Between The Lines  by beyondthemoon_
Between The Lines by beyondthemoon_
"I like your shirt" - unknown number //non au text fic//
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Payback Sucks, So Do You! by Cstgeorge
Payback Sucks, So Do You!by Cassidy
I will give you hint, that douche bag that just ditched me, his own mate, for soccer practice is the guy that I am talking about. That should have been the warning signs...
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  • werewolf
  • humor
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Falling Asleep Alone  by ThatConcertLife
Falling Asleep Alone by ThatConcertLife
MPREG Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes had a whirlwind romance. They both had successful bands that were always on the road and they were always having fun together. When t...
  • vicfuentes
  • angst
  • manxman
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Stupidest questions by rocketor
Stupidest questionsby _MAK_
The most ridiculous,hilarious and just plain stupid questions asked ever!A Weirdo entry!Vote comment and follow me for more awesome books!
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Imperfections// 4th Prince // Wang So // scarlet heart x reader by aestheticblossom
Imperfections// 4th Prince // Wang...by - ̗̀sheesh ̖́-
(Y/n) Hae Ra lived a normal life. Being a doctor and learning new things. But when her whole world collapses and she finds her self back in the Goryeo era. She becomes a...
  • ryeo
  • xreader
  • historical
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Caneta e papel by LupPrisca
Caneta e papelby Lup P.
Exposição delicada de sentimentos que apesar de partirem de uma só pessoa, são comuns a todos os viventes e ainda mais ás pessoas que se encontram nestas entrelinhas. V...
  • dễ
  • ostracismo
  • poesia
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Body sweet like sugar venom. || l.s by dewlas
Body sweet like sugar venom. || l.sby Rocío.
[AU en donde Harry es Lana Del Rey] Luz era el sonido de su propia música reproduciéndose en su nuevo grabador indie, el dolor en la yema de sus dedos después de compone...
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He's So Shy. {Sabo x Reader} by KiraReno
He's So Shy. {Sabo x Reader}by Ki-Wi
Precious shy Sabo!♥ A Modern AU about this cutie because who doesn't want a piece of Sabo? To anyone who gets the reference about their neighbor....I love you. XD So thi...
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Destiny (Error X CoreFrisk) by AppleBloomBloom
Destiny (Error X CoreFrisk)by Im Applebloom. Deal with it h...
I have done this couple before. I got bored of book 2 of it so I made another book. this one has nothing to do with it. Also, I call CoreFrisk Corry. read to find out wh...
  • error
  • cute
  • destiny
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100 FOLLOWER SPECIAL!!! by Da297350
100 FOLLOWER SPECIAL!!!by David Aguirre
We've reached 100 followers!!! Thank y'all so much guys y'all don't know how much this means to me. I'd like to thank y'all for all your support in this 100 follower spe...
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Jacob & Sarah  by Queenn38
Jacob & Sarah by Queenn38
They guys this story is fuckingg crazyyy! ( In a good way!!) it's just so sexual! Lol have fun babes!
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Shit by lovesick-
Shitby Cody’s bsf ♡
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tales of the multifandom by -VoidMoriarty
tales of the multifandomby Fairchild
"who the hell are you?" "who am i? i should be asking what the hell you're doing in my house?" in which the fandoms come together
  • stiles
  • werewolves
  • supernatural
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these beautiful thoughts by lilywritessometimes
these beautiful thoughtsby ☀️ lily ☀️
my garden of thoughts blooms a little bit brighter every time a smile comes on your face
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[Re-up][Completed]Something about whiskey by MarkipliersFangirl
[Re-up][Completed]Something about...by Nhật Thi Hoàng
Posted here to read it offline Credit: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Jade_Williams/pseuds/Jade_Williams Taken without permission Art by: http://delborovic.tumblr.com...
  • angst
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My life story with the CPs by Horror_Rose_CP
My life story with the CPsby Horror Rose
Hi I am Rose I'm sorta insane so ya! Stuff about me I take requests but no one will read this story so ya... Have fun wasting time!
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Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru by mollymawkfan
Hikaru x Reader x Kaoruby Harmony Houston
Original title: Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru x Tamaki cause why not add in some spice as well Also these twins!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I pretty much binge watched the...
  • highschool
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Yesha Girl by gabyfermill
Yesha Girlby PaulaTheOneAndOnly
Wait for part two! If u liked the story please like and comment.....thanks😆
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Bio 3 by lisathemcrlover
Bio 3by Dead Inside
This is my 3rd bio I thought I finished at my nephew's first day Well this one is going to be as boring as the others Sorry my life is boring and so is what I have to...
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