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S H E W A S A G I R L W I T H A M O U N T A I N T O C L I M B H A N N A H • 20 | england • fairytales & fruit tea enthusiast • film nerd & book collector • writer & reader • R A N K I N G • Royal Blood #1 (Romance + Historical Fiction) Out of Bounds #2 (Historical Fiction) • S O C I A L M E D I A • Instagram: 4evahannah Twitter: Askfm: Youtube: I can't thank you enough for every single fan, vote and comment it warms my heart, I'm so blessed to have all of you dedicated fans who continuously support my work :) I love you all so much! I don't allow translations, sorry and I'm not taking any reading requests at the moment.
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I don't have a schedule but I aim to update every story once a week (Mainly Sunday) from Dec 24 2016 as I graduate from Uni and have more time. ♥ I don't have time to edit any of my stories so proceed with caution if spelling and grammatical mistakes piss you off, I highly recommend you don't read my books ♥ Snapchat: NixPockett © ♥ Published Novels: 2 ♥ They can be purchased from: Amazon Barnes & Noble (Online store) Angus and R (Online) Book depository (Free Shipping) Wordery (Free Shipping) Blog:
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Hello! My name is Heather, I'm twenty-five years old and I live in Nebraska The puppy in the picture is my beloved Sophie-kins I write here and on Radish with the same username, and you can generally get sneak peeks if you head over there. I own my own business I love to read, write, surf and play cello I'm a leo, opinionated, and an Italian American. If you want to know something, ask, feel free to comment, message, or chat with me any time. I've just added a Facebook page! Like it below! Or follow me on twitter! @PenguinsRock842
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Please DO NOT ask me to read your book...I'm a very busy person (writing 3 books at once) Therefore, I don't do reading requests. Let me come across your book naturally, otherwise, I won't read it (•~•) NOTE: My stories are NOT simple, meaning, you need to think a little to understand them. If you have a simple mind, I don't think my books are for you. ANYWAY, Hey Lovelies it's Chakira {About Moi} ~18 ~Bahamian American ~Hot Fries Junkie!!! ~Photo Hoarder >_< ~#NaturalHairDoCare ~Artistically Creative in Drawing ~Creatively Artistic in Writing ~#1 Bestie: @Bahamian_goddess ~I don't tolerate disrespect to any of my readers {Your Book HAS To Be...} ~Unique~ Reading the same concept over and over again is so boring. All I have to do is read the summary and I already know that the book is going to be the same as everyone else's ~Understanding~ If you're going to write a book in English, write the book in English. If someone corrects you on how you spell a certain word, you don't get mad at them. Take it as constructive criticism and correct your mistake. ~Logical~ I hate reading books that do not make sense! I don't want to read a book where one chapter, the girl is a nerd and the next, she's the baddest baddie of all time! And now everybody in school likes her! Like, NOOO! That's what you don't do! It makes no sense! {...And That's What You're Book Has To Be Catch My Attention} {I HATE} ~Overly Used Werewolf Concepts ~Overly Used 1D Concepts ~When The Girl Gives In To The Guy So Easily ~Titles That Include 'Alpha' or 'Mate' ~When The Girl Is Kidnapped, But Falls For Her Overly Sexy Kidnapper. Bish Whet? -.- ~When Books Are Illogical! {Unless Your Book Is Under The 'Fantasy' or 'Sci-fi' Category, There's No Reason For It To Not Make Sense} Follow Moi On Instagraaam @_afroditeeeeee Follow Moi on Twittaaa @LeanGoddess
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☆ Wattpad Featured Author ☆ Hello! I'm Katie, resident writer here on Wattpad. ► I'm 20 ► I'm a Christian ► I'm a proud NaNoWriMo participant ► I've written three books, two of which are on Wattpad; I'm currently writing two others, one of which is known. ;) ► I'm a supporter of the @SafeLoveCampaign which promotes clean romance in stories ► My favorite authors are Tamora Pierce, Ally Carter, Jessica Day George, and Diana Wynne Jones Becoming a published author and inspiring others is my dream. Until I reach my goal, I'm here sharing my imagination with the incredible people on Wattpad. ♥ I love hearing from my readers, so if you have anything you want to say about my story, feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me a message! █ I DON'T TAKE READING REQUESTS OR FOLLOW BACKS. PLEASE DO NOT ASK █ (I love you guys, but I'm very busy! And it rips my heart out when I can't say "Yes!") ★ MY CURRENT BOOKS ★ ⋆⋆⋆ The SEIZE THE DAY Series⋆⋆⋆ ◉ SEIZE THE DAY [Completed | 2014] ◉ CHAINS OF FATE [Completed | 2016] ◉ BOOK 3 [Coming | 2017] ◉ THE SCARLET PRINCESS [Coming | 2017] ♥ ♥ ♥ AN UNKNOWN SPEKTACULAR BOOK ♥ ♥ ♥ ◉ SPEKTACULAR BOOK [Coming | 2017-2018] ⋆⋆⋆ Short Stories ⋆⋆⋆ ◉ THE GIRL WHO STARTED THE REVOLUTION [Completed | 2014] Highest rankings to date: SEIZE THE DAY: Fantasy #15 (2-6-15) | Adventure #19 (10-13-14) | Fantasy-Adventure #7 (10-12-14) CHAINS OF FATE: Fantasy #3 (6-4-15) THE GIRL WHO STARTED THE REVOLUTION: Science Fiction #84 (5-8-15) I'm on social media! Follow me to keep up-to-date on what I'm doing (and so I'm not speaking to a blank page!). ♥ Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Pinterest Seize the Day Board:
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I love my life 'cause I swear theirs is just not as fun!
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19. Dancer. Likes?? ▶The boys of the stairs<3 (1D) ▶5SOS ▶Dance <3 ▶Painting ←← ▶Chinese and seafood!!!! :9 ▶Writing!! (that's why I'm here;)) ▶Backstreet Boys ▶Bon Jovi ▶Celine Dion ▶A bit of overprotection and possessiveness ▶Accents♥.♥ ▶Being athletic!!! Hates?? ◀Disorder (a bit of OCD haha) ◀Insecurities ◀Rudeness ◀Smoking ◀Drinking ◀Ratchet behavior
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Please Forgive me, life has been busy and my writing has escaped me. Official Trailer for True Mates:
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Love writing
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Don't worry I'm human. (Maybe) ;)