Vegas  by demonic_fangirl
Vegas by Isabella Renee
He was the boy who had just gotten off tour. She was the girl who had just gotten out of a relationship. Both decide to go to Vegas to try to fill the void. But what ha...
  • stormieandmarklynch
  • rocky
  • ross
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R5 Imagines by Patti2905
R5 Imagines by Patti
Just some random Imagines/One Shots and there might be some preferences as well. Imagines without [Name] in the title include all of R5. I am currently not taking reques...
  • lynch
  • ryland
  • rydel
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Bound (Harry Styles FanFic) by SumNawaz
Bound (Harry Styles FanFic) by سمر ناواز
Her mother's dying wish was for her to be happily married, even though she was only 19 years old. And now, Kelsey Ross has to do just that. Little did she know that the...
  • kelsey
  • ross
  • styles
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IMAGINES ▶︎ Ross Butler by rosbutler
IMAGINES ▶︎ Ross Butler by mally ヽ(・ω・ゞ)
  • oneshot
  • reggie
  • 13reasonswhy
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The Act of Forgiveness by meg_cheers
The Act of Forgiveness by Megan
Jasper Dean lived any 21 year olds dream, he toured the country singing his heart out then he partied all night. Meanwhile, Poppy Eagle worked at her book store in the m...
  • papa
  • star
  • father
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My Idiot Ginger. (Mithzan x Reader) by RostInMyEyes
My Idiot Ginger. (Mithzan x Reader) by Jenpop and Sunny
(Completed) (Yt/N) is a NerdyDIY Channel. FNAF Cupcakes? Got it! Minecraft Plushies? Check! Cosplay? You know it! You love crafts and cooking, and you love your channel...
  • ross
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  • ongoing
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Double Take [Sequel to Bound] by SumNawaz
Double Take [Sequel to Bound] by سمر ناواز
"Love is like drinking beer. Once you get too much of it, you start acting stupid." -Klara Styles. "Love is the only thing in this world that covers up al...
  • styles
  • sequel
  • olsen
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Giovanna (A Joey Tribbiani Love Story) by ssanto1027
Giovanna (A Joey Tribbiani Love St... by sofia
Rachel and Monica's old friend Giovanna moves to the city and the three friends reunite. Giovanna meets two of their new friends, Phoebe and Joey, but what happens when...
  • ross
  • romance
  • joey
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Her six protectors by codevprincess
Her six protectors by CodePrincess
Aphmau, Katelyn and Kawaii-Chan are all sitting down and watching the news when a sudden bright light appears. What happens? Who are the six boys who come out of the lig...
  • fanfiction
  • knight
  • protector
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A Mad Love (A Mithzan X Reader) by Shailah_Sama
A Mad Love (A Mithzan X Reader) by Shailah
This is another book/fanfic that my irl friends requested. This time, it's a Mithzan Max X reader. There will be swearing in the book, and I won't be bleeping them out w...
  • cory
  • mithzanxreader
  • skymedia
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The More You Hate(raura) by rosslauramoon
The More You Hate(raura) by R.l Moon
We all know that Ross and Laura always bicker and fight about small things on set. Ross:we kinda fight like a married couple. Laura:hahaha its kinda true. Is raura even...
  • laura
  • lauramarano
  • rydellington
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Peony || Raura ✔  by hastagraura
Peony || Raura ✔ by yoursTRULY
Laura Marano is A feisty senior at Pacific Preparatory High. Being Fat isn't easy, she gets bullied and has anxiety. what happens when she bumps into ross Lynch the hig...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • friendship
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Her Promise ~aarmau fanfic~ by CrystalXStudios
Her Promise ~aarmau fanfic~ by Crys-o'-lantern?
Highest Ranking : #865 in Fanfiction Sequel to Where We stand. Aphmau falls into depression over Aaron's decision to leave. Lilth though has a promise to live up to. To...
  • mithzan
  • zanechan
  • gardenza
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Lumos » Ryden by Iuciferic
Lumos » Ryden by viktor nikiforov
"I don't fancy American candy." "Fancy? Who uses that word anymore?" Ryan wants to find reasons to dislike his new school, Ilvermorny, but Brendon is...
  • brendonurie
  • rydon
  • patd
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Us Again by KSapphire
Us Again by KSapphire
After four and a half years, Ross is finally out of jail. Malcolm and Ross get back together and everything is as it should be. But both of them have secrets and they're...
  • cheating
  • child
  • love
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Dare To Be Something More (Raura) by jen41319
Dare To Be Something More (Raura) by Jennifer Marie
Ross and Laura. to very different, yet much alike 17 year olds who share a dark past of neglect, Abuse, and Self-hate. Laura Marano is an out cast at Marino Highschool...
  • anorexia
  • lauramarano
  • ellingtonratliff
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Chains Around My Heart (A Jason McCann Love Story) by TeamBieberMahone
Chains Around My Heart (A Jason Mc... by Belieber ♡
Madison Raymond is just a normal 17 year old girl who was chilling in the back seat of her mom's car while here mom was at the bank. She's shocked that Jason McCann and...
  • ross
  • kidnapper
  • lynch
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R5 Preferences by dxmnitmendes
R5 Preferences by shawn's wife
This book will have R5 preferences! © Ashley_R5er 2014 All Rights Reserved
  • riker
  • rikerlynch
  • rosslynch
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Mithross! Mass or moss :3 by 2erin1
Mithross! Mass or moss :3 by 2erin1
When Ross decided to pull a simple prank on Max....oh I can't do a serious blurb YOUNG LOVE WOOOOO I LOVE THIS SHIP!!! (This is now completed so you don't have to worry...
  • mithross
  • mithzan
  • ross
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The School Jerk (A Rocky Lynch/R5 Fanfiction) by _bandgroupie_
The School Jerk (A Rocky Lynch/R5... by _bandgroupie_
He's the school jerk. The one who sleeps around, the one who thinks he's better than anyone else, and the one who used to be my best friend. Now he never even acknowledg...
  • ross
  • ratliff
  • rydel
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