No Friends, Just Benefits. by sarsad
No Friends, Just Benefits. by sadz
Meet Jason Henderson. A 21 year old hopeless romantic. Playing with girls hearts just doesn't seem right. They're people, not toys. So how exactly does he plan on taking...
  • hurt
  • break
  • epilogue
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Alpha and Omega by scarletraven23
Alpha and Omega by ♡ ⓒⓗⓔⓛⓢⓔⓨ ♡
At eighteen every wolf finds their mate, or at least they hope to. For Kelsey Hendricks, this is no different. She prays to find her mate, in hopes that he will save her...
  • family
  • distrust
  • mates
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The Runaway by XxxGraysonxxX
The Runaway by Grayson
Avery Lockhart was born mute. Had no voice to speak her mind, or laugh. She was mute. Nobody dared speak to her for she was labeled a freak of nature. It wasn't until he...
  • mate
  • mute
  • alpha
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Cortez's Runaway Wife {Cortez Family 1} by worldreader18
Cortez's Runaway Wife {Cortez Fami... by Lizzy Paige
Olivia has wanted out of the mafia life since her mother was killed, but when she is for to marry the oldest Cortez to keep her brother from being killed, but she runs o...
  • depression
  • family
  • secrets
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Eden's Alpha by Allinall126
Eden's Alpha by Allinall126
*WEREWOLF RISING STORY* "You know I'll never stop running, right?" "I've always loved a good chase" ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
  • confident
  • beta
  • alpha
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Wanted by the Wolves [COMPLETED] by hexodus
Wanted by the Wolves [COMPLETED] by Hexodus
I'm falling for the Alpha... ... Book 1 |Highest ranking #301 in werewolf - October 3rd 2017| Started : Feb. 28, 2017 Finished: May 9, 2017 ... I couldn't react befor...
  • mate
  • luna
  • werewolf
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Not My Alpha by mquistey
Not My Alpha by mquistey
The world is at war with something they told themselves didn't exist. Werewolves. Samantha has always lived her life in fear of the world's newest predator. However, she...
  • love
  • run
  • pack
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My Abusive Mate|COMPLETED|Watty's2017| by Leomawonder2
My Abusive Mate|COMPLETED|Watty's2... by Miranda Dobberpuhl
She was shy, quiet and hid. He was cruel, mean and evil. Sapphire spent most of her time in her wolf form running the same trail outside her pack home. She would always...
  • abuse
  • stolen
  • cruel
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wild ones. ツ dean.  by pulpsfiction
wild ones. ツ dean. by ˗ˏˋ taina ˎˊ˗
o. wild ones. ❫ curious fools. ❪ runaways : fan-fiction. ❫
  • gertyorkes
  • chasestein
  • runaways
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Mated to the Alpha  by ttoxictae
Mated to the Alpha by Ttoxictae
My name is Ember Daniels and all I do is run, running until my legs burn running until I can't go anymore to get away from my past. finally escaping the clutches of my s...
  • alpha
  • heat
  • moon
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Breeder Nation by KaraMichelleBooks
Breeder Nation by Kara Michelle
Living in a world where the human race is dying off faster than it can reproduce, sixteen year old Maddie Ryan has started her period, an almost guaranteed sign of ferti...
  • fiction
  • science
  • dystopia
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The Alpha Meets The Rogue by xXdemolitionloverXx
The Alpha Meets The Rogue by Olga Guevara
Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away...
  • emotions
  • forced
  • fear
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Sold to a Wolf Pack by MiaMeade
Sold to a Wolf Pack by Mia Meade
Highest ranking: #3 in Werewolf ♥ "I can't believe my dad sold me to a pack of werewolves to settle his gambling debts! Now I'm the pack slave, but I can tough it o...
  • omega
  • alpha
  • werewolf
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Beauty and the Beast by toocuteforyou420
Beauty and the Beast by Tia
(NOT A WEREWOLF BOOK!) Payton Heavens She's sweet She kind and caring She's intelligent Declan Knight He's ruthless His uncaring and mean He's a genius The two have l...
  • pain
  • love
  • secrets
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Restarting Her Heart by midnightpainter
Restarting Her Heart by charlene
For Jemma, life couldn't get any better. Co-captain of the soccer team, an amazing best friend, and Tyler, her crush, is finally looking at her in the same way. On th...
  • twin
  • kidnapping
  • highschool
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Runaway Life // FILLIE by ST_Fillie
Runaway Life // FILLIE by Stranger Person
{sequel to Contemporary Life} After what happened in the small town with big problems, it was time to escape before everything got worse.. way worse. In that short perio...
  • finn
  • brown
  • bobby
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We are leaving.... Together. by Social_Gamer_
We are leaving.... Together. by _Pure_Night_Fury
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third son of Stoick the Vast, chief of the Hooligan Tribe. Hiccup has been a disappointment since the day he was born, he is usually referr...
  • httyd2
  • hiccstrid
  • astrid
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HOLDING ♛ Marvel's Runaways by impulsiveseeker
HOLDING ♛ Marvel's Runaways by j.
"Family is overrated." published: 11.27.17 completed: n/a
  • marvelsrunaways
  • love
  • chasestein
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SUBMIT (BDSM)- Slow Updates by shanibhani
SUBMIT (BDSM)- Slow Updates by 👑Nia_Shan👑
I advise reading book 1 - Dominant. PG 16 If your mind is not at this age please do not read. *********** Christina Hase knew the dangers of striking a contract with a...
  • pain
  • kinky
  • millionaire
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BLSC #6 : The Runaway Princess by beyondlocks
BLSC #6 : The Runaway Princess by Janice Martana
BLSC #6 Daniel Cesantio A guy who loves to play sports and buries himself with work. He doesn't care about his surroundings and not yet interest in dating or to find lov...
  • billionare
  • romance
  • runaway
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