soulmates ; ryden ; completed by michatthedisco
soulmates ; ryden ; completed by mich❣️ Fanfiction
"roll up your left sleeve for me." @michatthedisco © 2017
kik - multiships by xxwhisk_trashxx
kik - multiships by Galaxy Potato Fanfiction
ferard ryden joshler phan peteky andyrick halsney
⎡ OH FUCK ! ; bands + youtubers groupchat ⎦ by sintolerant
⎡ OH FUCK ! ; bands + youtubers gr... by bagged milk Fanfiction
frqnk; its literally 3 am on a school night why is pete buying green beans tyler; guys shh i need my beauty sleep frqnk; hunny you need a beauty coma ( this is clich...
Folkin' Around (Ryden) by Rosevest0
Folkin' Around (Ryden) by Rosevest0 Fanfiction
17 year old Ryan Ross was just a normal kid living in Las Vegas until he fell for his new best friend who also happened to be his bandmate. When their band, Panic! At Th...
Misanthropy - [ryden] by obviouslyryanross
Misanthropy - [ryden] by alé🖤 Fanfiction
mis·an·thro·py /məˈsanTHrəpē/ (n) - a dislike of humankind. - - - "Who could see inside the mind of a killer, anyway?" * * * Started: 8/3/2017 ...
older ; ryden by triggeredbeebo
older ; ryden by taylor 🌹 Fanfiction
ryro: i think i like you beebo: you shouldn't
Band Pictures and Trash Memes by TheEarthToTheMorgue
Band Pictures and Trash Memes by Tiff-182 Random
(Ye)emo trash memes 《Cool pics of band members》 {Funny band gifs} [These memes aren't mine, and neither are the bands, sadly]
Runaway - Ryden  by BottleOfVodka
Runaway - Ryden by drunk bitch Fanfiction
Brendon knew that one day his past would catch up with him, but for now he was a runaway and the only thing on his mind was his new roommate Ryan. Ryan thought Brendon...
KIK CHAT by -officialholywater-
KIK CHAT by Dont@me Fanfiction
Literally just another overused kik group chat plot Ships: Ryden, Halsanie, Joshler, Frerard, Petekey, etc. ya get the point Edit: thiS IS SHIT WHY ARE PEOPLE READING T...
pictures of ryan ross and other shit by imnotokayimgay
kik // multiship by tigergrowldun
kik // multiship by kay Fanfiction
These fics make me cry laugh so why not make one lmao Full of gay shit and memes
Lets Not And Say We Did by kayiswritting
Lets Not And Say We Did by Not O-Fucking-Kay Fanfiction
A gay twist on a Harlequin tale. CEO Pete Wentz is in trouble. After a very emotional breakup with his girlfriend (emotional on her end of course), She decided to ruin h...
Rose Urie and her Famous Sister. BOOK FOUR by My_fallout_disco
Rose Urie and her Famous Sister. B... by Your boi Fanfiction
||BOOK FOUR|| Rose Urie is a rebellious teen. There's not much to say. She does stupid things to make her parents, Brendon and Sarah Urie, mad. She skips school, goes to...
kik group chat by blxrryfxced
Band Imagines *Requests Open*  by PalayeRoyaleObsessed
Band Imagines *Requests Open* by WaterparksRule Fanfiction
random band imagines There will be a mix of ships and band member x reader :) requests are open :)
Take It Slow by thksfrfrnkiero
Take It Slow by shelby Fanfiction
Psychiatrist Tyler Joseph was assigned to a patient in the Arkham Asylum, a holding cell for criminals with mental illnesses. His patient, Josh Dun, had been declared in...
Sold :Ryden: ✔️ by grottymp4
Sold :Ryden: ✔️ by Bec 🐸 Fanfiction
Ryan Ross, servant to the Orzechowski family is entered in a charity event in hopes of being bought for a date with a lovely female. Brendon Urie, son of millionaires Gr...
You're a Hot Mess (Peterick) by PatrickOhDearLord
You're a Hot Mess (Peterick) by Cheez Whiz Fanfiction
Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump have been friends since as long as they can remember. Ever since first grade Pete's been simultaneously bugging Patrick and looking after hi...
blocked » ryden by floraltylerr
blocked » ryden by Floraltylerr Fanfiction
in which Brendon comes across Ryans Instagram and takes a strong liking to him ft. fem!ryan cause I live for it
Oneshots N' Stuff (Ryden, Frerard, Peterick, etc.)  by thnksmmrs
Oneshots N' Stuff (Ryden, Frerard... by expensive mistake Fanfiction
so this is just like, a bunch of oneshots for a bunch of different ships. (ryden, frerard, peterick, etc.) enjooooy it.