S...
Hunting Love by BlaiseWeaver
Hunting Love by Blaise Vampire
Sabrina Jade lived during a time where vampires were the dominant species on Earth. The royal family controlled everything within the area and no one was brave or strong...
Biting Love by BlaiseWeaver
Biting Love by Blaise Vampire
It should have been their happily ever after. Sabrina and Drew have finally escaped from their close-minded families to start a new life together. But their honeymoon p...
The Surrogate.  by _creampuffs
The Surrogate. by Cherie Fanfiction
Will you go through any length just to have a splitting image of yourself? Even subscribing to an idea about someone being a surrogate mother. Did I forget to mention th...
Royale Series 3: FINALLY, CAUGHT YOU! (COMPLETED) by iamyourlovelywriter
Royale Series 3: FINALLY, CAUGHT Y... by iamyourlovelywriter Romance
Book 3: Finally, caught you! Sabrina isn't perfect, she isn't the model type but no one can deny her oozing charms. She has secrets she is trying to hide, she has been...
Masked Princess🎭 by creamsweets
Masked Princess🎭 by creamsweets Fanfiction
Marinette's parents told her they are not her parents. She belongs to the king and queen of China. Also Marinette's class are going to China and will be staying thier fo...
The Alone Girl by CarbonMoon
The Alone Girl by Abbie Werewolf
Avery wants nothing more than to read in her tree away from people, away from the family that she ran away from but what happens when she meets the sweet and kind Alpha...
The Perfect Time Is Not Always Perfect by EMarieRodriguez
The Perfect Time Is Not Always Per... by Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez Teen Fiction
Maya is a 15-year-old girl, who gets pregnant by her best friend boyfriend, kinda messed up right? Come and read how it happened and how it altered her life. #Lucaya #G...
The Long Game--Joshaya by wsupcynthia
The Long Game--Joshaya by wsupcynthia Fanfiction
In my junior year of high school, the guy I had the biggest crush on went to study abroad. We lost touch since then. He came back at the beginning of my senior year. Jos...
Fangs by AnonymousWriter_222
Fangs by Raven Werewolf
These four have been through too much, what happens when two of them are kidnapped by there mates, and the other two track down where they are...
Watching Miraculous Ladybug!! MSarahMLB by MSarahMLB
Watching Miraculous Ladybug!! MSar... by Sarah Fanfiction
Adrien and Marinette's class were kidnaped, to a cinema. Everybody was shocked, THEY WILL WATCH THEIR... (episodes and webisodes) ...
A Legend is Born by ddr200
A Legend is Born by ddr200 Random
We Join Our hero on his first journey, with a surprise Pokemon travelling with him. Kanto region, some canon and some Au mixed in. Pairing Ash/Sabrina/Cynthia COMPLETED
Instagram (Dylan O'brien) by sweet0espinosa
Instagram (Dylan O'brien) by Lulu Fanfiction
Todo empezó con una notificación «Prohibida su copia o adaptación, se original»
My Ex, My Husband (On-hold) by CassandraCaraan
My Ex, My Husband (On-hold) by Cassandraaaaaa Teen Fiction
"Tama na.. ayoko na.. Ang sakit sakit na ng mga pinapakita't pinapadama mo sa akin.. Hindi ko na kaya.. And you know what? I don't deserve you because I deserve som...
Starting Over// a miniminter FF by Last_Glader
Starting Over// a miniminter FF by ❤️ Fanfiction
Fleeing back home to escape her painful past, Sabrina Zerker is invited to live with her brother, Josh and his friends. Her painful memories of what happened before, goe...
Arceus Son (Pokemon Fanfiction) by pokemontrainer1
Arceus Son (Pokemon Fanfiction) by pokemontrainer1 Fanfiction
Arceus has maintain order in the world because she created many legendary to maintain and protect it but it seem that she became bored of her responsibility and watched...
IN LOVE WITH MY BABYSITTER 2 by NadiaWitbooi Teen Fiction
"I still love you Josh. Why can't you see that!!!!" I shouted out in frustration. Josh looked at me and he was clearly annoyed. It's amazing how much Zoe has c...
The Love Story of Lucaya by frehleyg
The Love Story of Lucaya by frehleyg Fanfiction
Maya has been hiding her feelings for Lucas too long, but she doesn't want to open her heart out to anyone else, she still hurts from her father leaving her. Lucas like...
I care about you (Riarkle) [Wattys 2017] by yoongicube
I care about you (Riarkle) [Wattys... by numinous Fanfiction
For years, Farkle's feelings for Riley has been living in the shadows until a certain guy comes along - making Farkle very jealous. "I care about you Riley, I don't...
Legendary Trainer by UltimateTrainer
Legendary Trainer by charles matthew sto domingo Fanfiction
In the outskirts of the Kanto Region,a ancient village in the top of a mountain just got raided by a mysterious evil organization and started to capturing every villager...