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Falling For My Brother's Bestfriend by amourecrivain
Falling For My Brother's Bestfriend by amourecrivain Romance
Nobody can forget their first kiss. Even if you were only 6 years old. Especially when the person who kissed you was your older brother's bestfriend. After Blair's fathe...
The Roommate Rulebook by Lilohorse
The Roommate Rulebook by Kate Teen Fiction
Available as an audiobook on audible, iTunes and wattpad band camp! Be sure to check the new version out to hear the characters come to life! "And rule number thre...
Daddy~ by _Goddessoflove666_
Daddy~ by Candy💜 Random
just a book of random daddy things and baby girl things.
Princess Xavier by questn
Princess Xavier by Que Teen Fiction
" Princess Xavier tapi perangai wahare , troublemakers , badgirls , nakal , ice princess . Takpayah sweet sweet pun takpe . Dengan cara kau pun dah buat hati aku t...
TEMPEST ☆☞ {POETRY} by portiapearls
TEMPEST ☆☞ {POETRY} by portiapearls Poetry
'Hell is empty and all the devils are here...' - William Shakespeare, Tempest Published on 14/9/17 (cover credit - @pradita21) ...
Alpha Alex by AmeliaTiger
Alpha Alex by AmeliaTiger Werewolf
The world is pretty primitive, Alpha's rule their packs with beta's second in command. Werewolves are paid by the government not to overrule the humans and take over the...
The Boss and the new girl by romantic_rachey
The Boss and the new girl by RacheyWatt_123 Fantasy
This is about a girl called Emma who decide to get a new job at a business place. She goes to the interview and gets the job. But little does she know that the boss love...
The Lycans' Claim by aPieceOfGranite
The Lycans' Claim by JustNiamh Werewolf
I was average. Ordinary. I had a few friends,followed the rules and tried to stay out of the way of males,like every other female. He was a Lycan. His possessiveness an...
Head over Stilettos for my boss... by HakunaMatata00
Head over Stilettos for my boss... by Debbie Romance
Maxine Rivers has a rule: 'Never mix business with pleasure'. It's a rule that she's followed her entire life, and it helps that her dad fully supports her when it comes...
Bleeding Royalty Book One & Two (On Hold) by katrocks247
Bleeding Royalty Book One & Two (O... by Katarina E. Tonks Romance
Part I: It's Cassie Hearts 18th Birthday. She's finally going to be an adult, get a decent job, go to college, and get the heck out of High school. She's leaving the tow...
My Professor turns to be My Boyfriend by PenielusiX
My Professor turns to be My Boyfri... by Eummie Mortel🎼 Romance
A Professor and a College Student from LJU. Two people that will prove, Age and rule doesn't matter but their love does matter. NOTE: Read at your own risk. -[ON...
Bad Boy Rules by VagabondMagix
Bad Boy Rules by LunaSilvers Romance
There are few things you shouldn't do on your first day in new highschool, specially when its your senior year. First, you don't mingle with the cheerleaders. Second...
Alpha The Game Of Love by Janiprill
Alpha The Game Of Love by Janiprill Werewolf
Es war nichts neues, Regeln zu befolgen die vom Staat oder anderen wichtigen Personen aufgestellt wurden. Ich sehe die Menschlichen Regeln sogar als sehr wichtig und Not...
Perfect Girls by tori-gxx
Perfect Girls by Tori Romance
I woke up in a strange room. It seemed to be designed for a proper girl, someone completely different to me. The walls were pastel blue, the bed sheets were baby blue w...
Perfect by chanceisawriter
Perfect by Northcoast Science Fiction
Chloe Provan wakes up in a white padded room with no memory as of to how she's arrived here. Chains bind her to the wall, and from the looks of it, there's no way out. S...
b. by tiptoncruise
b. by • Random
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Bad Meets Worse by ephemerable
Bad Meets Worse by Madison Petrino Romance
How not to get hurt in a relationship? How to get the guy crying over you and not the other way around? All good questions, which I found myself asking last summer when...
She's Mine! by River_Landon
She's Mine! by Cat Haskins Romance
Aurora Green graduated college with many degrees at the age of 17, She was a mystery to everyone. It doesn't help that she caught the eye of Justin Midnight CEO of Midni...
Broken Rules [ON HOLD]  by yelyahbellah
Broken Rules [ON HOLD] by n (a na na) 🌧 Teen Fiction
[Highest Ranking: #35 in Teen Fiction] -~- My name is Tamara Morgan, and welcome to Ridgeway High. You see, the school I go to, is very different from others you might o...