NBA ONE SHOTS by we-the-north
NBA ONE SHOTS by jasmin
This story is completed! Part 2 is up though, so go read and comment there :) ------ A place for you to request one shots for you and an NBA player and I'll write it for...
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Evan Peters Drabbles by DischantedHalos
Evan Peters Drabbles by marshmallowiero
Just a collection of short stories about one of my favorite actors, Evan Peters, & the characters he plays. Some will be one shots written in 2nd person & others will be...
  • ahs
  • quicksilver
  • xmen
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Something In Between {Alec Volturi love story} by demongoddess14
Something In Between {Alec Volturi... by demongoddess14
"Alec..." His name was the only word that I could force across the barrier of my lips. The lips that he'd kissed in ways that should be illegal. I tore my soul...
  • thirst
  • alec
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N U M B  (2doc) by Ryan_jae_bless
N U M B (2doc) by Ryan Johnson
ok sooo this a 2doc or studoc whatever you prefer thing is in a really werid AU so let me explain some more frist of all there all in highschool (i was inspired by ano...
  • stuartpot
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Percy Jackson: The Gladiator by InfamousSidd
Percy Jackson: The Gladiator by InfamousSidd
A mother and her child escape from the wrath of a War God and in the process the boy, named Percy Jackson loses his mother. A unlikely Goddess saves him and adopts him...
  • romance
  • logan
  • aphrodite
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Daddy 'Angelo & Papi Devin explicit imagines ( authors choice ) by Ashleigh32
Daddy 'Angelo & Papi Devin explici... by Ashleigh32
Some imagines that I wrote about D'Angelo and Devin .
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Dork Diaries by pizzalizzie
Dork Diaries by kAt
watch nikki turn nice to evil. welcome to nikki's life!
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Russell Howard Fanfiction - Love At First Laugh by CoolCoolCool222
Russell Howard Fanfiction - Love A... by CoolCoolCool222
The story of how Russell Howard fell in love with the girl at his gig with the astonishing laugh.
  • humour
  • drama
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Fame Hurts (Noodle X Male Reader) by xxtyliexx
Fame Hurts (Noodle X Male Reader) by Gay Furry Trash
¤ Hi. My name is (Y/N) (L/N). I have a very weird, but interesting story. Would you care to see what happened in that story? ¤ Have a peek into this book, full of fun, s...
  • 2d
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NBA Imagines {ON HOLD } by _TrillestQueen_
NBA Imagines {ON HOLD } by @Daughteroflebron
Imagine/One Shots About Your Favorite NBA Player Request Open
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  • stephan
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Transformers Robots In Disguise (One Shots) by MegatronOnDrugs
Transformers Robots In Disguise (O... by Megs is high
Okay here's the thing my creatively is drained from all the transformers fanfiction I've done so updates for this one are going to be slow unless my creative mojo comes...
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My World (Russell Howard) by Zaynabb17
My World (Russell Howard) by Zaynab Ali
Russell and Cerys live together with their Jack Russell Archie. Russell went to to the pub to watch Liverpool playing against Manchester United while his girlfriend was...
  • love
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  • howard
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Same Ground by fictionandreverie
Same Ground by fictionandreverie
Highest peak (7/10/17) #380 on fanfiction. BoybandPH fanfiction. Hi Superfans/Bandmates! Read the teasers here! ---------------- &q...
  • joaoconstancia
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The Trapeze Swinger by gremlinteeth
The Trapeze Swinger by gremlinteeth
Him. 2D. I could see him even now, his goofy grin while holding the water gun like a hunting rifle, lining me down the sight. His hands ruffling my hair, one eye closed...
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Tf Rid Fixing Something That Can't Be Fix. by mmcco27
Tf Rid Fixing Something That Can't... by mmcco27
fixit is captured by the decepticons and has been torture and been use as their s** slave for a year the guys tried to know where he is but he's no where to be found unt...
  • jetstorm
  • russell
  • ratchet
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One Bullet (Gorillaz fanfic) (2D x Murdoc) by shadowsdarklight
One Bullet (Gorillaz fanfic) (2D x... by shadowsdarklight
What will 2D do when Murdoc finally admits to him about his thoughts. His thoughts of love, life, and death. And his thoughts of suicide. How will Stuart react?
  • noodle
  • boyxboy
  • russell
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The fifth member by MissConstruct
The fifth member by Hailey
Just a story following my Gorillaz OC, Erin, a sound mixer for the band. Hopefully it's not a crock piece of shit.
  • murdoc
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  • russell
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 Sportsman Interracial Imagines  by lewserwilk
Sportsman Interracial Imagines by $ Y R I Y A 🌈✨🦄
REQUESTS ARE OPEN Curry James Thomason Ivering Green Derant Bryant Ball Paul Wilson Beckhom Beckhom jr Manning Hamilton Mayweather Oubre jr Booker Russell Ingram
  • ingram
  • russell
  • wilson
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It Takes Two (Katy Perry) by lianakarelle
It Takes Two (Katy Perry) by lianakarelle
A Katy Perry fanfiction. Katy isn't ready to have a baby. She's in the prime of her music career, and a baby doesn't factor in yet. But her husband, Russell, has other i...
  • russellbrand
  • ittakestwo
  • katycats
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Love With A Deadline (Joao Constancia FanFic) by thegirlontherooftop
Love With A Deadline (Joao Constan... by thegirlontherooftop
One of the most loved JOAO fanfic stories! Ang ganda kaya basahin mo gurl. Lol!
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